JUST ONE NIGHT: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran

Featuring Levi Karter & Sean Zevran

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Released: 10/16/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Interracial, Muscled, Oral & Deep Throating Featuring: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson:

Since moving from the city almost six years ago, our projects have often been shot in a more pastoral setting -- focusing on our love for the outdoors and the quiet of the country.

From time to time, I find myself in my old stomping grounds of New York City. Often the sights, the sounds, and the general hullabaloo of the place are more jarring and aggravating than they used to be. Perhaps my sensitivities are heightened by growing older and such a contrast from the quiet of my current life. For some reason sounds seem louder to me now more than ever. And there are just some city noises that just ride and rip up my spine, tapping into the most receptive sensors in my brain that signal stress, upset and anxiety.

And it was on just one of those days while I was begrudgingly navigating my way in and out of our old neighborhood, just past the smoke shop where Christopher Street meets 7th Ave, when my ears picked up the sultry purr of a young man: "Ohhh daddddy".

Now, the first thing that hit me was -- "I'm NOT a daddy" -- but when I turned around I saw a group of young Latin boys, each one unique and pulling their own looks, I realized that "daddy" might indeed be a fitting label and I accepted my newfound daddy-hood. While I kept walking, they catcalled me, encouraged by my acknowledgment. As I smiled, the one boy who first clocked me stepped forward--his shirt cut into a crop top--showed off his lean slender torso. His painted nails and made-up face gave him a little pop that made him standout from the rest. And then he yelled out, just as I turned my head back forward, “If I had just one night with you, Papi…what I would do!" I turned back and smiled, flattered, amused and happy to be back in the city.

My look back was a quick one, making sure I stayed on track on the busy hustle bustle of sidewalk traffic. And while I remember the quick sight of the boy’s delight on having not been ignored, what I remember the most was the howls of laughter from his companions as they were just as delighted in their friend’s success. And though I'm sure they say that to many a man who passes by, I was more than happy to be the butt of the joke, if only to have the aggravating sounds of the city for that moment drowned out by the sound of laughter, followed by a reminder of why I love the city -- the place where anything can happen, where possibilities are endless and just how much delightful TROUBLE I used to find here in JUST ONE NIGHT.

Love always,
Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: Levi Karter sneaks out of the apartment while his boyfriend sleeps and goes out on the prowl to "do his own thing" in the first episode of new series JUST ONE NIGHT. Levi's night of fun leads him to a lively party at the Museum of Sex where among many familiar faces, he meets a sexy man! After dancing together and playing in "Jump For Joy" bouncy room (filled with giant inflated breasts!) they part and Levi returns home to the waiting arms of Sean Zevran! Sean knows where Levi has been and is totally turned on to know others want what "only I can have".

The guys make out and soon Levi has Sean's cock in his mouth, deep-throating his muscular mate as he lies back and enjoys the pleasure. After kneeling upright and reaching over to feel Levi's hard ass, Sean brings him up for a deep kiss and demands his hole. Levi obeys and lies down with his bubble butt raised up for Sean to kiss, rim, and tease but it isn't long before Sean is feeding his cock to Levi's mouth once again. And once again Sean brings Levi up to kiss him and lovingly tell him, "You're so fucking beautiful...now give me than ass."

Sean takes Levi from behind in several ways, his muscular body owning Levi with hard-driving passion..and Levi loves it, working his hole right back on Sean's cock. They decide to mix it up by moving from the bed to a love seat at the foot of the bed. After an acrobatic 69 and more rimming, Levi's limber body bends to take Sean as he pile drives his cock into his juicy hole. Sean takes him from behind again but they wind up in a chair with Levi riding Sean. Levi grinds his hole deep on Sean's long, thick cock until he can't hold back and blasts a huge load that skyrockets to Sean's neck, splattering on his pecs and abs. Finally, Levi kneels and gets a mouthful of cum from Sean as well as a creamy kiss. And then they jump back into bed, ready to happily sleep in each other's arms.

Models Featured in this Scene

Levi Karter Levi Karter Sean Zevran Sean Zevran

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M2 on 10/16/2017 WOW. Sean and Levi are perfect toghther! Love the energy and the playfulness it's so sexy and the little twist at the end as a the perfect set up to the get sex! Figaro4me on 10/16/2017 Two questions; 1. Where is that night club? 2. What's it called? Good Lord, that was so hot, I loved the lead up with the club & all the hot Cockyboys & Queens. Sean is really sexy, & Levi always delivers (in more ways than one.) Loved the foreplay with all the little kisses too. Fab scene everybody, happy bunny here.❤ Ben on 10/16/2017 Bravo! Fantastic voyage Rbcone on 10/16/2017 What a sweet little story. Great chemistry. Love Levi and Sean. madivasandy on 10/17/2017 Holy moly!! I cannot wait for the rest of this series if they are all as hot as this one. What a great pairing with beautiful chemistry. Todd on 10/17/2017 Where is the sexy bodyhair from Sean?? meowmmycat on 10/17/2017 I loved this scene. All the cameos of the cockyboys....EPIC! The storyline...yes, I watch the whole scene (every scene)....absolutely amazing!!!! Levi's & Sean's chemistry & physical connection is stunning! I wouldn't say no to more cockyboy scenes like this! #GPSAAM approved! YTR on 10/17/2017 Sean is insipid in contrast to Levi. Levi should be paired with someone hotter. Jimwilks8 on 10/19/2017 C- Show More Comments

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Just One Night

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Featuring: Calvin Banks, Allen King, Levi Karter, Sean Zevran, Taylor Reign, Jacen Zhu & Boomer Banks

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