Cory Kane Fucks Beaux Banks

Featuring Beaux Banks & Cory Kane

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Released: 03/03/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Oral & Deep Throating, Power Bottoms, Uncut Featuring: Beaux Banks & Cory Kane

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Beaux Banks has always admired Cory Kane for his many assets, but he's admired him from afar. He would like to get to know him on a more personal level and explore the many facets of his personality and, more importantly, his body and a road trip is the perfect place for Beaux to get up close and personal with Cory.

After a long day of touring the city, Beaux and Cory want nothing more than to kick back and relax, but when Beaux offers to step out and grab some refreshments Cory is quick to find his own method of relaxation. Once the door closes, Cory pulls his hard cock out and begins stroking himself. Seeing an opportunity and catching an eyeful of Cory's taut body, Beaux secretly watches Cory as he rubs his hard cock. Brazen and lust fueled, Beaux decides to "catch" Cory in the act.

When Beaux steps back into the room, Cory tries his best to hide his throbbing erection, but to his surprise, Beaux has other things in mind. Expertly sliding his mouth down Cory's shaft, Beaux lets Cory know just how much he's wanted him since he first laid eyes on him. Cory is eager to blow Beaux and before long, Beaux is begging Cory to fill his hole. Cory takes Beaux from behind and slides his cock into him deeply until the pair are pounding away and moaning in ecstasy.

Beaux wants to ride Cory's cock and Cory is more than happy to oblige. With Beaux straddling him, Cory thrusts deeply into Beaux's tight hole. Cory soon flips Beaux over and fills him again, but Beaux's hole is too hot to handle before Cory blows his load across Beaux's chest and stomach. Cory collapses next to Beaux and kisses him softly, watching Beaux rub his cock until he cums. All in all, the perfect end to a perfect road trip.

Enjoy, Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Beaux Banks Beaux Banks Cory Kane Cory Kane

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Figaro4me on 03/03/2017 Yes!!! My two faves at last, loved every minute of it. Loved how vocal they were, they both have gorgeous bodies with very obvious assets!! My only criticism is that it was too god damned short. Needed to be at least another hour longer.❤ aargauch on 03/03/2017 Such a hot session between these two darlings is much too short. As if they were in a hurry!! Atafafnir on 03/03/2017 Both guys aren´t really my favs, but I enjoyed every minute of this vid. On of the best CBs, clearly highest rated! Thanks for showing great desire and fulfilling Beaux wishes in this perfect way. kennaleigh1970 on 03/03/2017 I love everything about this...especially how vocal Beaux and Cory are. Beautiful boys with beautiful bodies coming together perfectly! I wish it would have been longer (I could watch them all day long). Hope you consider pairing them again. quiet1 on 03/03/2017 This pairing was gorgeous. The way Beaux responds in the scenes I have seen so far absolutely presses my buttons. Definitely something to do with vocal/needy sex partners. Swoon. The voyeurism at the start and Beaux's hints were a great start to this scene. meowmmycat on 03/04/2017 BEAUXdacious Banks and the sweet Cory Kane. Perfect pairing Cockyboys. Sexy, dynamic...and sweet as hell. More from both of these guys, please!! #GPSAAM approved!! Gazzaq on 03/04/2017 Beaux Banks is so Goddamn Beautiful. Please can we see more of him as he is absolutely gorgeous. Apple Pie on 03/04/2017 Oh dear, they look like in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna ship them if this is a TV series! montrealmike on 03/04/2017 BEAU in French means beautiful. BEAUX is the plural form. Both these beautiful young men yearn for sexual love, both vocally and physically. My hormones are just out of kilter looking at this scene. Why such a short scene? Show More Comments

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