#SYWBACB: Tony & Tico

Featuring Levi Karter

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Released: 11/29/2014 Categorized Under: Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies! Featuring: Levi Karter

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A Note From Jake Jaxson: When we announced the contest for So You Wanna be a CockyBoy, we had applications from all over the world. Some pups sent in videos, some sent pics, and the one entry that caught my attention was the boyfriend duo Tony & Tico, a super cute couple from Las Vegas. I had originally met them at the Vegas HustlaBall and I could not get over how adorable they were together.

Their persistence and cuteness paid off, and I invited them to come participate in the contest. That night was a crazy affair and one I won't soon forget. We narrowed down the pack of contestants to six, and before we knew it, Page Turner had the boys performing in an ass eating daisy chain. The night ended with Tayte Hanson being declared the victor and given a CockyBoys exclusive contract. However, I said then and will say it now: all the contestants were winners!

That night after the show, I told the pups, "Don't have sex tonight--save it for tomorrow. I have a surprise for you."

The next morning they got a call from their porn crush Levi Karter, who took them out on a little CockyBoy date.

(My favorite behind-the-scenes moment with Levi is when I asked him if he wanted to direct a scene with Tony & Tico, and he was so excited, "That's hot! Twins!!")

When I explained they were not twins, but boyfriends, he looked at me as serious as can be and said, "How should I know, the club was so dark last night!" #ThatsLevi. Either way, the result is now here for y'all to see. I hope you enjoy!

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Description: You may remember Tony and Tico from the first installment of our So Yo Wanna Be a CockyBoy? series. They were the cute couple from Las Vegas who flew to New York for the first time just to audition for CockyBoys. And while they may have lost the competition to Tayte Hanson, their potential did not go unnoticed by Jake Jaxson and Levi Karter.

Levi met up with Tony and Tico in their hotel room a few days later just to hang out, but one thing led to another and before long, he was filming them having full-on sex. The guys have been together for four years, and it really shows in their chemistry. Everything from the way they kiss, suck each other off, and fuck just flowed seamlessly. And with the whole thing filmed on Levi's phone, the scene has a real authentic feel to it.

It's pretty safe to say Tony and Tico make one hot couple. But what elevates them to CockyBoys status is how proud they are to share their relationship with the world. Hopefully they'll be back in New York soon, but until then we're glad they've given us a small taste of who they are off stage!

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Levi Karter Levi Karter

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massdebating on 12/01/2014 Way to go! 642MB downloaded of 664MB (for the 720 HD version) and the site goes down and it refuses to resume the download. What's more, your site randomises the addresses so there's no way in hell it'll resume. I'll have to delete it and start again. I don't think I'll be continuing my membership if things are this bad. Peaches3011 on 12/01/2014 Worked fine for me ;p hahahaha that was pretty cute! Thanx JJ and the whole CB crew! Until the next vid xoxo dorome on 12/01/2014 This was cute! Liked the voyeuristic touch of it. zofingen on 12/01/2014 Very cute, however, are we starting to scratch the bottom of the barrel? These spontaneous hotel bedroom sex quickies seen frequently all across the gay porn landscape as well the tiresome Pierre Fitch video festival are not what has made CB famous! What's next? Me2 on 12/01/2014 This was al lot of FUN! Love knowing that Levi was shooting it . Made it very hot for me. Also, I keep seeing so much hate for Pierre Fitch. I love him. I have been following him for the past 10 years. What I love about CBs is there is something for everyone. In fact, I did not expect to like Liam (too young) but BOY i feel in love. So while this may be your "bottom of the barrel" it was a fun time with three super cute boys. Just m2C. zofingen on 12/01/2014 The word 'hate' is a bit too strong. 'Dislike' would be a more appropriate verb. No matter what, Pierre Fitch is Pierre Fitch and no one can change him. The CB follower is plainly asking for those great scenes which make CB so better than the others. By the way, Liam is so sweet. He and Levi are naturals together. Shall we see him again ? Alann on 12/01/2014 This one scene with Tony and Tico was" cute", but really don't think they deserve to be CockyBoys! Trip Carver on 12/08/2014 a few thoughts: (a) absolutely *love* the SYWBACB series - can you please show us the full contest/exhibition? Bits and snippets are nice (e.g., SYWBACB Tony & Tico at 00:01:09), but the whole thing would be great fun! It would be a real fine holiday present to your faithful members and occasional viewers. (b) Levi K. in front of the camera - well, there's no one better (well, maybe Tayte H.), but now seeing his talent behind the camera in the Tony & Tico film - he's got a great eye and fine instincts - encourage him to do more! (c) please add the 4(?) SYWBACB features to the 'Feature Films' tab at the top of the main screen, making them much easier to find. elmocito on 12/26/2014 any bareback scenes with couples?? Show More Comments

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