Missed Connections: Justin Brody & Ricky Roman!

Featuring Justin Brody & Ricky Roman

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Released: 02/03/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Oral & Deep Throating, Uncut Featuring: Justin Brody & Ricky Roman

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A Note from Jake Jaxson: I miss flirting. That quick rush of adrenaline that makes you tingle when you've caught the eye of someone you don't know but admire, and hoping the look will be returned.

That knowing look! That "I caught you looking" look. That "who the fuck is that" look. The look that can make your day... and even change your life.

I miss the chance encounters of my youth, when, for lack of money, I rode my bike all over the city. The hot summers of New Orleans kept me in shape and on the prowl. Perched on my bike I had the perfect spot to see and been seen. And those days are fondly remembered.

Don't get me wrong -- today I am happy man. Blessed with abundance and the love and caring of two beautiful men. But time and circumstance now finds me reminiscing about those days, chance encounters that now seem like a distant past. Both of the men in my life were the result of flirting and missed connections. RJ and I flirted for a year at our gym, and out and about, before we connected, and I secretly admired and watched Benny for years in the mirrors of a fancy downtown salon in New York, before that day he ended up washing my hair, coming over later that night and then staying in our lives forever.

Recently, while looking for movie props on Craig's List, I decided to check out the M4M action in our neck of the woods. While there were some hot pictures (some from CockyBoys!!), I was mostly unimpressed -- not for the quality of guys -- but for the totally uncreative and UN-sexy approach to soliciting for no-strings-attached, casual encounter sex. It looked more like a stock index of numbers, sizes and weights, and no effort into the pitch, the sale, the hustle.

However, before giving up, I clicked that one area that I had always ignored -- mostly because I never understood its purpose -- Missed Connections. nd boy was I surprised. It was a collection of such wonderfully sexy and arousing posts. Men all over the city detailing those very chance encounters I loved and missed when I was younger and unattached -- those missed moments at coffee shops, subways, parks, and steam rooms. Some even looking for, and detailing that perfect one night stand, or fretting over lost phone numbers. Writing in detail what they would do if only they had another chance at making a first impression.

I was overwhelmed, turned on and inspired. And so we now bring you our new series "Missed Connections," our little interpretations from actual ads we found online. This is our ode to flirting, and to "putting it out there," Bb they quickies, NSA, a flash in the pan or maybe even forever.

Love Always,
Jake Jaxson

Description: There's no wrong way to make a connection, even if it's as instant as a few quick glances outside a bookshop in Los Angeles. As Ricky Roman recounts with a deep, sultry narration, it's actually these passing connections that often drive us the most wild. Ricky meets a man named Justin but can't remember that this man is in fact Justin Brody. And after being so transfixed on Justin's striking blue eyes, his forwardness, and that hard bulge in his denim jeans, Ricky forgets to save Justin's phone number.

With all the advancements in social networking over the past years, you'd think Ricky would have no problem tracking Justin down. But sometimes the good ol' fashion "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist can work wonders. It's worth a shot, and Ricky is still extremely horny fantasizing about all the things he'd let Justin do to him -- kissing, playing with his nipples, playing with his dick. But little does he know that Justin will be doing much more than that in a few short hours. Almost immediately after posting his ad, Ricky receives the response he'd been waiting for and Justin is inside his hotel room just as eager to fuck!

Working off the spontaneity of their immediate connection, the guys go all out in a never-ending fuckfest. Justin picks up Ricky and pushes him against the wall, strips him down, loosens him up with a nice rimming (already causing Ricky's cock to drip with pre-cum), and begins fucking him from behind within minutes. Wanting to savor every moment, Ricky brings Justin over to his bed and fully engulfs that cock he's been craving.

Ricky had a hard time stuffing Justin's jumbo cock all the way down his throat, but with a little determination and a lot of infatuation, Ricky gave Justin a blowjob for the record books! Ricky's lips alone could make any guy cum within seconds, but Ricky wouldn't allow that from Justin until he got properly plowed a second and third time on that bed.

