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Sean Ford

Sean Ford

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It's likely that Sean Ford will contradict most, if not all of your assumptions...even if you think you already know him from his previous work. This handsome, placid-looking young man from Arkansas is a fun, athletic and sexual guy but he's also intelligent, very well-spoken and carries a very mature attitude and outlook on life. He has a weakness for jock-types but is also turned on by those who can also stimulate his mind. In the same vein, Sean is someone who enjoys the pleasure of sex and doing porn, but who also wants to bring an artistic sex-positive approach to the genre. He may not appear so in pictures, but Sean is uninhibited both on camera and off, an open book who invites you to read every chapter.

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coreyfan on 07/03/2017 Great to see Sean Ford over here....please feature more of him!!! littlebabyjoe on 07/05/2017 I think we all would agree Sean is CB's latest super-bottom!!! And a great one at that!!! I wholeheartedly approve!!! We all know on 07/08/2017 I really love Sean ford in action he's a wonderful and super hot dr on 08/11/2017 I love you Sean, good luck at CockyBoys. I hope to see lots more of you Britney on 08/24/2017 The Only Sean Ford, glory to God hallelujah. Reminding myself daily he is human with more faults then I know. Hope he continues with his great work and mindset bnorton on 10/14/2017 Sean Ford is a dream. A perfect body that loves to bottom with a level head on his shoulders. In my book that is HOT! My hope is, of course, to see a lot more of him on Cocky Boys; but also that he continue to grow as a person and an individual concerned with meaningful issues. Sex is good, but as you get older you realize there is a lot lot more. Ben on 10/31/2017 When you guys pair Sean with Josh Moore, I can die happy. Dave on 12/21/2017 I want to see a lot more of Sean Ford. He is a so sexy and gorgeous and a great bottom. justgeo on 04/27/2018 Great power bottom> Hope he gets aggressive about HOW MUCH he LOVES dick! Com'n Kid we know you love it stop being so cool. Get eager 'cuz you are hot and cute as anything. Kinda wanna make me be a little mean and nasty. Cajungirl_100/ cajungirl on 06/20/2018 You are one of the reasons a girl had to join “Cockyboys” I followed you... love your scenes. Just watching old scenes on the site now. I think you would love being with Josh Moore. Maybe CB can make that happen... Sean, I don’t know you- but, be happy !!! ❤️ Toolelover on 07/04/2018 Sean is great and I agree - he needs to do a scene with Josh Moore! Romeodude on 09/02/2018 Sean is one beautiful guy: Physically perfect in every way....but he also has an intellect which is rivaled by no one. His talents are many besides being sexually proficient, and loving what he does. He could be a professional fashion model as well in my opinion. Sean is unique in so many ways and I wish him total fulfillment and happiness now and in the future. Luvpol on 10/21/2018 Sean Ford is the sexiest guy! lanthor / steve madison on 12/25/2018 Sean Ford is the one and only reason i have joined this site make sure to feature him often. Thanks Horny AF on 02/02/2019 Sean Ford is mind-bogglingly sexy. The more of him the better! Pair him with Mateo Vice, and I can die happy. justgeo on 02/19/2019 I just love the way this 'fuck angel' flushes during sex. I could eat him up. Wish I could afford to keep him in the style love he wants!!!! Breaking my heart not my balls. Love the little MF'r. In a good way not nasty unless we're pissing our tighty whities. Hey why you got no piss action here? Would love to see it with clean guys. Minimal ink! Just sayin'. Mightyman113 on 02/23/2019 Sean Ford is my dream guy! Gorgeous, sweet, funny and knows his way around a dick! I would love a night with him! I want to swallow his cock so much! ;) BakedGoods on 07/07/2019 Sean Ford is the bees knees, the full package, the sweetest soul, sexiest little fucker, an absolute doll and brilliant mind. He has an amazing gift and talent for acting and he is made for CockyBoys features. I look forward to seeing what more he does here, as he continues to grow and evolve as a performer. Spanishflyboy on 09/11/2019 Sean Ford is what sweet dreams are made of and he is an amazing actor. Anyone who hasn't seen him with Jacen Zhu in "The Bottle Collector," stop whatever you're doing and do it now. It's pure art. Obviously, I really love this guy and could get off watching him floss his teeth. QUAKE on 11/26/2020 Sean looks far more lean, and fit (as if he hits the gym often). I always thought he was a great model, but haven't recalled seeing him so ripped. I am glad he is at Cockyboys. Alberto on 12/02/2020 bellissimo Mike on 12/20/2020 It's rare to see a porn actor who has such genuine passion in his scenes. Sean seems really into the guys he's paired with, savoring their bodies and the sex with such gusto. That's a real turn on. Plus, he's undeniably hot! BobbyWDC on 02/25/2021 Sean is a treasure. I loved his scene with Angel--I hope to see him return soon. A scene with Leo Grand would be stunning! ppp on 12/03/2021 This guy is like a good red wine: great at first and gets even better with the years :-) Steve on 09/11/2022 I LOVE SEAN FORD and his GREAT EROTIC SEXUAL PASSION PERFORMANCES. I'm TURNED ON every time I view his photos or videos :) hottie6969 on 11/14/2022 make another with sean soon!!!!! LadyDee on 01/08/2023 I’m a woman and Sean Ford is the reason I subscribed to a gay channel for the first time. He has made me fall in love with the gay porn. I hope to see more of him. xtophers on 01/16/2023 Sean is the sexiest guy on this site - and that's saying something. Always looking forward to his next scene and the reason I subscribe.

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