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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Our Movies

Our movies are HTML5 with Flash fallback, supports HLS adaptive streaming, supports WMV / Silverlight fallback, and works with desktop and mobile devices. Yeah, we don't know what that means either. Translation: our videos will play on any of your devices. Mac, PC, tablet, mobile phone—we've got you covered.

When you stream a movie, video data is sent over the Internet in such a way that you can view it (almost) immediately, without waiting for the entire file to download. However, depending upon the bandwidth of your connection, disruption may occur.

When visiting a movie page, the movie will begin to play after a short buffering period. Movies are available for streaming in several different speeds. If you are experiencing a lot of buffering delays, your internet connection may not be fast enough to accommodate the file speed you have chosen. In that case, you should select a smaller video size. You can do this by selecting a smaller movie format in the "Streaming Options" menu in the upper-right corner of the movie page. If you find that your internet connection is not fast enough to stream you can download each movie.

Downloading Our Movies

Download the selected movie by clicking any of the formats under Full Movie Download section located to the upper right of the main viewing screen.

How To Download: with the new browser and operating system updates, you are no longer required to right click or control click to download. Each browser now allows you to just click on the link for the download to automatically start.

All our movies are DRM-FREE, so once you download them, you keep them.

And what's better than that? Well, you also get unlimited downloads. Cuz we're not stingy like that.

However, please note that abuse of our unlimited download policy could result in limiting or suspension of your account. Abuse entails attempting to download an unreasonable number, or our entire catalogue of movies, within a short amount of time. While we do want you to enjoy our movies, in order to bring you the premium quality videos that we're known for, we have to be able to pay the bills. And that means that we can't allow someone to download our entire archive of films for the cost of a trial or one month membership. If you have to ask what abuse means, then you might be abusing our download policy.

Also note that we may delay downloads of select, featured productions. This policy will never apply to all the videos on our site—only featured productions that we wish to remain exclusive on our website for a period of time.

Creating a Membership

Payment: Your membership is paid via either a credit card of your choice or paypal. It is then processed through Segpay, Epoch or OrbitalPay. Each of the billers we use provide safe, secure, and discreet billing. Each have been a trusted E-Merchant for multiple years, processing millions of online transactions each year and earning reputations as the leaders in the industry. All transactions are secure and they offer a state of the art customer support. Their websites supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the Internet encryption standard. This allows for convenient and safe online transactions. Your billing charge will show on your statement as Pride Media or Media Partners

Types of Memberships: You can choose between a one-time membership, monthly recurring membership, or a trial membership. One-time memberships automatically expire at the end of their subscription period. Trial memberships automatically renew at the end of their trial period. Canceling is easy, and you can cancel at any time.

Usernames can be any combination of upper & lower case letters and numbers. If your membership has expired then you can reuse the same username if you would like to.

Retrieve Your Password

Retrive Your Password: To retrieve your password, please visit the following link and type in your username and email address associated with your account: Retrieve your password by clicking here.

Cancel Your Membership

If you have a monthly recurring or trial membership, then canceling your membership is simple. If you have a one-time membership, then don't sweat it because your membership will automatically expire at the end of your subscription period. To cancel your account, please visit the merchant processor that processed your subscription:

If you don't know what merchant biller processed your account, please click this link to access your account details.

Change of Method of Payment for active membership

At the present time, if you have a membership billed through our biller, Orbitalpay then you can use this form to make your credit card change.

Please contact customer service for steps to change your method of payment for our other billers.

Customer Service Center

Please contact if you have a problem that you cannot resolve. We are here to help you with any concern or problem that can impact your viewing experience.

Please make sure that you include in your email to us the following:

— Your username or transaction number.
— A complete description of the problem with as much detail as possible. Include any steps needed to reproduce the problem. — A description of your system (including if its a mobile device), including hardware, operating system, which browser and media player you are using, and what type of Internet connection you have.

Email Replies: please check your spam/trash folder if you do not receive a response to your email within 48 hours.

All desktop and mobile browsers are supported, with the exception of older versions of Internet Explorer. If you're having issues of any kind, then we're here to help. Contact with detailed information on the problem you're having. Try to be as specific as possible, so that we can replicate the problem and help you fix it,

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