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Josh Moore

Josh Moore

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While Josh Moore might be a fresh face to CockyBoys, he's certainly well-versed when it comes to a great fuck! He may look familiar to you -- the big muscles, light blue eyes, the tan skin, and scruff. Josh is from Britain -- a country Ricky Roman giddily referred to as the "land of foreskin" right before he and Josh DP'd Logan Moore in Josh's debut scene! Josh and Ricky make one hot couple, but it's their eagerness to show off their skills in front of the camera that really sets them apart. As an individual performer, Josh has already established quite a fond following of his own and has surely given fans here at CockyBoys pure delight!

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littlebabyjoe on 04/02/2017 Hot, hot, hot!!!! Todd on 05/28/2017 Josh and Logan are separated. Logan is from the Netherlands! littlebabyjoe on 06/27/2017 Very sexy hot man!!! TysFan on 07/22/2017 Josh is a very hot passionate man! I love that he covers his mates in kisses! I love his roaming hands and mouth! He is so beautiful he makes them want to please him. Маруся on 08/12/2017 Мммммм very interesting hot sexy boy!!!!! yummy !!! Маруся on 08/14/2017 What's a perfect beautiful candy!!!!!!! Ben on 08/14/2017 My idea of perfection olthen on 09/12/2017 Josh Moore, you are so hot, love that huge Manpiece of yours, its so big, cant keep my eyes watching you in action... Josh Moore plse come back soon!! Ben on 10/31/2017 Please pair him with Sean Ford as soon as humanly possible. And thank you. CW on 11/02/2017 Oh my....I want him 1234 on 03/10/2018 <3 TXBttm on 03/11/2018 There are very few porn stars that I could fall for, Josh and Logan are 2 of those. <3 You both!! Sexybun on 06/29/2018 Josh, you are so gorgeous, and sexy. With your sweet, demeanor, and versatility, you are truly a perfect 10. Love all your scenes. Please stay just as amazing! Why isn't there a dvd, of just you?! Irving on 07/06/2018 Josh Moore, you are 1 of my favorite men at Cockyboys, you are so horse hung, your uncut cock is really HUGE !! love your great tattoed body. Josh Moore keep the good work going BRO !!! Hotcheese on 08/04/2018 What a beautiful hot sexy man! HOT! Finn on 08/21/2018 He's gorgeous. I just hope he'll stop with the tattoos. I mean it's his body and his skin and he can do whatever he pleases with it. I'm just voicing my preference. In my eyes it's like taking a sharpie pen to a van Gogh. Irving on 08/27/2018 hallo Josh Moore, you are the best my friend, love you....You are so hung as a Horse my friend, really love that 9" uncut huge manpiece of yours. Josh plse come back soon !! Hotcheese on 08/31/2018 Josh is fucking HOT !!!! he has such a great smile and laugh, a cock to die for and he knows how to use it. Sierrasky on 07/05/2019 Just now getting into watching vids with Josh. His confident ability to dominate his partners is beyond erotic and hot. I adore his authenticity and charisma and he is a gorgeous fucking man. More Josh, Cocky boys please. AMATL21 on 07/23/2019 Josh is so gorgeous and has an amazing uncut dick. Any chance we can see him paired with Max Adonis or Thyle Knoxx or Calvin Banks? Those would be amazing scenes. VASQ on 01/22/2020 Josh is an amazing, passionate guy. He has an extremely handsome face, a great English accent, and a beautiful body. Of course it is his cock that gets everybody's full attention: it is so big and beautiful and has so much foreskin. I love his tanline, it shows that he is sunbathing in tiny briefs, which is such a turn on. Josh is absolute perfection! Cockyboi12 on 06/27/2020 Josh is the hottest guy on here. Need more scenes of him! masep on 01/13/2021 I love Josh's thick, uncut cock. But I can't stand his plastic white teeth. Looks fake and ridiculous.

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