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Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper

Meet Dale

Dale Cooper is the kind of guy you feel really safe around.  Maybe that's why he named himself after one of the greatest TV detective characters of all time?  But Dale likes to investigate an entirely different kind of "Twin Peaks" -- the two mounds of thick flesh that make up his perfect ass (or yours).  He loves to get fucked as much as he likes to fuck.  And he's been with guys AND girls as well!

Once you sit down and talk to him, you realize it's impossible not to like Dale.  Aside from his quirky sense of humor and intelligence, he feels very authentic.  That charm of his is most certainly not acting, so when you see him putting a dildo up his hole, fucking a Fleshjack, or having sex, his pleasured reactions also feel very real.  Who would have thought that a porn star could also feel like your best friend?

We expect to see a lot more from Dale in the future!  The man is simply irresistible.

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Jah on 01/01/2013 He is the hottest Mmm... on 01/03/2013 Dale is truly a total package between his hot looks, sexy voice, great sense of humor, and intelligence. He totally fits "tall, dark, and handsome". YUM!!! Rick on 01/26/2013 This guy is fucking hot. And clearly loves his job. Love a guy who can flip and fuck....with the greatest of ease. Good work Dale. Dault on 02/01/2013 Though I enjoy the whole site in general I've definitely stayed on for him! Hope to see more from him soon! rtbd on 09/26/2016 Dale Cooper is one of the sexiest men in porn. He's hot beyond belief. I love it when he's rimmed, so I hope we'll see more of that on this site. I'd just like to see more of him in general! Archie on 09/01/2017 We need more Dale...Those eyes, that voice and that great body! More please! Jaygc87 on 02/28/2019 I love Dale & always have!! He is the best & my absolute favorite!!! CARLOS on 01/29/2021 ALL OF THIS MEN ARE HOT GOURGEOUS LOVE THE MOVIE ... DALE COOPER BEYOND SEXY HOT.

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