At times slow and passionate, then quick and aggressive, Justin nailed Ricky in just about every way imaginable all throughout that hotel room. Ricky finally couldn't take it anymore and exploded during an exceptionally fast jack-hammer fuck laying on top of Justin. Turned on by Ricky's complete submission, Justin blew a huge load shortly after. Judging by their electric chemistry, it's pretty safe to say that this was one missed connection well made!

Jake Jaxson

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Justin Brody Justin Brody Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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quiet1 on 02/03/2017 So happy to see Ricky in another fantastic scene. There was clearly a lot of pleasure and chemistry in this one which was amazing. Justin Brody is growing in appeal for me as he gains more confidence and experience, plus it never hurts to have a great partner like Ricky. I am glad there were no obvious editing oversights like in recent scenes, where we hear instructions from the cameraman/director or see reflections or shadows in the setting which can break the perception of the scene. Figaro4me on 02/03/2017 Yes!! Ricky at his rip roaring, hip rolling, sex on legs best. Loving Justin more in this scene too, their chemistry was amazing. Am loving the thread of these scenes too, with the missed connections, great concept. Can't wait to see who's up next, but this is gonna get a few rewatches till then. Honey on 02/03/2017 Ricky Roman at his best! Oh boy, he can move that booty! And it was obvious that there was a lot of chemistry between him and Justin. They looked amazing together. The set and the photography were superb as well. Now I need to take a deep breath to calm down :) Lisa on 02/03/2017 Really, really good. Almost perfection! Ricky or no Ricky, that's something you'll rarely hear from me about any scene. ;) Speaking of Mr Roman, I love when he opens his scenes talking, he's such a natural actor. Lost connections is a great concept. S68909 on 02/03/2017 I love Ricky Roman. The Missed Connections theme is excellent, I think we have all had them in our lives. Opening was perfect hearing Ricky discribe how they seen eadh other and then upsettingly forgetting to save the number. The sex was hot and excellently shot. Full marks from me and I am looking forward to future instaulments Connor on 02/04/2017 When you get it right, you have no peer. You leave every one else in the industry in your wake. This is a tutorial on how to create great gay male porn. aargauch on 02/04/2017 Oh boy, Ricky, with a new hair style and clean shaven face, you look even more beautiful than ever. This scene with hunky Justin is out of heaven! Ankhneferti on 02/05/2017 In addition to finding this scene very scorching, I am delighted to learn a little more about the story of my fav threesome ^^ Thank you JJ for sharing And really this scene is awesome... I like more and more Justin... I'm so in love yet with Ricky ^^ GG guys ! It's very beautiful... Kisses dorome on 02/05/2017 I'm in love with this series already. Love the theme of chance encounters getting a second chance. And Ricky and Brody are a great match! Both look amazing! Great chemistry! And Ricky's introduction into the scene was perfect! Show More Comments

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Missed Connections

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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Justin Brody, Danny Montero, Jay Mercer, Tegan Zayne, Max Holt, Jack Hunter, Alessandro Haddad, Taylor Reign & Levi Karter

In the digital age, it's hard to remember the days of good ol' fashion flirting. You could be anywhere at any time and suddenly the perfect guy casually walks into your life. You lock eyes and you can tell he's feeling it too. If you're feeling bold, you'll strike up a conversation. But if you're modest, you'll hope he's the one to make the move. And then sometimes nothing happens at all. There is excitement, seduction, frustration, and mystery... a missed connection. This anthology series explores five stories of gay men making connections at the right place but the wrong time. They recall these moments of inexplicable spontaneous affection on the Missed Connections section on Cragislist -- a pre-Facebook corner of the Internet that's surprisingly still alive, energized by those hopeful romantics unwilling to let him be the "one who got away." Even though the service is not 100% foolproof, fate still has a way of giving second chances. Starring Max Holt, Tegan Zayne, Justin Brody, Ricky Roman, Jay Mercer, Alessandro Haddad, Jack Hunter, Taylor Reign, and Levi Karter.

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