Tryp Bates Fucks Ricky Roman

Featuring Ricky Roman & Tryp Bates

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Released: 07/24/2015 Categorized Under: Facials & Cum Eating, Ink'd, Muscled, Power Bottoms, Uncut Featuring: Ricky Roman & Tryp Bates

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We've seen a new wave of CockyBoys recently -- Alex Mecum, Logan Moore, and of course Tryp Bates -- and now we're ready to start feeding them to some of our regular pups! This mixing and matching is of course one of the hottest experiments to watch, and who better to pair up Tryp Bates with than Ricky Roman?

Tryp's first scene at CockyBoys with Logan Moore was explosively hot, and if you remember, he's one aggressive motherfucker. And he's extremely verbal during sex. With Ricky at his fingertips -- who has without a doubt one of the sexiest bubble butts around -- you can imagine how quickly the sexual tension heated up!

Tryp instructed Ricky to get on his knees so he could feel Ricky's "lips wrapped around his cock" and in the "back of his throat." Ricky's expert blowjob skills had Tryp moaning immediately. Ricky then stood up and let Tryp suck off his uncut dick for a while, but you could just see in Ricky's eyes how much he needed Tryp's cock up his ass. Tryp told Ricky to bend over on the chair they were using, and after a quick rimming and a slap on the ass, Tryp slowly slid in his rod.

The thing about Tryp is that once he realizes his dick's all the way in and everyone's comfortable, he immediately goes into "power-fuck" mode like the flick of a switch. He nailed Ricky HARD, and Ricky stayed hard the whole time! Ricky then climbed on top and rode Tryp's cock for a while but this was the only mercy he was granted, because not long after, Tryp literally picked Ricky up and plowed him harder than ever in missionary. And Tryp was really hitting the spot, because Ricky shot his load while Tryp's thick cock was still firmly lodged up his ass! Being the sweet guy that he is, Ricky gave Tryp a handjob as he stood over him, knees buckling, until he finally shot his load as well.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Ricky Roman Ricky Roman Tryp Bates Tryp Bates

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KMW on 07/24/2015 wow, now that was hot !!! love Ricky and I really loving Tryp, great pairing. well done. more like this please ILoveCockyBoys! on 07/24/2015 JJ I am so sorry I accidentally rated this a 1! I love this scene and would never rate any of your scenes a 1! Pretty please can you fix it for me. This scene is a 5 for sure. I love Ricky and although I am just getting to know Tryp I am liking him already. So hot! Tagurit on 07/25/2015 So fuckin sexy! Loved the scene <3 my only "complaint" is that I don't love the "porn music" that's graced the openings of the past couple of scenes - I miss the interviews ;) Emz on 07/25/2015 Ricky is my all time CCB's favourite and he really doesn't disappoint with Tryp. Loved the hot dirty talk, incredible moans/groans and Ricky's beautiful ass! 5 STARS! Only issue? I'm really not keen on the 'porn music' at the start, imo it cheapens the whole production (which in usual CCB's form is incredible). Bring back the flirty interviews at the beginning, they are what build the intimacy for the following heat! ❤️ Rbcon on 07/25/2015 I enjoyed the scene and didn't mind the erotic opening. The cock sucking and ass eating were a bit languid. I was disappointed that shadows obscured Tryp's cum shot. Both men are very handsome, but I prefer Tryp's stud next door persona. Rickey has a great body and a luscious dick, but his hair style gave him the appearance of a cockatoo in the early going. That said, I'll enjoy watching it several more times. nolagrad504 on 07/25/2015 This was amazing! I always love seeing Ricky, and this pairing was incredibly hot. More Tryp Bates, please! BenDover on 07/27/2015 I'm going to title this film "The Tale of Two Rickys". Ricky One is the film with his boyfriend Michael, and Ricky Two is with Tryp. With Michael we see him 'off duty' as it were , whereas in this film we see him as a professional porn star, doing a job of work. This is not to discredit him in any way, but I find the contrast interesting. cgilles on 07/27/2015 Cette série est un peu génante. Hormis le fait qu'on n'y trouve aucun préliminaire, aucune digression, aucune diversion, aucune fantaisie, ni, plus grave, aucun jeu, aucune fantaisie, aucune tendresse, par rapport à la toute militaire statégie en trois points (fellation pénétration, éjaculation), on a en plus l'impression d'assister à l'hommage du vassal (Ricky) à son suzerain quasi grabataire (l'autre) alors leurs "faits d'arme" au moins chez Cocky impliqueraient une hiérarchie inversée et où, gageons-en, le dauphin Ricky ne s'emmerderait pas à passer son temps à s'examiner se faire sucer - à propos Ricky, dans le récemment mis en ligne complément à halloween, merci de tout coeur pour ce qui avait été coupé dans la premi!re mouture : dana sa pudeur, sa simplicité et son naturel, les superbes déclation ou aveu d'amitié à Levi Karter et les gestes qui la concrétisent à la fin (Levi dans tes bras après la disparition - je ne m'en remettrai jamais... - de ses fesses, ses cuisses et ses jambes par glissade dans la cave). Bref, pour en revenir à cette séquence, s'il est de bon ton que Cocky accueille dignement ses nouveaux venus plus denses, ce qui n'est pas difficile, que les ados prépubères d'il y a quelque mois, ce n'est pas une raison pour transformer en paillasons ceux qui ont fait Cocky (les Levi, Ricky, Jake, Max etc...). LisaFFC on 07/28/2015 I liked it, so much. Tryp is intriguing and I'll be interested to see how he is with others, (will watch his other scene) to find his true nature. Ricky, Ricky, Ricky.. He put on a show! He looked beautiful, as always and really showed his skills! Can never get enough of him! Show More Comments

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