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Angel Rivera & Sean Ford

Featuring Angel Rivera & Sean Ford

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Director's Note::

Six months ago, while I was feeling on top of the world, everything changed with a pandemic lockdown that triggered me and many others, in ways that I was unprepared for.

I had been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease two years prior. It was debilitating and greatly diminished my ability to work at the same pace I had years earlier. Yet with the right treatment, a change in diet and focused approach on my health, I was finally able to feel more like myself again. And I was FEELING the year 2020 -- until lockdown.

While I am an introvert and borderline hermit by nature, I was (in theory) looking forward to the solitude that a lockdown would bring. However, I began to worry about my underlying condition and all the anxiety & fear that soon followed. I did NOT want to get sick and I did not want to go back to the chronic pain from the last two years.

As the weeks began to blur one into the other, my first concern was making sure we found a way to take care of our exclusive talent, followed by how to maintain our programming. Once again, I was confronted with new unexpected feelings. How am I ever going to find anything remotely creative to work on? As the collective energy faltered and fell around the world, negative thoughts began to sink in, followed by waves of depression.

Just as the Spring chill gave way to Summer’s loving sun, I began to see the flowers again. Inspired by the raised voices of many of our industry’s performers, I remembered how much my body’s ability to heal first started with a shift in my thinking and thus this project was born — LIPS TOGETHER, SIX FEET APART.

We now live in a changed time and while I was in my own headspace, I felt a loneliness that I had never really felt — a result of the lockdown and fear of being sick. However, like many others, I accepted the “new normal” and began to find ways to adapt and beat back the demons of my mind. In the process I found my way to, once again, find possibility in my life again — and to that end, this story, this project, and the support of RJ my husband, lockdown pod partners Levi Karter & Nico Leon, our staff, performers, and the infinite love and support from our community of friends and fans save me. THANK YOU ALL.

Love Always,


Scene Description:

Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys debut with Sean Ford in his long-awaited return in a love story for our times! Angel & Sean have fallen for each other but can't get together with Sean on a pandemic lockdown in his country cottage. So Angel showers him with numerous socially distanced, kind & romantic gestures including multiple visits. And as they forge a deep connection, Angel goes all in camping in his jeep outside Sean's door to wait out the 14-day quarantine.

 Their days and nights of "dating" are spent enjoying and appreciating the simple pleasures of life and each other's company, while unabashedly flirting and building anticipation. Though physically apart they grow closer so when the day arrives that they can finally touch, Sean & Angel virtually leap out of bed to meet outside.

When their lips touch their passion explodes and as they make out and fondle each other their long-suppressed lust erupts. Soon in the cottage doorway, Angel turns Sean around to eat out his tasty ass. In return, Sean takes out Angel's rock hard cock and sucks him deep. Those weeks of denial lead Angel to cum quickly in a thick gusher over Sean's face & neck--which in turn triggers Sean to shoot his big load.

 Naturally, the guys are ready for round two, this time in Angel's bed set up in his jeep. Sean eagerly sucks Angel's thick cock and simply can't get enough. Angel loves Sean's mouth on his dick but he also wants to be inside Sean and gets him to back up on his cock. Sean fucks himself on it and gets more excited when he's spanked, manhandled, and pounded back hard but passionately. And Sean wants more... out of the confines of the jeep.

 Against the car Angel feasts on Sean's hole and resumes drilling him exactly the way, Sean likes it. Angel also brings his softer side, kissing Sean, sitting him down and lovingly sucking him before he splays him on the jeep's hood. Angel thrusts deep into until he can't hold back and pulls out to deliver another thick load over Sean's crack..and into him. Minutes later Sean turns over and erupts in a cum fountain.

 Angel & Sean lie back on the hood, spent and totally content that this was all worth the wait while sharing the sublime, secluded solitude they earned. 

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Angel Rivera Angel Rivera Sean Ford Sean Ford

This scene is featured in

Lips Together

Written & Directed by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian.

View Episodes DVD On Sale Soon!

Featuring: Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok, Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Nico Leon, Blake Mitchell, Benjamin Blue & Skyy Knox

Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys Exclusive debut in the poignant short, “Lips Together – Six Feet Apart” written and directed by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian. Joined by Exclusive Sean Ford, Lips Together showcases the sweet longing that occurs when one is forced to be apart from someone they love. Blake Mitchell, Nico Leon, Brock Banks & Sharok fill out the cast on this collection of wistful sexual encounters.

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