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Justin Brody

Justin Brody

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Self-described artist/musician Justin Brody really does have that laid-back Bohemian look and demeanor of an artist and musician. Look beyond the facade of this free spirited and philosophic young man and you'll find a sexually dynamic and passionate, hard-driving top. Tall and broad shouldered with a deceptively lean-muscled body, Justin uses his strong body, hard cock and subtly dominant nature to make an impact with his scene partners and in every scene in which he appears.

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Ankhneferti on 01/12/2017 What a man !! His first scene with Adam is amazing !!! Have to see him very soon !! just me on 01/13/2017 A much needed great addition! Tired of the girly guys on here. VERY HAPPY GUY HERE!!!!! on 01/21/2017 Seen him before. Everywhere he goes I love watching him. Maybe he will do a flip scene with Boomer? Just saying. Atafafnir on 02/05/2017 I never thought that the scene with Adam could be toped. And now: Another very hot scene with hottie Ricky Roman. Enjoyed both scenes! A perfect addition to CB. Would love to see him in more action. This top guy turned on my fantasies. Please let him shoot more big loads to finish on-turning powerful actions. He knows very well what other men want to get. Let them do it! Chulodeman on 02/26/2017 Love this guy,have more new faces and sexy being a member janmikael on 04/19/2017 He can fuck me anytime rich654 on 08/14/2017 There is something so hot about this guy, I love how he eats ass and the way his hips move when he is fucking someone! A piece of art! Everyone's a critic on 10/01/2017 I'd like to see his face when he comes long and hard with someone inside him. Especially if the top also has thick pubes. CWM on 10/22/2017 what a hunk!!! Love this man : - ) me on 02/25/2018 Such a hot top!!!!! Great body and love the passion he brings Atouchofvelvet on 03/16/2018 A MUST wow on 10/12/2018 :D watching on 01/02/2019 Justin is very hot. Would be hot to see him in a bareback scene.

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