Meeting Liam: Part 4

Featuring Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Michael Milano, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson

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Jake Jaxson's multi-layered found footage epic, Meeting Liam, comes to its grand finale with quite a few bangs! Cryptic messages, ghosts, disappearing objects, supernatural portals, and more are all finally explained in this concluding chapter featuring two mind-blowing sex scenes with Levi Karter and Ricky Roman double-penetrating Tayte Hanson and a passionate one-on-one romp with Liam Riley and newcomer Michael Milano. Meeting Liam captures a lust so strong, it penetrates decades long gone by.

Beginning where the third installment left off, Tayte discovers a frazzled Liam alone in the woods for an hour even though he could have sworn he was just upstairs with him and Ricky five minutes ago. Meanwhile, Levi is still hiding in the closet when a mysterious ranger (Michael Milano) with a gun breaks in and explores the house. The house has undergone a supernatural transformation, and the boys now must try navigating back to reality. In a FaceTime chat with Ricky, Levi confirms his speculations -- they’re witnessing the ghostly events leading up to a very violent crime that happened on the property over half a century ago.

Michael thinks he needs to protect the house… but Andrew (Liam RIley) helps him forget about his duties with a sweltering outdoor fuck on the porch. Meanwhile, Aaron (Tayte Hanson) and Chris (Ricky Roman) convince Luke (Levi Karter) to join them in a mind-blowing threeway where Tayte makes room for BOTH Ricky and Levi’s cocks in his DP debut that will make you come for weeks… and then spook the hell out of you with one very twisted final ending.

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meowmmycat on 10/31/2015 Whoa....just whoa. I'm at a lost for words. This last part is just whoa. Jake and RJ out did themselves! The pups? They proved they deserve their titles of Cockyboys! Michael was an excellent addition to the cast. Bravo to you all! S68909 on 10/31/2015 Meeting Liam deserves every award going. You could not have ended it any better. Excellent performances by everyone, my heart ached when Liam was scared in the woods. JJ love how your mind works also reading how you hear the voice and RJ saying could be your biological mother is moving. RJ your photography could not be any better. Loved every moment xx KMW on 10/31/2015 that was awesome !!!!!! wow Tayte, that was sexy, my only question is when are we gonna get a scene with ricky and levi together ??????? great job everyone, well worth the wait Doc on 10/31/2015 I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of long story lines in porn where it takes 20mins to get to the porn, I normally skip right past it and cut to the chase, BUT you guys do such a good job and I can appreciate the work to set up a scene that I'd never dream of complaining, like I said I can just skip ahead BUT I HATE....absolutely HATE.... split porn scenes, where it jumps from one scene in one room to one scene in another back and forth back and forth and back. Especially when you very hot scenes going on. I prefer just to get them back to back then to go back and forth. All the art and story line aside.... I jerk off to this and split scenes make for a very uncomfortable jerk. tunie081 on 10/31/2015 OMG!!! Unbelievable!! Everyone brought their A game. Excellent!!!! Dianau48 on 11/01/2015 Incredible!!!! Jason you are brilliant how you brought it full circle. I love the little things that you put in there that only a true fan picks up on. Thanks for a great movie and the cast excellent job!! fuerteRIO on 11/01/2015 OMG! Tracy9899 on 11/01/2015 Bravo to a great ending to complete another great cockyboys series, every boy shine in this final ending, they can act,and they re really good at it. As for sex scene, really smoking hot, expect a scene with Tayte Levi Ricky together, just can't get enough of them! Bravo to Aren Luke Chris & Andrew! Well Done! quiet1 on 11/01/2015 With every new major project that CB's releases, the more I can see the depth of art, craftsmanship and care that the production team put into each. As much as I have reveled in the other big production films, ML definitely speaks with a rawness and complexity of emotion, storyline and sensation that has reached new heights. It has brought to the fore the fact that these brilliant young men clearly have hidden or not so hidden talents that if it weren't for JJ's vision and the skill of RJ and the production team few of us would have the opportunity and privilege of seeing these guys spread their acting wings in new and exciting directions. Part 4 was even more confronting and entrancing for me than any of the previous in terms of the themes of identity and how the characters slip in and out of roles and personas. I don't quite understand why, but the guys agreeing to bring more of their real selves, including what I assume are their given names, to this story was extremely touching and has left the biggest impact with me. Everything was beautiful and sexy and amazing but those real little moments and tiny glimpses to the beating heart behind the smoke and mirrors of these guys personas is what I will remember the longest and cherish the most. Show More Comments

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Meeting Liam


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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley & Michael Milano

Jake Jaxson's erotic found footage horror tale, Meeting Liam, delivers scares, chills, and intricate storylines twisted together with merciless, hardcore sex. Just when you think you've met Liam Riley, the once chipper little stud introduced to CockyBoys exactly one year ago, you've quite literally never seen him like this before. In their unexpected search for Bella, Levi and Liam encounter a barrage of a ghostly sounds and happenings, a party in the basement, a wormhole in the closet, and acorns pitted at them in every direction. Each episode loses no momentum, upping the drama with even more supernatural incidents, leading to outcomes both sexy, horrifying, and a ghostly three-ways. Full of sex, scares, fun & cum, this mini-series will leave you chilled and thrilled!

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