Camp CockyBoys: Calvin Banks & Josh Moore

Featuring Calvin Banks & Josh Moore

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Released: 08/16/2017 Categorized Under: Muscled, No Ink, Oral & Deep Throating, Outdoors, Power Bottoms, Twink Featuring: Calvin Banks & Josh Moore

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When night descends at Camp CockyBoys, it's lights out for virtually everyone...except Calvin Banks and Josh Moore! They use the cover of night for a secret pool rendezvous, playing with the inflatables, and kissing affectionately in the cool water. However they're soon drawn to the patio and the outdoor fireplace where they resume kissing by the hearth. Soon, Josh pulls down Calvin's speedos and starts sucking the fully hard cock that springs out in silhouette. After getting some juicy head from Josh, Calvin bends down to kiss Josh's torso and suck his thick cock with lusty enthusiasm.

Josh lies back and enjoys Calvin's sucking and soon finds himself under his control. Calvin rims Josh's muscular ass and then fucks him and as his thrusts get deeper and harder, Josh's breathless sighs become louder moans which pierce the quiet night air. Calvin talks in low murmurs but his long, thick cock prods Josh into vocal outbursts. In the midst of this an excited Josh tries an acrobatic position with his torso on the floor and his legs on the chair and Calvin eagerly tries it out to fuck him.

Soon Calvin wants his turn for some acrobatic kama sutra and they use the chair again to balance themselves so Calvin can plant his feet on a reclining Josh's chest and support himself to use his ass and legs to slide up and down on his cock. They get into more sexual acrobatics with Josh on the floor thrusting into Calvin who's balanced between the furniture. Calvin edges himself to a cum geyser, visible even in the firelight. He's quick to position himself for a hefty facial as Josh jacks off while lying on the floor. Calvin treats himself to a midnight snack but there's plenty of cream cum left on his face. They curl up together and rest by the fire, no one the wiser, for now, of their secret tryst.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Calvin Banks Calvin Banks Josh Moore Josh Moore

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Lola on 08/16/2017 ...who would not get hot on pink Flamingos...Calvin's & Josh's chemistry is perfect, flirting, kissing, charming, teasing, touching, licking...what a sexy hot fucking in front of this flickering fireplace outside...great atmosphere...chapeau again!!! EMLOU on 08/16/2017 Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen Josh Moore or Calvin Banks look better, hotter, sexier etc etc etc. I loved the fucking by firelight concept, left some bits to your imagination. Beautiful boys, amazing genuine chemistry that jumped off the screen. And Calvin finishing in spectacular fashion! Bravo CockyBoys, bravo xx Me2 on 08/16/2017 This was so insanely hot!! Josh seems right at home with all the other boys! On another note, Please tell me you guys will be hosting another pool party, I want to come to camp cockyboys SO bad! quiet1 on 08/17/2017 This was so deliciously hot and cute and every other positive descriptor that could possibly be applied to this amazing duo. Both Calvin and Josh showed off what amazing shape they are in with the positions they managed. The setting was so beautiful and my particular favorite moment for the merits of fireside sex was the point where Calvin's entire back, ass and legs was illuminated as he was standing over Josh on the seat. It made him look like a living bronze statue and it was stunning. Drewbristol on 08/17/2017 Wow, Great scene, great chemistry beautifully lit and filmed. Very Hot MzDivaSandy on 08/17/2017 That was amazing. Just a supernova of chemistry on my screen!!! TysFan on 08/17/2017 I was impressed that they took each other's cock so easily! These two are well endowed. Calvin ceases to amaze me deepthroating those huge cocks! Impressive! These 2 are beautiful men & beautiful together! Calvins cum shot was impressive highlighted with the fire in the background. Did you notice a log feel off the fire when Josh came!very hot Fun,Fun,Fun!!! on 08/17/2017 Great Sex, great scene!!!!!!!!! diamondlil on 08/18/2017 Wet dream come true to watch Josh and Calvin together! Show More Comments

This scene is featured in

Camp CockyBoys

The summer camp you always wished for

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Featuring: Boomer Banks, Josh Moore, Colby Keller, Sean Ford, Taylor Reign, Frankie Valentine, Jacen Zhu, Danny Montero, Allen King & Calvin Banks

Welcome to Camp CockyBoys! It's a new series that plays on the nickname for the CockyBoys country home and which takes advantage of the biggest ever gathering of models for our 10th Anniversary Pool Party! Or as one veteran CockyBoy says, "There's a plethora of delectable creatures all walking around at any time". It's a seemingly endless, fun and joyful summer of swimming, canoeing, hiking, etc as well as quiet times getting to know one another. Then there are the nights by the campfire where the models gather for wienie roasting... and true sex confessions!

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