Meeting Liam: Part 2

Featuring Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson

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Released: 06/19/2015 Categorized Under: Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, Power Bottoms, Uncut Featuring: Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson

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Nothing can quite describe the events that unfolded the night of October 31st, 2014, not even the footage found by Jake Jaxson the following morning. Recently signed CockyBoy, Liam Riley, had just arrived in New York and was greeted by his best friend and confidante Levi Karter. Levi drove him from the train station to the CockyBoys estate where things quickly heated up leading to Levi popping Liam's CockyBoys cherry with an intimate fuck. Ricky Roman and Tayte Hanson later stopped by to tell the tale of Ruth, a dead woman who they communicated with through a Ouija board.

Things quickly took a turn for the supernatural when Levi's dog, Bella, suddenly went missing, doors began opening and closing on their own, ghostly noises were heard in the basement, and Levi was sucked through a wormhole in the closet. The next day, CockyBoys CEO Jake Jaxson arrived to find all four boys huddled together on the front porch with Bella wandering helplessly around, acorns and pieces of furniture scattered everywhere, and pumpkins with arrows sticking out of them.

Now, eight months later, a second set of footage has been discovered from the same Halloween night -- this time told from Tayte and Ricky's point of view. The guys start off trying to enjoy their weekend -- while Levi is off with Liam, Tayte has Ricky. And Tayte wastes no time getting Ricky naked and sucking, rimming and pounding his brains out. But as the night creeps up on them, so does the supernatural activity.

Levi finds the previously mentioned Ouija board tucked away in a closet with a door that seems to have a life of its own. Too spooked to tamper with it, he stows the board back in the closet only to find it missing again later. As the hunt for Bella continues, and Tayte and Ricky move their steamy sexual tryst outdoors, something totally unexplained occurs. Without giving too much away, the last two minutes of Meeting Liam 2 are so intense and twisted that you'll be left with your jaw wide open.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Levi Karter Levi Karter Liam Riley Liam Riley Ricky Roman Ricky Roman Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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S68909 on 06/19/2015 Loved this. It was funny, sex scene between Ricky andTayte was hot, scarey and full of suspense. Left me wanting a Pt 3. Excellent 10/10 Sybella on 06/19/2015 I've waited for this forever and it didn't disappoint!! Love it even more than the first part. Ricky and Tayte together are explosive. Time to rewatch both parts! quiet1 on 06/19/2015 This was a brilliant sequel to Meeting Liam. Seeing more "found footage" from Ricky and Tayte's perspective of Liam's first day adds so much to what was already a thrilling and tantalizing film. All four men are absolutely gorgeous and have such charisma that you can't help but be taken along on the journey. Jake, R.J and Benny, you do such a great job of creating sexual magic while also handing us a piece of artistic cinema. The joy and reverence for the experience you are showing always comes through in your work. I loved seeing more of the estate and beautiful architecture and design of your home and work space. I hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to share stories in that beautiful setting. Catkisser on 06/19/2015 Everybody - including Bella - gave great performances! I had a couple genuine scares and loved the ending. The necking in the car scene was hot! Well done everyone. OhLordBen on 06/20/2015 This makes me miss Tayte's long hair soooooooooo much!!!!!! BRING YOUR HAIR BACK TAYTE!!! Klo42 on 06/20/2015 MP4 download stops midway... could you fix this, please? trex on 06/20/2015 Get rid of the stupid pop-up and the bar that stays at the bottom of the screen and won't go away. If its still there the next time I visit the visit the site I cancel my membership. cgilles on 06/20/2015 et 6 mois après le canard était toujours vivant - en tout cas audible - hélas. Seul intérêt, et pas des moindres, le plan évidemment superbe des jambes et des fesses de Levi seulement en slip allongé sur le ventre pour regarder le fond de la cave de M. Jaxson. Welsh girlie on 06/21/2015 Wow!!! What an inspirational, talented and beyond creative throuple you are. As a strait girl I am so proud to be a Cockboys member and to see erotic cinematography at it's absolute best. Your vision to me is so much more than gender or sexual preference but creating content that appeals to every aspect of whoever is watchings sexuality. You have a wonderful team of 'pups' and love how you let their individual personalities shine! Can't wait for part three, didn't realise until the end how long I had actually been holding my breath for as I was so involved in this.xx xx Show More Comments

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Meeting Liam


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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley & Michael Milano

Jake Jaxson's erotic found footage horror tale, Meeting Liam, delivers scares, chills, and intricate storylines twisted together with merciless, hardcore sex. Just when you think you've met Liam Riley, the once chipper little stud introduced to CockyBoys exactly one year ago, you've quite literally never seen him like this before. In their unexpected search for Bella, Levi and Liam encounter a barrage of a ghostly sounds and happenings, a party in the basement, a wormhole in the closet, and acorns pitted at them in every direction. Each episode loses no momentum, upping the drama with even more supernatural incidents, leading to outcomes both sexy, horrifying, and a ghostly three-ways. Full of sex, scares, fun & cum, this mini-series will leave you chilled and thrilled!

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