Ty Roderick & Hayden Lourd Tag Levi!

Featuring Hayden Lourd, Levi Karter & Ty Roderick

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Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter really hit it off when they first met up and flip-fucked. It was Hayden's first hardcore scene and Levi loved breaking in the blond hottie, but adding a third was the only thing that could make it even hotter.

Ty Roderick looks like a taller, bigger, and bulkier Levi, so they really had a big brother dynamic going on. It was a completely different kind of chemistry than he has with Hayden, but Levi didn't want Hayden to miss out on any of the fun. So Ty and Hayden took turns railing him -- sometimes on the bed, up on the vanity against the mirror, and even looking out at the city below.

At one point, all three guys were wondering if anybody could see them in their room in the middle of the Manhattan skyline. While that may never be answered, we were glad we had the opportunity to see them as up close and personal as possible. Levi was pretty worn out after taking both cocks, but it was Ty who seemed to really be getting off at the end as he came on Levi's chest and Hayden watched from behind.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Hayden Lourd Hayden Lourd Levi Karter Levi Karter Ty Roderick Ty Roderick

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Deanne @LoveOfLife on 08/02/2013 I am a HUGE Ty Roderick fan and this scene did not disappoint. The whole scene was put together poetically. The playfulness of Hayden and Levi and the intensity that is Ty. There personalities are a perfect play off each other. Whoever put these three together deserves an award. Ty's dominance and Levi's playfulness made this scene. The Ty growls gave me chills and the Levi giggles... Do I need to say more?? I could. This is my favorite new scene. Levi was the perfect bottom the Ty's top. I would love to see them in a scene as a duo. Jeffrey on 08/02/2013 OK that was freaking hot! Just pure hot sex. What a great scene with these three. Totally enjoyed it and it looked as if they did also. Home run once again cockyboys. Gia on 08/03/2013 Fuckin’ HOT! I agree with Deanne. The combination of cuteness and intensity is perfect! I love how Levi arches his back, he’s really sexy. I loved the laughter, the reflection in the window… I am a big fan of Levi, Ty and Hayden! Thanks again Cockyboys! BLACKjackHAMMER on 08/05/2013 This was amazing scene I LOVED the playfulness between the 3 boys and the chemistry was equal match ( although I thought there was a bit of extra spark between Levi & Hayden LOL ) but anyways I LOVED the interactioin KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ... BLACKjackHAMMER a very HAPPY CAMPER !!! BTW you know what would have made this scene really super hot would have been a all out FUCK fest between Hayden & Ty after all Hayden did say in his solo that he LOVES a guy with a dark skin complexion Ty with his brooding dark good looks and big dick and Hayden with beautiful ray of sunshine good look and creamy white ass oh they just have to FUCK !!! Frie on 08/07/2013 This was a really hot threesome. I usually prefer one on one scenes but this threesome kept the intimacy and the combination really worked. Ty is so sexy and dominant without being overpowering and the chemistry between Levi and Hayden is scorching. So many beautiful shots and camera angles. I particularly loved the sunlight in the circular window, that was just gorgeous. Another great scene, thank you. DeWayne in SD on 08/08/2013 A most extraordinary Threesome. I knew this three-way in which everyone seems to be in orgiastic frenzy was going to be a winner. One big element here is the way all three guys seem to innately feed off each others energy. All three men are very different in how they approach sex from Ty’s intense scowls and energy to Hayden’s laconic easy going sensuality. Add to the mix the playful boyish Levi and he seems to be the catalyst who really amp’s up Ty and Hayden! No wonder he is the one who is exhausted at the end! Kudo's once again to the Cockyboys crew the videography is once again the best you will find anywhere in Gay Porn this is truly Erotic Film at it best! jonah on 10/05/2013 Just amazing I do hope we can see more of Hayden- He has to be one of the best looking models on the site. he just seems so nice. I heard he has disappeared tho sighs the great boys always seem to show up and then poof they are gone. alas the life of a model I suppose. Lacey on 10/11/2013 The way Hayden looks at Levi is amazing - so intense! Kev1229 on 11/02/2014 So intense! Ty & Hayden tagging Levi = absolutely nothing hotter! Another favorite Levi scene! I am a puddle! Show More Comments

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