Meeting Liam: Part 3

Featuring Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson

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Directors Note From Jake Jaxson: Halloween has become a fun tradition for us here at CockyBoys, and I'm excited to present the next chapter (part 3) of MEETING LIAM. While it's not necessary to have watched parts ONE and TWO -- it might be fun to see them if you have not.

I'm often asked why it takes so long to finish my films after starting them.

MEETING LIAM, in contrast to Answered Prayers, The Haunting, and Road Strip, has been quite quick. I premiered the first part a year ago on Halloween, and now I'm releasing the final two parts back-to-back a year later.

The simple truth is I don't always have the full story fleshed out immediately. Often the story I start with leaves me -- it stops and hides, often taking its time to find me again. And like the ghosts I love to write about, these stories come to me in my dreams. On dark lonely nights when blackness knows no light, they come and whisper in my ear. While others may call this inspiration, I believe it is something else entirely -- a voice not my own, a voice from another place and time, a guide that's helping me connect the dots on a riddle. Perhaps it's the riddle of my life, a life once lived or maybe a guiding hand making sure I live my all right now, a voice that wants to love me from beyond.

Not too long after I had met RJ -- once we were firmly committed and accepting of each other's flaws -- I told him that I thought I was going crazy. That I would hear voices. Actually A VOICE. It was always quick and quite assured in its task to get my attention. It was a woman's voice and she knew my name. Often at the oddest times, she would simply whisper "Jason" and I would always stop dead and look around to always find no one there.

RJ believes this voice is my biological mother. And I now find great comfort in hearing her speak to me, even if only for a second in the everyday hustle and bustle of my life.

These final two parts of Meeting Liam came to me via a series of brief hauntings at our own house, as well as when I found some old bottles on our property, eventually leading me to excavating a small garbage stash near an old smoker. As I dug, I found numerous items, all from the 1950's (old bottles, keys, toothpaste tubes, a gold AMA pin, a plastic pocket calendar, and a revlon lipstick tube in a rifle bullet casing). Everything I found magically fit into the parts of the story I had already written. But as I found each new artifact, they would speak to me and tell me how they were part of this ghost story. In fact, many of these items found their way into the finished film. In that moment, I discovered a new ghost I did not know existed, a frighteningly old one I thought would be gone and buried.

One day while RJ was filming me going through these artifacts at the dig site I was excavating, I told him that most of what I was finding was just a bunch of junk. Not happy that I was digging up the lawn, RJ whispered to himself, "I know." Just at that moment, we both heard a woman's voice say, "I KNOW."

We both kind of freaked out. "Did you hear that?" "Yes!" The hair stood up on our heads, necks, and arms. While it took me a second to realize what was happening, I tried to locate the direction of the voice. I realized the voice was familiar in a different way. It was not the voice that usually spoke to me... and then it hit me. I pulled out my phone and saw typed on the screen "I know" from Siri.

Now I NEVER ever use this app. Never! But today it was compelled to not only speak, but join our conversation. Why and how, I do not know. But it's just another example of how I'm reminded that different energy is always around us.

I think in my aloneness as a child, I was able to be open to this kind of energy. I believe creativity is often a byproduct of a lonely mind. A form of survival needing to create and invent possibility. It has NO bounds, no limits, and its energy is never-ending.

Being an adopted child, I don't know what it feels like to be "bound by blood." I know what it means to love and be loved. And "family" has a different feeling for me than most. I can only imagine that there must be a mystical connection to one's own blood, and the feeling of belonging when you see yourself in family, kin, and tribe.

In making this film, Meeting Liam, I realized that I keep telling the same story, or expanding on the same story -- a story of family lost and of love found. A story that reminds us to live in the now.

I do not live in the past, but something about it intrigues me. Moreover I am compelled to tell these stories as a way of perhaps inventing mine. It's how I breathe, it's how I see. It's why I fight! How and why they materialize, I don't fully know. I have stopped trying to understand that now. I am just grateful to be connected to a time and place where it is even possible, and SO overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who continues to support our work. Without you all, I firmly believe these voices and stories would still only be haunting the recesses of my mind. Locked away and driving me mad.

Thank you to my partners (my forever family) RJ & Benny. They hold the keys to a peace and satisfaction that I never knew possible.

And finally, I cannot tell you how thankful I am to Levi, Liam, Tayte, Ricky, and Michael. I wish there was some way to put into words how committed, dedicated, and giving they were in helping create this reality. They truly go above and beyond what is expected and they make me proud beyond words. So please let them know if you appreciate their work -- appreciation is a blessed gift we all want and rarely receive. It cost us nothing in its giving and often we are more rewarded for the gesture. So please take a moment and let our players know that you are applauding.

With that, I wish you all the best.

