JUST ONE NIGHT: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

Featuring Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

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Released: 10/25/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Interracial, Muscled, Oral & Deep Throating, Power Bottoms Featuring: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

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"I don't want my job to be a graveyard of boys that never call back." As the host of happening late night parties Jacen Zhu keeps things professional and doesn't go after all the hot guys around him. However he makes an exception to his rules with an after-hours invitation to sweet but persistent club goer Taylor Reign. Later as they chat on his well-appointed terrace Jacen remains guarded, but when Taylor puts subtly seductive moves on him, Jacen's lust shatters his rules and he brings him inside where they kiss at length with romantic passion.

Passion takes an unexpected turn when Jacen puts Taylor on all fours yanks down his pants, and buries his face in his musky crack. Remaining mostly dressed, he rims Taylor deeply and takes a verbally and physically dominant role. He slaps his hard cock on Taylor's hole until he begs to be fucked and then with one thrust enters him and fucks him hard and deep. Jacen removes his clothes and making sure he's not too rough on Jacen, proceeds to plow forward. Still, Taylor needs a small break, backtracking to romantic kissing and cocksucking foreplay.

Jacen is pleased with Taylor's cocksucking talents but still pulls out his dominance card to train him in deep throating his long, thick cock. After Jacen strips off Taylor's shirt and observes his control over him he brings his "boy" into the bedroom. There Jacen gives Taylor full, slow-burning oral pleasure which includes sucking his steel-hard cock and toes before sidling next to him for doubly satisfying 69. Jacen moves Taylor on his back to penetrate him once again but before that he sucks his toes on both feet, one after the other.

With his legs back Taylor takes every inch of Jacen as he slides in and resumes fucking him. He increases the depth temporarily with an acrobatic move using the headboard and it brings him so close to the edge that he soon explodes with an intense cumshot over Taylor's torso. Still breathing heavily he turns his attention to bringing Taylor to orgasm by kissing him, feeling his sensitive taint and sucking his nipples. This does the trick and Taylor's cock shoots an even bigger load.

As they lie they together one question hangs over them: Will Jacen add another marker to his graveyard of lost men?

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Jacen Zhu Jacen Zhu Taylor Reign Taylor Reign

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Lola Marquez on 10/25/2017 Love the following story around this great series where you see with every part a little bit more of your cockyboys party-night! Jacen & Taylor are sexy hot amazing! Sensual foreplay...great chemistry...hot kissing, rimming, 69, hard fucking, big shots cuming! Jacens dominating & caring is WOW...Taylor so hot taking...full of passion! Perfect scene...Thats Cockyboys!!! zofingen on 10/25/2017 It seems that the rare black performers on CB do not get top marks in the evaluation rating. That's my opinion and I will stick with it. Adam on 10/25/2017 Wonderful scene! Maybe, some prejudice going on with the scene rating. quiet1 on 10/25/2017 I am really enjoying seeing the different layers and perspectives on the setting for this series. It has a similar layered development approach to Meeting Liam where each of the episodes added something to the overall arc, which really enjoy. I also love these subtle but realistic storylines and all the men who perform in them are wonderful. When Taylor had Jacen moaning on the terrace with just touches and kisses I was sure he was going to bottom but things shifted gear quickly from there. Ben on 10/25/2017 Still loving the series. Hope there are more vignettes to come Pornfreak on 10/26/2017 I love this pairing! Atafafnir on 10/26/2017 It was a great pleasure to watch the beautiful sexy guys! They exceeded my expectations by far. Onturning vid! Perfect CB! Andrew on 10/26/2017 This is a very hot couple. Would love to see more of them in a future pairing. MarkCarn on 10/26/2017 Right on! A really well paired couple in a realistic and comtemporary world. Loved the introduction with it's nice buildup, realist feel where both Jacen and Taylor think about how they relate to each other and their own vulnerabilities. Great closeups, great bodies, powerful throughtout! Show More Comments

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Just One Night

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Featuring: Calvin Banks, Allen King, Levi Karter, Sean Zevran, Taylor Reign, Jacen Zhu & Boomer Banks

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