Wildest Dreams with Josh Moore & Taylor Reign!

Featuring Josh Moore & Taylor Reign

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Released: 06/22/2017 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Muscled Featuring: Josh Moore & Taylor Reign

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Taylor Reign has long wanted to be manhandled and finally his "Wildest Dream" comes true. In a dark hotel room he's tied to a chair and blindfolded, his hard cock poking out of his skimpy jock strap as he awaits his master. Josh Moore enters the room quietly, slowly stripping down and teasing the sightless Taylor psychologically. He begins a game of silent, sensual domination, deep-kissing Taylor and playing with his rock hard body. Josh plants kisses over Taylor's body and purposely grazes his cock before grinds his own bulging crotch against Taylor's shoulder as he gives him his thumb to suck.

Taylor can feel Josh's foreskin sliding across his shoulder and soon he gets his first taste of cock. Josh progressively gives him more, and a taste of underwear, before he thrusts in giving Taylor most of his thick cock as he holds him by the hair and blindfold. Pleased with the service, Josh gives him a passionate kiss and plays with more of Taylor's half-exposed cock and, without saying a word Taylor's mouth begs for more cock. Instead Josh unties Taylor from the chair and re-ties his wrists over his head in the doorway. Here Josh strips off Tyler's jock, rims him and bites his muscular ass cheek before he teases his crack with the feel of his hard cock.

Josh gives Taylor a little courtesy, "are you ready?" but immediately he fucks him hard and deep...and the silent domination is anything but that. Taylor gets pounded but loves it, telling Josh as much. Still, Josh gives his boy a respite, letting him suck his cock while playing with his hole for round 2. With a foot planted on the floor for support Taylor rides Josh, who soon reclaims the power, thrusting up hard into Taylor. At one point Josh pulls off the blindfold, giving Taylor full use of his senses. Josh lies back on the bed and lets Taylor ride his shaft at his own pace but soon enough Josh picks him up, fucks him in mid-air and plants him back on the bed. Josh relentlessly fucks the cum out of Taylor and then showers his chest and face with his load. Does getting his fantasy fulfilled satisfy Taylor Reign? Not quite. As he says at the end, "We can definitely do THAT again."

Jake Jaxson

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Josh Moore Josh Moore Taylor Reign Taylor Reign

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Lolamare69 on 06/22/2017 OMG! Gorgeous Taylor blindfolded, tied, sensual dominated and hot hard fucked by stunning Josh...that's sooo hot!!! I love Joshs dominations and his Voice!!! And all this sexy kissing, licking, rimming! Taylor is so sexyhot enjoying everything Josh is giving him!!! Great fuckinghot scene - again - cocky boys are the BEST!!! M on 06/22/2017 That Taylor reign just won't let up. Both Taylor and Josh look absolutely stunning in this fucking hot scene. Their chemistry is off the charts. Love all the teasing which ends in a seriously hard pounding. Very well done, everyone! K on 06/23/2017 That was amazing. And those lookswhen he takes off the blindfold... oh my god! Todd on 06/23/2017 This scene is absolutely hot. I have seen Josh's cock with pulled back foreskin for the first time and I love it!!! More!! Figaro4me on 06/23/2017 Oh god, that was hot!! Pushed all the buttons for me & both Josh & Taylor are so sexy. Loved the slow start on the chair, with the teasing & I loved the fact that Taylor was blindfolded for most of it. Beautifully shot by RJ, with the subtle lighting as well, to set the atmosphere. Loved it.❤ D on 06/24/2017 Wow! Just wow. Loved the bondage & domination. Hope you do more, much, much more! Would love to see a larger model in bondage & dominated by someone smaller. Thanks so much, Cockyboys! Ben on 06/24/2017 Ok. So, Josh Moore is perfection. MzDivaSandy on 06/25/2017 I love seeing such a wonderful sensory display. Would love a shibari scene. Nice to see a bdsm scene like this. This was amazing. Once again, you've outdone yourselves Cockyboys! LovedIt on 06/25/2017 This video was everything I have ever wanted... Taylor knew what he wanted when he dreamed up this fantasy and boy did Josh give it to him... What a perfect pairing. Thank you for sharing with us. Show More Comments

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