Big Dicked Studs Justin Brody & Boomer Banks

Featuring Boomer Banks & Justin Brody

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Released: 03/28/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Interracial, Oral & Deep Throating, Uncut Featuring: Boomer Banks & Justin Brody

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Boomer Banks usually likes to be in control, but Justin Brody's large cock has him excited to bottom. When Justin finds out that Boomer's turn on is kissing, he promptly takes charge.

Their intense makeout session leads to Boomer deep throating Justin's hard cock and before long Justin has Boomer bent over so he can taste his tight hole. Boomer begs Justin to let him suck his cock again and Justin obliges. With Boomer straddling his face, Justin gets deep in Boomer's ass while he's being sucked off.

Justin is ready to feel Boomer's massive cock in his mouth and leads Boomer to the counter where he sucks and tongues Boomer until he's begging for Justin's cock in his ass. Justin slides into Boomer's ass and penetrates him deeply before moving back to the bed.

With Boomer kneeling, Justin enters him again, watching himself fuck Boomer in the mirror before bending Boomer over to thrust into him deeply. Turning Boomer over, Justin fucks him deeply while sucking on his tongue and kissing him passionately. Close to cumming, Justin straddles Boomer and strokes his hard cock until the pair cum all over Boomer's hot, tattooed chest.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Boomer Banks Boomer Banks Justin Brody Justin Brody

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BuffyWillowAnyaTara on 03/28/2017 Hell, yes!!!!!! Loved everything about this scene: Justin, Boomer, the kissing, the rimming, the sex. People may not like Boomer because of his tattoos, or they just don't like the way he looks, but you can't deny the man is one helluva performer. He really did give himself to the experience, and I loved it. There'e nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be vulnerable during sex because it makes the experience that more real. You might actually discover something you like you never would've thought. This scene should not be rated this low!!!!!!!!!!! RESIPSA on 03/29/2017 The scene was smokin' hot! The chemistry between Justin and Boomer was scorching. The only thing that would have made the scene better would have been for Justin and Boomer to flip flop. I hope Justin will bottom soon, as he's as hot as they come! Sam on 03/29/2017 There is nothing quite as beautiful as watching 2 alphas dance. pastelcarnation on 03/29/2017 Love boomer, sorry not a big fan of Justin though, but nice scene Atafafnir on 03/29/2017 Yes, I agree to the comments. I usually do not like such tattoos. But Justin was exactly the guy who is needed to fuck the power pack Boomer. He made Boomer whimpering like a baby. Very good scene. Heavy pleasure and big loads for all. Five stars! quiet1 on 03/29/2017 Seeing a guy like Boomer, who has pretty much exclusively been cast as a top, take the reverse role in such a manner with Justin was beautiful.For these models to show any of the intimate acts that they do is a special experience for us as viewers, but when they choose to step into some area that is new or not something they typically share publicly it is particularly a privilege to see. meowmmycat on 03/29/2017 Love my Boomer and Justin is growing on me. I love anything Boomer is a part of....and I am not just saying this because I am a huge #baconbit .... More not scenes like this...please! #GPSAAM K on 03/29/2017 It's the audio that gets me. The pleases, the moans, the whoas and the woofs. Love them both, love the tattoos and the silly smiles. DOC on 03/29/2017 Scene is hot blah blah blah.....but please stop it with these Fu-Man-Chu mustaches, I hate them. its like the new hipster gay thing and all these boys are going around with these ridiculous mustaches I cant stand it Show More Comments

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