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Levi Karter

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Meet the handsome new dreamboat at CockyBoys, Levi Karter! He was instantly likeable when we met him in person -- one of those guys you just want to know more and more about. First off, Levi is from Paraguay but moved to small-town Ohio when he was very young. He still has a lot of pride for his home country, though, which you can tell by the big tattoo on his back. Levi's known he's wanted to be an adult model for a long time, and started out as a gogo boy shortly after he turned eighteen. He's also very athletic thanks to working out at the gym all throughout high school -- he even did some back flips for us when we met him. Sexually, Levi's versatile and had his first boyfriend when he was a freshman in high school. He may be young, but with a good head on his shoulders and lots of experience, we're very excited to see where his career takes him!

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Luiz on 02/18/2013 Você é simplesmente uma delícia. Ai se eu te pego, assim você me mata. BellaXXX on 11/05/2015 I love my daddy! Sweetheart on 01/09/2016 Uhmmm im in love with Levi he has it all cuteness hot as hell and the sweetest smile. And his scenes is always to die for hugs sweetheart . Figaro on 02/15/2016 I've watched this over & over!!! I love Levi, he is so cute & sexy, I can never get enough of him.x??????❤ Levi Karter is my spirit animal! on 02/19/2016 I just can't get enough of this man! Aleska on 04/03/2016 I totally had a crush on Him. He's so cute, and his smile melted me. Levi is so hot and more than that, he's a great actor. Thanks for these sweet moments! Love on 05/09/2016 Levi is the sweetest and sexiest boy on this planet. Nothing but unconditional love for this cockyboy <3 gary on 05/18/2016 hook up carter dane an him CTxxx on 11/15/2016 I attribute my fetish for anklets to Levi karter. He is such a cutie Older on 12/11/2016 Love watching Levi Carter. I find him very hot. Love his tats. The curve on his cock is a huge turn on for me. littlebabyjoe on 12/23/2016 He's a dreamboat!!! yoome on 01/16/2017 Levi is a ludicrously sexy and simultaneously adorable human being. I can't see and hear enough of him! XO! romeodude on 08/08/2017 Levi is one beautiful guy. I love how he always smiles and puts 100% of himself into everything he does! Poy8th on 11/02/2017 Levy, my man you are terrific, hot, handsome and a dream wish I can have him in my bed Alexei on 08/29/2018 One hot wee munchkin! Watching his ecstacy whilst he gets fucked is a huuuuge turn-on. Wish Adam Ramzi and this little stud could get it on together! Mijaho on 01/08/2019 There needs to be a special classification for Levi’s oral skills. Nobody can do what he does. That was a blow job with style. I was mesmerized and wet through the whole seen. I saw Levi when he first started on Cockyboys and knew he was going to be great. Spanish Fly Boy on 09/17/2019 Levi has broken my "Peter Meter." This thing registered from "0" (mushy noodle) to "10" (carriage axle in a New England winter). He broke it racing far beyond "10." We'll only know when technology catches up with a device to measure Levi's "peter effect." Meanwhile, CockyBoys is providing us Levi Karter. Savor the moments. Glancer on 12/12/2020 I'm sorry, I just don't see this guy's appeal. But I guess we can all find some models we like better than others. Don't Be Afraid of Who You Are on 03/24/2023 I'll watch the Regional Finals in the East and West Tomorrow and Midwest and South on Sunday. I just need to learn to Love Myself.

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