The Haunting: An Epilogue

Featuring Dale Cooper

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Released: 03/31/2013 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Interracial, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies! Featuring: Dale Cooper

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Director's Note:

If there is one thing I love more than a good ghost story, it's a good TV show about ghost stories. I'm hopelessly addicted to Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Activity, and Ancient Aliens. Even when I know it's all made up craziness, I still can't help but to get sucked in -- the music, EVPs, ghost voice boxes, and hazy video clips of orbs (a.k.a. dust) will always send shivers up my spine.

In this last installment of THE HAUNTING: An Epilogue, I made a little ode to the shows I love and Benny Morecock hates! It's always a fight for the remote when one of these shows comes on (just for reference, Benny prefers Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty, and Pawn Stars)!

Many of you have been asking -- what happened to Jake and Dillon in The Haunting: Part I? Or what did Dale Cooper see at the end of Part II? Did Klaus Heist actually have "a haunting" and what was he smiling about at the end of Part III? While I am happy to lest something remain a mystery or open to interpretation, I did want to connect a few dots and tie up a few loose ends (as an excuse for getting Dale Copper and Jake Steel in bed together)! I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxon
Jake Steel and Dale Cooper were two actors in The Haunting who just seemed right for each other. Even though they never shared a scene together, you probably found yourself looking back at the movie and wondering -- why didn't those two fuck?!

Well, we were thinking the same thing! Jake and Dale had great chemistry together behind the scenes so we thought we'd do a hot scene with them and tie up some loose ends in the trilogy to boot. Jake Jaxson once again tackled a new perspective in the horror genre to mix with hardcore sex -- the world of ghost hunting reality TV shows -- and the vice is perfectly suited to illustrate what came of that mysterious house in the woods.

We hope some holes in the plot were filled for you, but in case they weren't, perhaps Dale's tight hole getting filled up with Jake's thick cock will compensate. As victims of all the paranormal goings on in the house, the two were able to share a unique sexual bond in the same way the ill-fated yet forever-in-love boys did before them.

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Models Featured in this Scene

Dale Cooper Dale Cooper

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britin on 04/01/2013 How do you consistently outdo yourself Cockyboys? A perfect ending to this passionate series. So glad you found a way to get Jake and Dale in bed together. The fucking, the kissing, the moaning... so fucking hot! Hope to see Jake Steel again soon on Cockyboys. SirFucksALOT on 04/01/2013 Fucking AMAZING & Amazing FUCKING! davidalan on 04/02/2013 Oh My God, how fucking HOT is this? Things just get hotter and hotter on this site. Dale looks so fucking hot as the bottom and Jake looks so sexy just fucking away at Dale's ass! When Dale cums at the end with Jake's cock fucking him, it was AMAZING! stier51 on 04/03/2013 Hot, very very hot. Thanks. persia1979 on 04/03/2013 l loved every part :) THISisPORN on 04/06/2013 Ok guys, i love it when MEN have sex, no offense but max just doesnt look like he really likes doing it. Dale and Jake seem to really enjoy the fucking. i like the way u guys shoot and use the light, very beautiful and intimate. Great directing for the sex Jake Jaxson. FanGrrl99 on 04/09/2013 Holy. Fucking. Hell. I love, love, LOVE Dale & Jake together! Add them to my very short list of "favorite porn couplings" immediately. Has long underwear ever been sexier? I think not. I think no. I think I want to see much more of these two beautiful men together. And Jake, Mr. Jaxson if you're nasty, BEAUTIFUL filming! What you (whoever "you" might be doing all the work on filming as you do) do with light and settings and putting it all together is simply beautiful. You're gonna spoil us all for any other porn productions! <spoil on, please> MissMishka on 04/14/2013 This video was the reason that I joined and it alone makes the subscription totally worth it. The quality of the film is incredible and I have no words for the actors and their chemistry; so much more than "porn." It's just beautiful and hot and sexy. I love it. Just loved it. Zelda on 06/16/2013 I LOVE this series! This is porn that's fresh and exciting, a smart mix of genres, and so beautifully photographed that I had to pause several times to admire the cinematography. (Dale's fantasy in the solo sequence in part 2, for example? So well put together, and completely stunning!) <p><I>Haunting</i> is passionate, sexy, scary - but with a great sense of humor about the ghost story industry - and above all, it's beautiful storytelling inside and out. Like the best of camp, it takes a freaky premise and shows its true heart amidst some of the hottest porn action in town. And that's not just rare; it's AMAZING. <p>Last but most certainly not least: every performer did a fantastic job, created a unique character, and brought very believable and distinct chemistry to each different partner. From intimate to casual to intense to healing, these sex scenes were IMPRESSIVE, and not just in the "hotdamn, adding to the spank bank" way. Really memorable work! Kudos, gentlemen, and thank you all so much for bringing this production to life. Show More Comments

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The Haunting

Together before their time.....

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi, Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Max Ryder & Christian Wilde

Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: a both pleasant and painful past coupled with a phantasmal present. Jake Jaxson's psychologically and erotically charged film begins with boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel on a weekend getaway that leads to a mystically sexual encounter with an unknown presence. While sated, the couple is skeptical about the experience and cuts their trip short. However, when their friends and family don't hear from them, P.I. Dale Cooper is hired to investigate their disappearance.

Cooper finds more than he's bargained for as looking for the boys leads him to delve deeper into the intricate and somber past of the house's original owners. Described by gay adult industry insiders as "one of the best gay porn releases ever" and "a new genre of gay male erotica," The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.

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