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Jacen Zhu

Jacen Zhu

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Jacen Zhu might be new to CockyBoys, but he's got quite a bit of experience as a model with his clothes both on and off! For a guy who describes himself as only "28 years young," Jacen's got a lot of maturity, charisma, and a jaw-dropping body to boot. You might call Jacen "the full package" and then some -- his personal hobbies include nature shows, Pokemon Go, and martial arts (moves AND movies), in addition to his natural performance abilities in front of the camera. Originally from Maryland, Jacen loves to travel and fell in love with the city of Barcelona while away on a business trip. Back in the states, Jacen made it up to New York to shoot his debut scene at CockyBoys with fellow stud (and self-described geek) Tegan Zayne making for one explosive scene! Thoughtful, intelligent, and sexy are only a few words to describe Jacen -- there's much more about this CockyBoy we're eager to learn!

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tolstin caribou on 05/24/2017 100% superduper-gee-willikers-SEXY him love his scenes...Jacen est tres chaud et tres chic!!! Atafafnir on 05/24/2017 Yes, Jacen is a full package and a perfect addition to CB. More impressive vids with him, please, perhaps with Colby Ch. and Mickey K., or Dillon Rossi. I´m sure it would be amazing to let him being clarked. Lehnsherr on 05/24/2017 Very sexy... more scenes with him would be great! Bostick on 07/15/2017 Now THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is one damn sexy man! I'm loving his scenes. olthen on 08/26/2017 Wooh love Jacen Zhu, he is such a hot back guy with such big manpiece (cock) he has in his tight jeans...Jacen love you so much and plse bring us more hot video's soon.... You are so sexy hot !! Rober on 01/17/2018 Jacen is the most handsome man on your site. ME2 on 02/01/2018 SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING SEXY!!! JC on 03/27/2018 Is there any possibility of you guys adding the size of their cock's on here Spanishflyboy on 09/11/2019 Jacen is a "god among men." So sexy and handsome, and a good actor to boot. He's quickly become one of my first go-to fantasy lovers. LuvMen on 09/18/2020 Jacen Zhu Is so HANDSOME and his smile is just beautiful! I’ve seen most of his work and I love seeing him in action! I think a solo with Jacen would be awesome! I’m always looking forward to the next sexy and sensual scene with Jacen! Hot on 06/24/2021 Hot man!

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