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Ricky Roman

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What's not to like about Ricky? He's the type of guy that has a little something for everyone. He's a biracial, gay hunk with an uncut cock and a special attraction to public sex. He's new to the adult industry, so we were eager to break him in with a solo scene where his dick gets acquainted with a Fleshjack for the first time. Watching him experience that pleasure was INTENSE. For a guy like Ricky with so much sexual experience off-camera, you would think he'd get all nervous and confused when we started rolling. But he was a total natural, allowing us to fully take in every new emotion he was experiencing. There's nothing hotter than an open-book, especially when it comes to fucking, and Ricky is so open about himself that I'm very curious to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

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ComputerScience87 on 12/22/2012 I've only been a member of this site for a little under a month, but out of all the line-up Ricky is in the top five of my favorite porn actors. He's hot, his personality on camera is addicting, and his overall presentation gives others in the industry a run for their money. Move over Cody Cummings, Samuel O'Toole, and even Anthony Romero might need to share the spotlight soon enough. bimzter on 01/06/2013 must show more of this awesome dude he is so sexy ! Ari on 02/11/2013 Why has this model gone unnoticed? (Perhaps the hair dyed in his first video it ruined everything...).Sexy and with a magnificent body, should be among the first.In the video "The Haunting Pt 2: Into the Woods" is more sensual than ever. RB on 02/24/2013 More Ricky Roman please!! Ryo on 03/06/2013 Ricky is utterly charming and is rocking a seriously HOT body. I can't wait to see more of him...he definitely will keep me cumming back for more =) Jane on 03/30/2013 Ricky is so my favorite!! CAB on 04/02/2013 He should bottom more! Simon on 11/26/2015 Wow! I love uncut and veiny dicks and with this guy I really got wat I like!! I would love to taste that! Lisa FFC on 12/10/2015 How did I not know after all these years you could comment on performers?!?!? What is not to love about Ricky? He's as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside and I only have one complaint. We don't see nearly enough of him!! S68909 on 12/15/2015 Ricky was how I first heard of CB when I seen him interviewed. Couple of months later I joined the site, looked into it to make sure it was a reputable company. Still in love with Ricky he has everything a girl could want and more and I never get tired seeing him. Hope to see more new scenes with him soon. (I only found out today that I could comment on models) M3xa on 01/02/2016 Ricky is so beautiful. And he is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. And he have a perfect body and he can act. So we need to see more of him! garynickoli on 01/09/2016 sexy great tats garynickoli on 01/09/2016 best site great man bodies darius an new latin dudes I love NoName on 01/31/2016 Honestly, there will never be enough Ricky on this site! The man is one of the best models you have and you should use him more before he gets out of the game!! he's sexy, humble and an amazing performer! I would love to see him with Colton grey and Allen King! Patrick on 04/23/2016 Wooh Ricky Roman, you are so hot, love the tattoos on your chest, Your cock is so big uncut abd so nice, your tattoos make your body so gorgeous for sure. Ricky want to see more soon from you, love your videos and love to see you as a Top !!! Jupiter on 09/02/2016 Ricky Roman = BABE-A-LICIOUS. I love this guy. I only wish these gorgeous men didn't have so many tattoos covering their beautiful bodies. A tattoo placed strategically on certain areas of the body can be so sexy, but too many can be a little distracting. BicuriouslyBi on 01/26/2017 I am so happy to find I can comment on models! But I don't know if I can capture in words what Ricky gives and is as part of the Cockyboys family. He is the perfect blend of #SaF and sweetheart with a healthy dose of seriously naughty. He can't get enough screen time in IMO. I love this boy! He has the ultimate in beautiful ink on a hot, gorgeous body. And the way those hips move...illegal. I could go on, but I truly don't see how anyone couldn't want to watch every scene this boy is in. More than once. Patric on 07/15/2017 Ricky Roman you are my favorite man at Cocky, like your tattoes on your body and chest, love that curved Dick of you too... whooh never saw such hot tattoes on a man.....Like you Ricky !!!!! Patric on 07/15/2017 Ricky Roman are you on facebook or do you have a Twitter account too?? From which city in America are you living? You are so sexy hot Ricky Roman !!!! Patrick on 11/14/2017 Ricky Roman, you are the best, editor Cockyboys, bring more soon on this awesome hot dude, Ricky has an amazing hot body, every man could dream off... me on 02/25/2018 Without question one of the best performers on this site or in porn ever!!!! Every scene is amazing and there isn't a word to describe how sexy he is. Sexybun on 06/29/2018 Oh, Ricky! Love your scenes. You are so sexy, and hot! Love the way you work those hips! Can't get enough of you! There should be a dvd of just your favorite scenes, starring you! Patric on 08/15/2018 Ricky Roman, you are my favorite man at cockyboys, always love that sexy body and huge manpiece of yours, keep coming back Ricky, you are the best in the adult industry...!! Hot Stuff on 08/29/2018 Ricky is HOT! Hot Stuff on 08/29/2018 HOT!! Razzlet on 03/16/2019 Ricky is my favorite. So many men are too quiet in bed and you have no idea if they're having a good time. Not Ricky, All that vocalization is so hot. First orgasm since surgery on 07/18/2020 Spinal surgery gave a little hope but this guy took me there and beyond. Amazing how he draws you in!

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