Ricky Roman & Cory Kane!

Featuring Cory Kane & Ricky Roman

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Released: 08/10/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Oral & Deep Throating, Outdoors Featuring: Cory Kane & Ricky Roman

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Ricky Roman and Cory Kane have been exchanging dirty pics on Snapchat for a while now and they were both eager to get it on in real life. They got together by the pool and immediately started making out before stripping down and letting their horny desires run wild.Ricky has been dreaming of cory's enormous uncut cock and he pulls that monster out of his pants and swallows as much as he can take. Gently licking the entire length of cory's shaft before swirling his tongue around the swollen cock head. Cory's rock hard cock doesn't lie and it's obvious he loves every minute of it! He lets Ricky feast on his dick for a while then pushes him back on the pool chair to return the favor. Sliding every inch of Ricky's own sizable cock down his throat while looking deeply into his eyes. These guys are totally into each other and they're showing it with every movement they make. Ricky just lays back and gets one of the best blowjobs of his life before turning cory around and sliding his cock into his tight little asshole. All the way to the balls with a single stroke that just leaves cory moaning.

Ricky fucks Cory long and hard on his back as Cory gently strokes his own enormous cock. Driving his cock deep inside his body while his balls slap back and forth on his ass. But he has to slow things down so he stands Cory up and mounts him from behind.These two beautiful young men fuck standing up by the pool then Ricky lays back on the pool chair and Cory sits on his cock. Riding that tool as his own uncut cock slaps against Ricky's chest. Bouncing up and down and trying to get as much of that cock as possible. But Ricky wants at cory's huge uncut cock so he pulls out and sits on that monster. It takes a pro to get a cock that huge in his ass but he has no problem and before you know it he's riding Cory's cock and bouncing up and down on his thick shaft. His own cock rock hard in his hand as he gets off on getting fucked by such a big dick.

The spin around and Ricky climbs on top of cory so he cock can go even deeper in his ass. Riding his buddy to the edge of cumming then slowing down. Making it last as long as possible. He pulls off and tells cory, "I want to fuck the cum out of you!" And Cory can't wait. Ricky mounts him from behind and within a couple of strokes cory's moaning gets louder and louder until the cum starts to fly and he coats the pool chair with a huge load of jizz. Ricky pulls out just in time to paint Cory's face with rope after rope of perfect white cum. Cory licks his lips and tastes his buddy's seed before Ricky bends down and licks up some of his own cum then kisses him square on the lips. Mixing his jizz and spit into one wet passionate kiss that leaves them both smiling. Job well done!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Cory Kane Cory Kane Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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sinjin on 08/10/2016 Scene was superhot. This scene put in mind a possible ORGY line-up of Cory Kane, Mickey Taylor, Levi Carter, Jimmy Clay, Jake Bass, Justin Lebeau, Max Ryder, Max Carter and Tory Mason and Ricky Roman..One could only imagine all of the pure plowing and powerful pounding mixed with moments of intense tenderness that could take place with this mix of of the superheated past with the inferno-making modern. sinjin on 08/10/2016 Also a nice hot fourway with Cory Kane, Kody Stewart, Jake Bass and Max Ryder or Max Cater would be truly a reason to know that heaven exists at Cockyboys studios. Figaro on 08/10/2016 Oh yes! A Ricky scene..😈 loved it & Cory was fab too, that's a lot of meat on a tall string bean. I loved the chemistry between them, & the flipping. A very happy bunny here.πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ˆπŸ‘…πŸ’‹β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ‘Œ pastelcarnation on 08/10/2016 I love Ricky...... did not like Cory, yea he has a big dick buy he looks like a skeleton, I am really shocked that this was not at all exciting for me, and Rickys scenes are usually always exciting. this one is not for me. BIcuriouslyBI on 08/10/2016 I'm in love. Ricky and Cory together is insanely hot! Their passion was off the charts for me. The sounds Cory made! And the looks Ricky can give are porn in themselves. And, as usual it was beautifully shot. RJ really knows how to capture art. Now I have to go back and watch it again so I can count how many times they come close to cumming. I was a little too engrossed in watching a certain someone to pay attention! ;) As always, I wanna add this Ricky Roman to scene to my favorites! ztd96_dena on 08/10/2016 Always love to see Ricky and the chemistry between Ricky and Cory was so hot! Klo42 on 08/11/2016 Great to see Ricky again; he is for me the sexiest man alive, along with Dato Foland! Do you think it would be possible to see them both in a future scene? Thanks. montrealmike on 08/11/2016 So what if Cory is skinny. It is certainly a change to admire this hot and nice young man when compared to some of the over muscled and over tattooed (and at times not very good-looking) sex freaks that appear on CB. Of course, Ricky is a sex god and so beloved. The pair do make for a good video showing. ABC on 08/11/2016 I don't want to comment about Ricky because he is already a professional performer. To be honest, I love Cory Kane's physique. I believe he got what it takes to be a great model. His face is fantastic and also his jawline. Nice, beautiful dick, of course. A complete package I must say. Jake Jaxson, I hope you will include Cory in your new project All Saints. Give him a character to act. I really want to see him acting rather than having sex. By the way, I can't wait for your upcoming movies The Stillest Hour and All Saints. I really love porn with storyline. You always deliver a fantastic storyline in your movies. So, I hope that you will include Cory in any of your upcoming project. I am a huge fan here. Hahaha. Show More Comments

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