Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign

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You may recognize Taylor Reign from CockyBoys a couple years ago. Aside from his nicely sculpted body, who could forget his adorable face scrunching up every time he eagerly gets railed by an aggressive top? Known as Alex Vaara back then, Taylor proves that some guys only get hotter after they've been out of the spotlight for a bit. So what's he been doing on his time off? He's got the body to prove he's been working out, jogging, and uh... becoming as flexible as possible! If you've got a thing for hot, muscular bottoms with a sweet nerdy side, you're going to love watching Taylor get dominated. But don't think he's easily swayed -- Taylor is the type of kind, conscientious guy who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. In other words, he's got a good head on his shoulders and a lot of confidence. And when it comes to sex, he's confident enough to slip into total submission... and loving every second of it!

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davidalan on 02/16/2013 Alex is cute! Are we going to see him again? Bytus on 02/10/2017 I love this guy. littlebabyjoe on 02/26/2017 Bring him back often!!!!

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