Levi Karter & Tommy Regan Flip-Fuck

Featuring Levi Karter

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Released: 08/26/2015 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking, Muscled, Power Bottoms Featuring: Levi Karter

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Tommy Regan is our newest CockyBoy, and he was naturally drawn to Levi Karter for his first scene. He was just really comfortable around Levi, and that's a feeling that's pretty important when you're just starting out in porn. Tommy's a very athletic guy -- he's a former soccer player but had to put a hold on sports after a leg injury. Still maintaining a perfect body with rock hard muscles, Tommy's decision to have sex with some CockyBoys seems like a pretty hot thing to do on hiatus!

Tommy loves getting fucked, he loves the intensity, and he loves the way it intensifies his orgasms. That said, he's still sexually versatile, and he and Levi made an extremely good pair for a hot flip-fuck. Levi was first to pull out Tommy's hard cut cock from his briefs which stood straight up, just begging for a blowjob. Levi went down on him immediately, eager to show him the sheer sexual intensity he was in for. Levi then pulled out his cock and Tommy gave him the same treatment after they jerked each other off for a bit.

Shortly after, Tommy got on his hands and knees and gasped as Levi began rimming him, prepping him for his first CockyBoys fuck. Levi broke him in gently at first, but the guys soon developed a solid rhythm. Levi then wanted to show Tommy his expert bottoming skills, and Tommy's cock slid right into Levi's eager hole as Levi road him. That led to Tommy taking on more control, pounding Levi in the same doggy-style position as before. Tommy made for one extremely rough top! But Levi wanted to be the one to officially break him in, and so they switched to missionary for Levi to drill Tommy to orgasm. Tommy had no complaints, quickly spewing his load with Levi firmly inside him. Levi was just as turned on and breathless as Tommy -- he shot his load seconds later all over Tommy's torso, officially knighting him a real CockyBoy!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Levi Karter Levi Karter

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Ladydee on 08/26/2015 Welcome to Cockyboys Tommy! Love it when Levi shows his more dominant side. Love that we got to see the condom go on. Safe is sexy! KMW on 08/26/2015 not bad. Love Levi, he's awesome. tommy isn't bad but it was weird, there was absolutely no kissing, no passion, nothing. I have absolutely seen better. AngelNicky on 08/27/2015 Love Levi, he was great as always, but I missed the kisses and the passion. quiet1 on 08/27/2015 No sparks with this one. I guess if you're more into the "bro-job" fantasy or something like that it will work for you, but this one didn't get liftoff for me. I love Levi. He is always so good at what he does and looks excellent, as always. This scene just didn't show the spark that I have seen with other partners. I'm unconvinced that Tommy is up to CockyBoy's usually high calibre. Maybe future scenes will give me reason to change my opinion on that but if it's anything like this.... dorome on 08/27/2015 This scene has a bit of a seduce the (maybe not so) straight jock vibe about it. This totally worked for me. Seriously who in there right mind could or would want to resist Levi? He is gorgeous and super hot as always. And I really like when he shows his dominant side for a change. And the cum shot! Wow! Tommy is cute and while he comes of as a bit inhibited at the beginning, partly because of the no kissing, it absolutely worked in my head (see above). Especially because there is a moment when he is behind Levi and caresses his body, where he almost nuzzled Levi's neck. I also liked how vocal both of them were. Tommy moans beautifully. And the condom thingy is great! Hope we get to see more of Tommy and of course there's never enough Levi. Rbcone on 08/27/2015 I agree in thinking there needed to be more chemistry between the scene partners. Maybe Gabriel Clark would have been more interesting. I thought Tommy was too passive. When a bottom loves getting fucked I want to see him ramming his ass up and down on that stiff fuck stick, totally given over to his lust. Levi gave us that. You could feel his excitement riding Tommy's cock. Given this pairing it might have been more erotic to have more foreplay. Maybe a longer masturbation session with a lot of 'dirty talk' moving into a session of sixty-nine. Levi's rimming was enjoyable, but I think Tommy would have enjoyed more with some fingers and general ass play. Levi's cum shot was extraordinary. All in all enjoyable, but not one for the ages. Tootsweet on 08/27/2015 I, too, missed the kisses and escalating passion that are usually such a hot element in a CB film. But a lust-inspiring orgasm from Levi. Kudos on the ongoing visible condom putting-on: maybe one of the models on his knees to put the condom on the other model in a future scene? Slicking the cock and then the condom up with his mouth... Delicious... smjeff on 08/27/2015 I like this scene! Levi pleases -- always! Tommy is just getting started. The load Levi delivers in the finale is gigantic -- and Tommy's isn't. But, we gotta cut Tommy some slack. We have no idea how much porn he has done, whether he is gay, gay for pay or whatever! Somebody said there was no kissing -- well, Levi kissed Tommy twice, for the record! Welcome, Tommy, to CB! You are in good hands. Give some though to some weight training on the pecs and some squats to tighten your butt! You will do nicely! Thanks, Levi! You always please! Adam on 08/28/2015 @ smjeff, Because you said there was kissing, i rewatched the scene. There was no kissing on the lips! I really liked this scene and Tommy, but if he is adverse to kissing guys, that is a serious impediment, to him being featured more! I don't want CB to turn into Next Door Studios, East! Show More Comments

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