Ty Roderick

Ty Roderick

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There's only one word that can describe Ty Roderick, and that's intense. He's got deep brown eyes that hold concentration and power. He's got a jacked body with several tattoos. And he's got an understated yet surprisingly forceful personality when he's about to fuck a guy. That's just the type of guy he is and he's not willing to make exceptions! Ty's also got a nine inch cock and is mostly a top, so he's pretty good at breaking in even the tightest holes. This is one CockyBoy who's in complete control!

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TYKEshipper on 02/01/2016 Ty is my all time favourite cocky boy! Unbelievably sexy and the way he just goes for it is perfect, just as sex should be! That growl in his voice and those facial expressions are the hottest ever! Guaranteed to get off to this beautiful every time! He makes me twitch in ecstasy... stier51 on 05/03/2016 Ty is a real man! Thanks. Lebguy on 03/17/2018 My lovely dream guy the best hot one❤❤

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