Alex Mecum Fucks Jacen Zhu!

Featuring Alex Mecum & Jacen Zhu

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Released: 06/08/2017 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Interracial, Muscled Featuring: Alex Mecum & Jacen Zhu

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The strong, romantic chemistry between vivacious duo Alex Mecum and Jacen Zhu lights up the screen as they compliment each other with sweet sincerity and affection. And, since Jacen is already sitting in Alex's lap, it's easy for them to go right ahead and show you that their connection is quite real. They kiss at length and they barely stop as Alex deftly undresses Jacen, gets his shorts down and growing cock out. Alex gets on his knees and sucks Jacen with nearly the same affection as kissing. In fact he takes the time to bury his face in Jacen's crotch, kiss his balls, and make his way up his washboard abs and up to his waiting lips.

An excited Jacen quickly undresses Alex and sucks him with even more passionate energy. He relents only once to kiss Alex and stroke his cock as the hairy chested stud holds Jacen close and run his hands over his bubble butt. Jacen returns sucking Alex's mushroom-head cock but Alex can't hold back any more. He kisses Jacen, picks him up with surprising ease and lies him back in the chair to rim his tight hole, lick his balls, and put a big smile on his face. Alex flips over Jacen on all fours, teases him with his cock and plants kisses on his back before sliding slowly into him and putting a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

Alex tops him with the romantic passion promised at the start of their scene and takes it further. With his cock inside Jacen, Alex carries him to the bed where Jacen sprawls out on his stomach, enabling them to continue kissing as they fuck. Alex finds that spot which makes Jacen catch his breath, moan with pleasure, and grip the mattress as he turned on his side and finally on his back. Alex kisses and fucks Jacen in this position, with a few hot variations, and not stopping until Jacen explodes with a geyser of cum that takes them both by surprise. Alex follows up with an explosion of his own and though this is not new to him he and Jacen are both blown away by it...and in a state of euphoric post-sexual bliss.

Jake Jaxson

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Alex Mecum Alex Mecum Jacen Zhu Jacen Zhu

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kennaleigh1970 on 06/09/2017 1) I could listen to Alex laugh all day long. 2) The kissing is amazing, and the eye contact was perfection. 3) When Alex picked Jacen up and carried him to the bed, I pretty much lost it. 4) The whispering/talking is a huge turn on. 5) I'll watch this one a LOT! PS...I'd recognize that hotel room anywhere. That looks like the most comfortable bed. Figaro4me on 06/10/2017 That was hot as hell!! Alex is such a big sexy man & really fabulous to watch. They had great chemistry & all the kissing & touching was fab. Jacen & Alex are very vocal, which I love! This definitely pushed all my buttons & the cum shots at the end were spectacular. Great filming RJ as always, well done guys❤ James8 on 06/11/2017 Meh. Didn't really do anything for me. M on 06/11/2017 Usually a big fan of Alex Mecum, but this scene somehow falls flat. Logan on 06/11/2017 This was lovely. The intensity of their romantic connection is palpable. Also, in some ways it feels like Alex is a worthy mortal worshiping at Jacen's Adonian god like alter. Maybe this is me reading a lot of Neil Gaiman, but that's what i see. Jacen's the god, Alex the worthy lover of the god :-) . Excellent work. Ax on 06/13/2017 Good job guys ! I rallye apreciate the interaction between those two. Touch, whispering, looks... i love the Way this scene has been set up. Always Hotter for me when it looks like sentiments are involved. Sex is so much better when love is on. More scene like this please. PB9 on 06/15/2017 Best.Scene.Ever. This is my favorite scene on the site, hands down (nearly hands free). The guys seemed like they were really into each other. The intense eye contact, the constant touching, the gentle whispers, and the moments of spontaneity really pushed all my buttons. I lust after Alex but wasn't into Jacen and by the end of the scene I was into them both. I'd believe they're boyfriends IRL. This scene was perfection. PS: If this scene "fell flat" or "didn't really do anything" for you, maybe just admit you don't like black guys. quiet on 08/29/2017 I love all the touching and whispers and kisses. I am definitely here for passion, if this is what passion is. Sign me up for classes.

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