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Cory Kane

Cory Kane

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We're pretty excited Cory Kane has decided to make his porn debut here at CockyBoys! In the age of Snapchat, Twitter, and all other forms of social media, Cory's had easy access meeting his needs as an exhibitionist. But under the CockyBoys lens, he takes his looks and charm to an entirely new level. Naturally tall and slim with dark features and curious doe eyes, Cory's physique is proportional in all the right ways. He's got one very big dick, thick and uncut, that could leave even our most refined CockyBoys drooling at the sight.

That's why he and the ever-lovable Ricky Roman hit it off so well in Cory's debut scene. And though he certainly knows how to use that cock in all the right ways, Cory is sexually versatile. With that elastic, flexible body of his, Cory's got what it takes to be a good bottom boy the same way he knows how to pummel a tight bubble butt with his girthy rod. With a guy like Cory, there's a surprise in store for everybody. But what's most attractive about Cory is how much he loves doing it all!

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Maximilian on 08/11/2016 Wow, what a sexy boy... but don't like the fancy haircut(s). Like to see him with very short hair and maybe a little beard next time!? :) sinjin caribou on 08/15/2016 Cory Kane = supersexy sizzluscious smooth scruffiness & a that cock with that bouncy hair - insouciance personified Pair him with his doppelganger-twinky, the hottest Cockyboy, Kody Stewart and after that create the ultimate outdoor or indoor tight t-shirt-only or loose tanktop-only wearing bottomless twink orgy with CORY KANE & KODY STEWART & MAX RYDER & JAKE BASS & MICKEY TAYLOR & JUSTIN LEBEAU. already calling 911 imagining the ORGIASTIC ORGANIC ORGASMIC JIZZILATION!!!! olthen on 08/26/2017 Cory kane, love your hairy chest, Nipples and that big manpiece you have, whooh did not notice you are so HUNG.. !!! Cory love you ! Jay on 12/16/2017 Cory is very sexy! TyFan on 06/16/2018 Love this mild mannered, modest man about his dick size, beautiful and sexy man! You can't help but want to please him. He's adorable & a sweetie! Seer on 04/22/2019 Such beauty!.. I wonder where you get such nice genes, are your roots Italian or something? Sierrasky on 05/18/2019 I can't get enough of dear sweet Cory. He's not only gorgeous but I haven't seen a video where he didn't seem authentically engaged. He's erotic, sensual and charming. One of my favorites. Xinan on 06/13/2019 Come Maldives Ranch_Rustler on 06/24/2019 Cory - YeeHaw! One fine young stud to have in the CB stable. Keep this one for a while, we will all enjoy his adventures 4-sure Gayser on 06/28/2019 Cory is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Everything is perfect on him. The face is just to fall in love, the body is flawless, and his cock is incredibly horny. I wish many more great scenes with this dream man <3 mark03 on 10/10/2019 More,please!!! Foreverloyal86 on 04/17/2020 Cory, yes. He seems very charming, but also a little bit shy, which is cute & also hot. The look in his eyes makes me melt & wanna drop down to my knees stallion on 11/19/2022 Cory: A great stud!

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