Love always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: Just in time for Halloween, Jake Jaxson's erotic found footage horror tale, Meeting Liam, expands upon its original premise from its first two chapters and delivers more scares, chills, and intricate storylines twisted together with merciless, hardcore sex for chapter three! Just when you think you've met Liam Riley, the once chipper little stud introduced to CockyBoys exactly one year ago, you've quite literally never seen him like this before. Taking place before and during the mysterious events that unfolded in chapters one and two -- including inanimate objects with minds of their own, a dog with her own personal agenda, disappearing Ouija boards, supernatural portals deep inside closet doors, and lots of casual fucking -- part three shows there's even more to a story than just one camera phone.

Continuing to enjoy his stay at the CockyBoys manor while Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian are away, Liam Riley is getting more acquainted with his fellow CockyBoys Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, and Tayte Hanson. While Tayte teaches Liam his intense workout routine, Levi and Ricky explore the estate to find some interesting artifacts -- towers of sticks with bottles loosely dangling from the limbs, a leisurely hammock where they reflect upon their double lives as porn stars.

While Liam is inside the house recording a video diary, Tayte unexpectedly appears -- or what he thinks is Tayte -- to offer up a massage that quickly turns highly erotic. The guys only manage to kiss, rim, and give each other blowjobs before Levi steps in to remind Liam it's time for dinner. He looks back and sees that Tayte's no longer there... and that's only the beginning. At dinner, the boys research the property and discover a rather disturbing history that very slowly starts coming to life -- as beastly creature emerge, voices fill the air, and no one is who they seem to be.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg in this next-to-last installment of the groundbreaking series, filmed almost completely on the boys' camera phones, that will scare your pants off and then make you jerk off to one spine-tingling climax! AND that's NOT ALL -- members will not have to wait long for the conclusion of Meetig Liam, as PART FOUR will be released just in time for HALLOWEEN.

Models Featured in this Scene

Levi Karter Levi Karter Liam Riley Liam Riley Ricky Roman Ricky Roman Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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meowmmycat on 10/28/2015 Well worth the wait!!! The boys know how to bring the heat! S68909 on 10/28/2015 I knew CB wouldn't disappoint me. Part 3 was just as good as 1 and 2. It had everything and more. 4 very sexy men on a haunted estate with hot sex scenes thrown in. Can't wait until Saturday for part 4. Excellent photography and direction fantastic film x Amanda on 10/28/2015 Ok... That last scene with Ricky, Tayte and Liam... Damn. Super hot!! The story is getting good! GIMME PART 4 ME2 on 10/28/2015 SCARY! SEXY! and BRILLIANT. Once again you guy prove why you are the BEST. You take such care in making these films and the boys are all amazing. A++++++++ Ladydee on 10/28/2015 Well worth the wait! Can't wait for part 4. Jake you have outdone yourself! Rbcone on 10/29/2015 I'm fascinated by the ease that J. J. combines simple story lines to comment on more serious issues of, in this case, reality. Take the sex scene between Tayte, Ricky and Liam. We sort of know at the start that this isn't the real Liam. Tayte is filming the action on his phone and we see bits of his film mixed in with the real scene. But wait a minute, this is just a film we're watching - not reality. At the end of the scene we see that this might not even be the real Ricky. Should we think back to Ricky's conversation with Levi about real names and porn names? We all know that the industry is filled with models who are gay for pay, so what's real. Should we be afraid of the unreality or just enjoy the ghosts? All I know is that my dick's hard. NurseJen/RN on 10/29/2015 Love,love, loved it! Worth the wait and, guys, I was truly scared! That ending, whoa! Love my CockyBoys. Keep up the good work. Jeffrey on 10/29/2015 Wow! I have been away for a while. Work calls! And to come back to this masterpiece. Just wow. I love scary movies. And this combined with some hot sex was fantastic! Good to see sexy Ricky Roman again! quiet1 on 10/29/2015 I think I will be watching this series on repeat until the finale is released. It has been a wild ride of thrills, laughter, sexiness and beautifully thought provoking emotional moments. There are so many things I could comment on but the simple and sincere conversation between Ricky & Levi on the hammock absolutely floored me with its humanity and realness. It's so easy to forget that these talented young guys really are method actors in a true sense as they so often are expected to be their persona in multiple areas of their lives, its not surprising that it can get confusing. I just have to say that whatever name you go by, whether your screen name or otherwise, I wish you all the best for future work and life in whatever direction that might be and congratulate you all for an amazing project well completed. Show More Comments

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Meeting Liam


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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley & Michael Milano

Jake Jaxson's erotic found footage horror tale, Meeting Liam, delivers scares, chills, and intricate storylines twisted together with merciless, hardcore sex. Just when you think you've met Liam Riley, the once chipper little stud introduced to CockyBoys exactly one year ago, you've quite literally never seen him like this before. In their unexpected search for Bella, Levi and Liam encounter a barrage of a ghostly sounds and happenings, a party in the basement, a wormhole in the closet, and acorns pitted at them in every direction. Each episode loses no momentum, upping the drama with even more supernatural incidents, leading to outcomes both sexy, horrifying, and a ghostly three-ways. Full of sex, scares, fun & cum, this mini-series will leave you chilled and thrilled!

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