Alex Mecum Fucks Levi Karter

Featuring Alex Mecum & Levi Karter

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Released: 08/17/2016 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled, Outdoors Featuring: Alex Mecum & Levi Karter

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Alex Mecum sits down with Levi Karter and talks about everything he's learned during his first year as a porn star. Sure there's been tons of sex with hot guys but his most important lesson was to believe in himself. Levi lets him know that he's not only hot but he's a super nice guy and that's a rare quality in anybody!

Things heat up when Levi dives on Alex's thick cock in the backyard. Slowly taking his swollen head in his mouth as Alex guides his actions and tells him how he likes it best. Levi is a quick learner and before you know it Alex is laying back and moaning from Levi's expert mouth.

He returns the favor and sucks on Levi's cock before turning him around and plowing his tongue into his asshole. Rimming is one of Alex's favorite things to do and he treats Levi to a lengthy rim job that leaves him begging for Alex's cock in his ass. Alex is ready to go so he slips his enormous dick inside Levi and begins the slow pumping motion that they both need. Levi pushes his ass back against Alex's cock really gets into getting fucked. These two are a perfect match!

Alex fucks Levi on his stomach and alternates long slow strokes with fierce pounding. Levi turns around and looks into Alex's eyes as this top stud jackhammers his hole. Slowing down and kissing his buddy passionately as his strokes pick up speed again. Damn, this dude can fuck!

He flips Levi around and slides his cock back into his ass. Stopping to suck on Levi's delicious toes as he picks up the pace and pounds that hole. Levi grunts and groans with every thrust then suggests they move over by the pool so he can ride that cock.

Alex lays back with his feet in the water as Levi slowly mounts his cock, then rides it like a champ. Bouncing up and down on that pole and driving himself crazy before announcing that he's getting close. Alex tells Levi that he can't wait to see that load and he doesn't have to wait long. Levi gives his dick a couple of more strokes and the cum flies gracefully through the air and the first blast lands well over Alex's shoulder. 3 more shots of jizz paint Alex's magnificent chest and tight belly before Levi is done. But he still can't get enough of Alex's cock so he grinds his ass back and forth to milk Alex's cock while it's still inside his body.

That does the trick and he pulls out just in time to see Alex spray himself with his own load. The two hug, chuckle at the mess and give each other a couple more kisses as Alex says, "That was fun!" Levi just looks in his eyes and says, "Yup."


Jake Jaxson

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Alex Mecum Alex Mecum Levi Karter Levi Karter

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Togalisce on 08/17/2016 Well, Alex told Levi that he likes handjobs (so do I!), that he masturbates to handjob compilations (me too!), and even demonstrated how he likes to have his cock stroked! So I was excited to get to see Alex finished off with a hot greasy handjob! NOPE! Same old formula. I'm always excited to see a new Ricky Roman video, because he also likes to be jerked off to orgasm and isn't shy about asking for it. You guys should try more of that and see what kind of response you get!! Togalisce on 08/17/2016 Not that it wasn't a hot video - it definitely was!! Figaro on 08/17/2016 OH GOD!! New this scene was coming, but that was so hot. The size difference between them, their noises, the Super hot bodies. ☺ ❀ I loved when Alex folded Levi into a bear hug on the lounger, & Levi looked as is he loved every minute of it. Alex is so hot, hope there is more to come!! Well done guys, Amazing.😊 πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡πŸ™ˆπŸ‘…πŸ’‹β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ So much Levi... on 08/17/2016 Not to be unkind, but there are so many Levi scenes. Jay on 08/17/2016 I have never seen Levi look this tiny 😍 It's so cute. The scene was really hot! Levi has grown on me a lot. I was not the biggest fan when he started but he is so adorable I love him. And also everytime I see him in a scene there is always a moment when I just wanna give him a really cuddly hug because he is just beeing to sweet πŸ’‹ xx never enough Levi on 08/17/2016 Glad Levi is filming more. This was hot...seems like Alex and Levi both enjoyed themselves. Thank you guys! Jack Manly on 08/17/2016 Just love Levi and Alex. Two such nice guys and yet great physical contrasts for a hot edge. Honey on 08/17/2016 Omg, how into each other they were?!! And so much passion! That was really something. Levi is so handsome, manly yet adorable that to see him being pleasured like that is just beautiful. And how small and flexible he is and totally knows what works for his partners. Wow, just wow. You could see that they both enjoyed themselves a lot. And Alex, what an amazing and attentive top! Those eyes and that body. estaban109 on 08/17/2016 wow amazing guys, he really knows how to eat that ass of Levi, yummy Show More Comments

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