Love Always: Ricky Roman & Michael

Featuring Michael Milano & Ricky Roman

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Released: 06/11/2015 Categorized Under: Boyfriends & Romance, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, Outdoors, Uncut Featuring: Michael Milano & Ricky Roman

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A Note From Jake Jaxson:
To a beautiful man:
Love Always!
That is my wish for Ricky.
Always evolving.
Always exploring. Always dreaming.
Always striving to be more than he was the day before.
Always the life of the party.
Always losing something.
Always finding something else. Forever a hopeless romantic.
Love always.

How grateful I am to both Ricky & Michael for allowing us to capture this very special moment-- when young love is at its most aroused. When love fuels the possible and blinds us to the impossible.

What touched and inspired me the most about this erotic doc is the authentic "being" from both these young men-- their willingness to be self-aware and see where each has helped the other. Both knowing and understating that love, while bright and blinding, needs reality and must also be honed, focused, practical and understood. Both see what many fail to grasp-- that relationships are built on communication, give & take, understanding, and at times pain and hurt-- for it is in the loneliness of the heart that a fire as fierce as a blacksmith’s kiln can forge & hammer breakdowns into breakthroughs.

And so, it is with a happy heart that we present our next chapter of: Love Always!

Love always & be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: We haven't seen Ricky Roman in a while here at CockyBoys, but that's because he's found himself a boyfriend! His name is Michael, a dark and handsome stud with a gorgeous smile and impeccable body. He's the perfect guy for Ricky, and together they make each other want to be better people. As Ricky says himself, "He gives me fuckin' butterflies!"

They first met at a party and soon became inseparable... until Mikey (as Ricky calls him) announced he was moving to Los Angeles. After a string of unsuccessful long distance relationships, Ricky was wary of committing. But through Skype dates and multiple visits, they found a way to make it work and have been in love ever since.

Mikey was originally a webcam model to make some extra cash while working and studying full time, but he never considered adult film until he met Ricky. So as a way to express his love, Mikey decided to make his hardcore debut with Ricky. There's nothing amateur, however, about the way the guys interact -- the kissing, the blowjobs, the rimming, the fucking -- it's all real chemistry developed over the course of their relationship.

Ricky loves getting naked outdoors, so the guys started jerking each other off and exchanging blowjobs on the lake shore next to a very public highway overpass. But as things heated up, they decided to move to a more secluded space in the woods where Mikey pounded Ricky in several different positions while they sweet-talked the entire time. After Mikey climaxed on Ricky's lower back, he did Ricky the sweet favor of jerking off his cock for him until he came as well. Now that's an example of true love!

Models Featured in this Scene

Michael Milano Michael Milano Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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OzPinny on 06/11/2015 For once I am speechless! So damn beautiful! They're so amazing together and their love story was captured perfectly xx And the pre-cum on the grass!! Stunning! mancunia on 06/11/2015 I do adore outside sex and this film is one of the best I've ever seen. To have two boyfriends showing their love for each other naturally and uninhibitedly is a thing of beauty with nothing but the grass for their bed linen. At the end the two are so much in harmony with each other that the cum shots just happen with Micky barely free of his condom before he's cuming onto Ricky's back and then uses his cum as a lube for Ricky to bring him to full satisfaction. A masterpiece! Dewsie on 06/11/2015 Ricky and Michael are stunning together. Their love is so very beautiful! Welcome Michael! Wish them both nothing but happiness! Jürgen on 06/11/2015 So the story finally ends. I must say i know Michael for longer yes for a bit really longer as a xxx cam guy and my big dream was to see him one time in my live cum Yes. it was a dream. But he was to expensive for me. Sorry !!! We was from time to time in contact and he was ALWAYS Xtreme friendly. Yea. But now i have seen a scene from him. As BF of my Ricky. WOW that is so fucking perfect and mades full my week. Really. I love both of you. And i wish you private the very best i can wish to u!!! Thx for this here!!! gladysunquillo on 06/11/2015 realmente son reacciones contradictorias las que recibe cabeza y mi corazón cuando veo estas siento una espectadora y ala vez una intrusa ..viendo la relación de dos personas que se aman ..algo privado que debe de ser de a dos ..visto por tantas personas ..,me paso algo parecido con allen y angel voy a negarlo ricky es uno de los modelos que me gustan..después de mi the gateway drug que es Jake bass ... dillon rossi y ricky estarán siempre en mi corazón y cada escena que realizan vengo a verla porque espero ver calidad ..entrega y como siempre una excelente filmación,,habia dejado de pasar por voy a explicar las razones porque no vienen al caso ..pero me alegra haber venido escena es muy dulce y cálida como todo lo que viene de ricky y me alegra mucho conocer a su novio ..espero que michael tenga mucha eurte en la industria ..pero lo que mas les deseo es que su historia de amor siga por mucho tiempo mas KMW on 06/11/2015 OK >>>>> that's was a scene worth waiting for, tender, loving and moving, Ricky cried for goodness sake, you could just feel the emotions in the way they spoke about each other.I love Ricky and cant wait to get to know Mikey more. BEAUTIFUL. well done. amazing ! S68909 on 06/11/2015 That was beautiful. Their love for each other came accross, the skpe dates, Ricky crying. Was everything I was hoping for and more IamMischief on 06/11/2015 Aww! They're so sweet and beautiful together. <3 dmhoneyc on 06/11/2015 Oh my goodness, that was a very sexy scene, but more importantly, Ricky and Michael's love is absolutely beautiful. Their love and respect shines through with every word, every touch, and every look. You have outdone yourself again Cockyboys and I am once again amazed by your vision, creativity and the art that is so much more than porn. Show More Comments

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