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The Haunting Pt 2: Into the Woods

Featuring Dale Cooper & Ricky Roman

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During the week of Halloween, 2012, lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi decided to take a brief vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods of upstate New York. They were never seen again.

A month later, Dale Cooper has been assigned to investigate the couple's disappearance and recover any necessary evidence. And when he arrives at the location they were last known to have been alive, things immediately take a turn for the supernatural. Doors open and close on their own, lights go on and off, and loud noises rattle the walls without explanation. But by far the most mysterious occurrence is a strange boy in a hunting coat, who occasionally appears to Dale on the side of the road, on the front lawn, and in his dreams.

As time goes on and his sightings of the boy become more frequent, Dale realizes this boy wants something from him... but what? It's not until the boy finally appears in his bedroom late one night and kisses him that realizes what that is. Dale can't help but undress him and give him what he wants, whoever he is, and it's impossible for him not to want him in return. No matter if it's reality or fantasy, passion is passion. But passion can sometimes get in the way of professionalism, and it all becomes too much for Dale when he wakes up the next morning and finds the boy not in his bedroom but outside on the lawn. The boy hungrily gestures for Dale to follow him, hoping to disclose a secret that will change everything.

But in order for Dale to uncover that secret, Dale must step far out of his comfort zone... and venture off into the woods.

Note from director Jake Jaxson: Hi y'all! The day we released The Haunting back in October, superstorm Sandy was battering the east coast. We got the scene up just in the nick of time before the lights went out! The next morning we woke up to what looked like a war zone. The beauty of Fall and the fun of Halloween had been blown and washed away.

Trees were down everywhere, but the most arresting moment for me was seeing that two massive trees had fallen across the raised tomb where we had shot The Haunting just a few weeks before. That night, I posted a truly haunting image of the downed and mangled tree.

I received many comments about that image, mostly about how the location is cursed, and that got me thinking. That night, I wrote Part II and Part III to The Haunting, expanding on the story we created.

What inspired me was the idea of places or things being haunted, supposedly inanimate objects holding past energy that eventually manifests itself to present day. What happened in the past that caused those trees to come crashing down on that mausoleum could have been the strong winds from the hurricane or maybe termites rotting them from the inside... but my mind was telling me it was something else.

What I love about old objects is thinking about how many people owned them in the past, where these people lived, and what they did with the objects. I like assigning various stories to my little treasures... what pockets have they been in? Who touched them? Had they known tears or were they imbibed with laughter? Many times I can tell just from holding the objects -- there is a residual energy that touches me.

So with that in mind, I have created two more installments to our little ghost story. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Love Always,

Jake Jaxson

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Dale Cooper Dale Cooper Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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The Haunting

Together before their time.....

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi, Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Max Ryder & Christian Wilde

Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: a both pleasant and painful past coupled with a phantasmal present. Jake Jaxson's psychologically and erotically charged film begins with boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel on a weekend getaway that leads to a mystically sexual encounter with an unknown presence. While sated, the couple is skeptical about the experience and cuts their trip short. However, when their friends and family don't hear from them, P.I. Dale Cooper is hired to investigate their disappearance.

Cooper finds more than he's bargained for as looking for the boys leads him to delve deeper into the intricate and somber past of the house's original owners. Described by gay adult industry insiders as "one of the best gay porn releases ever" and "a new genre of gay male erotica," The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.

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