Ty Roderick & GoGo Harder

Featuring Chris Harder & Ty Roderick

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Released: 08/20/2013 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd Featuring: Chris Harder & Ty Roderick

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You may remember GoGo Harder as the eccentric New York City Boylesque dancer who had never done porn before his hair-raising solo debut last March. His stunts included prolonged hand stands, fire eating, and dance numbers fit for the circus. Now he's finally doing his first hardcore scene with CockyBoys, and we couldn't think of a better guy to break him in than Ty Roderick.

Ty might seem like a shy guy at first, but after a while you learn that he's always thinking. And when he first met GoGo, he really started to get turned on. Being the exhibitionist that he is, GoGo loved showing off a collection of underwear for Ty just as if he was performing on stage at one of his Boylesque shows. The show drew to a close with Ty and GoGo's lips locked as they both stripped off all clothing and prepared for the "grand finale."

Since we're so used to seeing him as a dancer, it was interesting to watch GoGo transition into a porn performer right before our very eyes. He really knew how to take Ty's big cock, too, which is a talent all on its own. And judging by the sounds he and Ty were both making, it was definitely not a show to be missed!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Chris Harder Chris Harder Ty Roderick Ty Roderick

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sinkiridu on 08/21/2013 1, pair gogo with justin lebeau as a roadtrip hitchhiker in roadside diner pickup 2. pair gogo with mj 3. pair gogo with max ryder 4. pair gogo with jakebass + levi this particular scene was sizzlational...a true coq of the walk...note how gogo lifts those legs sexposing that hole as in invasitation - cock-ravenous...ty = ass-savager ME2~ on 08/21/2013 VERY VERY HOT! Two hot guys that know how to fuck!! Jeffrey on 08/22/2013 Holy shit! That was hot Alann on 08/22/2013 WONDERFULLY HOTT sex!! Ty has really become a great top! Go Go is a SUPER bottom! PLEASE, feature both of them often! BLACKjackHAMMER on 08/22/2013 I was not a member when of this site when GOGO did his solo ( went back and viewed it ) I LIKE THIS GUY !!! he is different with his kinda corky type of sex appeal Ty said it best everything about GOGO is AMAZING and what can I say about Ty that has not already been said everything about Ty is TOTAL SEX if there were a greek god of sex appeal he would look & sound just like Ty ! Ty OMG is too FUCKING hot for words !!! Frie on 08/22/2013 That was so hot, really intense. I loved the changes of pace and the way they looked at each other. Ty is gorgeous, he's fast becoming one of my favourite cockyboys. Bailey on 08/22/2013 OMG! Could this scene be any hotter!!!! I was already madly in love with Ty. After seeing this sizzling HOT scene with him and Go Go Harder, I thought I was going to lose it. Sex at it's most erotic and scintillating best!!! These two guys know how to fuck. I would welcome another opportunity to see them together as a follow-up sequel to this masterpiece. Thank you again Jake, for knowing how to keep a guy turned on. sinkiridu on 08/23/2013 GOGO HARDER picks up trans-dominion hitchiker JUSTIN LEBEAU in a roadside diner and then as they talk over pancakes w/maple syrup JUSTIN reveals that he is fascinated with BOYLESQUERY and asks GOGO to teach him how to be a Boylesque Performance Artist ---> they fuck in a BOYLESQUE way that GOGO teaches as the MASTER of the BOYLESQUE COVEN....[could be like a Project Go Go crossed with the RoadTrip] ..definitely would sizzle because GOGO has unique sensuality that compliments JUSTIN's nature-boy hotness... Peanutka on 08/23/2013 Well well well, someone has all my favorite piercings. Those need to be highlighted often. Show More Comments

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