Introducing Exclusive Sean Ford with Calvin Banks

Featuring Calvin Banks & Sean Ford

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Released: 06/28/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, No Ink, Outdoors Featuring: Calvin Banks & Sean Ford

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A Note from Jake Jaxson:

Sean Ford is a rabble-rouser.  Under his quiet exterior, soft skin and sultry bedroom eyes there is a mischievous, studious and tenacious boy that wants to shake things up.

Like many, I watched Sean's rise with curious wonderment. Just when I thought I knew him, or figured him out, he would surprise me.

And I was even more surprised when I was told that he was interested in working for CockyBoys, considering he was at the top of his game at Helix, the studio who discovered and launched him.

But once I spoke to him, I understood that this was someone who was (and will continue to) outgrowing the space around him. Our initial conversations ping-ponged back and forth from politics, Warhol, underground filmmakers, Madonna, Jackie O, and my particular favorite was our deep dive into Mary Todd Lincoln's shopping addiction.  All really sexy stuff right?!


But what ultimately "sold" me on Sean was to hear him talk about the power, meaning and purpose of his work. Most importantly, his belief that his work, and our work as a porn community, is part of a resistance.

In this world of moralizers for profit and political opportunists, standing tall, proud, sexually free, and naked is an act of defiance and rebellion. They believe "Sex is a Sin" and they work hard to weaponize and use its salaciousness to confuse, divide and polarize.

But more and more, I see a growing army of performers, producers, and viewers all taking a stand for their own sexual freedom and expression. Throughout history, we have seen explosions of progress during times of sexual revolution. And the more that we are all able to, and willing to, intertwine our Sexual Self with our Actual Self—not hide it in a web of fear, or alone in the darkness, or under the bed—then we can all play a part in resisting the chipping away of our other freedoms by the very "do as I say, not as I do" crowd—the crowd who gleefully wag their hypocritical finger at us, while consolidating their own power and wealth.

Like many of you, I want our current national nightmare to be over. Like many, I now take extended breaks from the news and social media. I try and focus on the positive, for fear that I will get lost in all the negative. And in that effort, I thought I was done with sprinkling a little politics in with my porn—but I tell you what—that’s going to be hard to do with Sean Ford around. Like I said at the start, he's a rabble-rouser --- and I fucking love it.

But first, let’s all stand tall, proud, and naked.

Love always,
Jake Jaxson


Sean Ford makes his dazzling debut, opening himself up to a new adventure and impressing his scene partner Calvin Banks. Sean is immediately attracted to Calvin and his big dick but also to his smart and sweet personality and his desire to open up Sean to new experiences. On a bike ride in the country, Calvin eagerly invites Sean to a secluded spot by the lake for the new experience of erotic pleasure in the summer invitation to which Sean happily agrees. Under the canopy of trees they neck and kiss at length and as Calvin's loose shorts slide down (with a little help), Sean makes his move. He is a little hesitant about sucking cock and getting caught, but a confident Calvin reassures him he'll be keeping a watchful eye.

Soon Sean is sucking Calvin's growing cock and licking his balls and giving him the unexpected pleasure of a deep-throating him without a hint of a gag reflex. Sean adapts quickly to sex in the rain, quietly and confidently getting what HE wants. He takes Calvin to another spot in the woods and bends over an inverted rowboat and as requested, Calvin rims and opens him up. They're both equally excited now and eagerly bound back to the cottage to go all the way.

Inside Calvin makes short work of getting Sean's shorts off, sucking his cock and returning to rimming and finger fucking his tight hole as Sean lies back on the sofa. Sean makes it clear vocally and verbally that he likes this prelude to full-on sex and what Calvin doesn't hear he sees in Sean's face as he slides his cock into him. In a matter of seconds Calvin is plunging his cock into Sean with passion and a natural, almost involuntary momentum. At one point Calvin picks up Sean with graceful ease and fucks him in mid-air...bouncing him on his cock at length, quite possibly the longest sustained mid-air sex in Cocky Boys history. Calvin switches to pounding him from behind but Sean takes charge, not just riding Calvin's cock but fucking himself with it until he shoots his load. Calvin stands up and and gives the spent Sean Ford a thick facial and a loving kiss with official greeting, "Welcome to Cocky Boys"

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Mike2017 on 06/28/2017 OMG! What a video. Sean Ford and Calvin Banks both are HOT in this scene. I hope to see more of them together in the near future. I love all the moaning and dirty talk between the 2 of them. Lolamare69 on 06/28/2017 What a sexy hot scene!!! Love the chemistry and dirty talk between this two stunning boys! Calvin's delicious tongue playing and Sean's sensual enjoying ending in a really hot hard fucking! Welcome at Cockyboys! Thank you for the Introducing-Part to get more to know about wonderful rabble-rouser Sean! And THAT's why I love cockyboys too: Proud and happy to be part of community who stands for own sexual freedom and expression! I love Gay Porn and I'm a woman!!! ME2 on 06/28/2017 WOW! Just WOW! This is really the first time I have really heard Sean speak, and I am in LOVE. Calvin is as hot as ever, and they work perfectly together. Also, its nice to see JJ's kind words of wisdom, I like how he puts things into perspective. Now i'm going to go take a cold shower. jetxx on 06/28/2017 OMG! You guys make my days. These two cuties are my favorites. I have a crush on both. They so hot and its a pleasure to watch them. Cute faces and hot bodies I cant ask for more Thanks CB for this sexy scene. I hope to see more like that soon. cantgetenough on 06/28/2017 Welcome to Cockyboys!!!! Sean, your going to fit right in. Loved the whole scene, the rain, the dirty talk and the great sex. If that was your first scene with Cockyboys, I can't imagine how fucken hot the rest of them are going to be. Figaro4me on 06/28/2017 That was AMAZING!! They were so hot together, & both just sex on legs. Welcome to Cockyboys Sean, you both had some serious chemistry, that just oozed off the screen. I loved all the kissing & touching, the start in the rain was fab too. Beautifully shot as always by RJ, loved every minute.❤ M on 06/28/2017 Sean is such a handsome cutie and really seemed to enjoy himself throughout the scene. What a great start to his Cockyboys journey! romeodude on 06/28/2017 Both Calvin and Sean were instant favorites of mine when they first appeared on the scene...and to now have them do a scene together is absolute bliss....and total HOTNESS. Both are perfectionists and professionals in everything they do: the way they talk, the way they treat others, and especially how they enjoy having sex! So glad that Sean's debut on Cockyboys was with Calvin....he couldn't have had a better partner to welcome him to Cockyboys. Looking forward to every scene that both Calvin and Sean make in the future! pastelcarnation on 06/29/2017 great scene, I love Calvin and Sean is a little cutie, I think he I going to fit in very well. both are totally hot. I look forward to seeing ALOT more from these 2. well done Show More Comments

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