Topher Dimaggio Fucks Levi Karter

Featuring Levi Karter & Topher Dimaggio

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Released: 07/28/2016 Categorized Under: Muscled, Outdoors Featuring: Levi Karter & Topher Dimaggio

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Topher Dimaggio and Levi Karter met for the first time at a photoshoot and both thought the other one was “hot as shit”. Topher admits that he was instantly attracted to Levi because of his looks but it was really Levi’s personality that made him want to hang out with him. They both describe the other one as confident but not arrogant and we all know Levi is a sucker for a top that knows how to take charge so it was hard for him to take his eyes (and hands) off Topher.

After Topher and Levi have a heart to heart conversation about the life of a porn star and what it means to be a cockyboy it was finally time to have some fun. Levi hops on top of Topher while he does push ups to get things started but what he really wants is to play strip ping pong with Topher. Of course the winner gets his dick sucked so understandably Levi does his best to miss every ball during the game. It’s obvious he wants Topher’s big Italian cock in his mouth and he is willing to do anything to get it. Topher finally orders Levi to get on his knees and suck his cock because, you know, he won, so it is time for the real fun to begin. Levi doesn’t just suck Topher’s cock - he makes love to it. Clearly Topher is getting one of the best blowjobs of his life because he can’t get enough of Levi’s throat and keeps fucking it as deep as he can. Levi doesn’t seem to mind as he gags on the big cock and spits on it. But things are just getting started. Topher and Levi decide to take things inside and go to the bathroom for some more intense cock sucking action until Toper puts Levi on top of the two sinks and begins to finger Levi’s tight hole. Once Levi is ready, Topher shoves his big cock into Levi’s hole and starts plowing him as if he owns that hole. But that’s not enough. Topher wants to fuck Levi all over the place. So after fucking in the shower for a while they decide to take it to the bedroom next. As Levi lays on his stomach and holds his ass cheeks spread open Topher continues to plow into Levi’s hole until he can’t hold it anymore and covers Levi’s back with his cum. Then after putting a couple fingers up Levi’s hole Levi shoots his load too. If only every ping pong game ended with a long fuck and a huge load we would all be playing ping pong all day long!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Levi Karter Levi Karter Topher Dimaggio Topher Dimaggio

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dorome on 01/22/2016 Holy {fill in a lot of amazed expletives here}! This was amazing. I fell in love with this scene when I saw the first photo. And knew it's going to be a favourite before they put off their shorts. But I almost wasn't prepared for how HOT this was. For a second I feared Topher's brash attitude and him being a bit overly loud at beginning of the blow job would put me off, but no chance. Those two had such amazing chemistry and were so clearly enjoying each other. I loved how they migrated naturally from the outside to the sink, into the shower and on the bed. The light and the scenery is beautiful and Topher an Levi just shine. Oh yeah, and the cum shots are both just amazing. AngelNicky on 01/22/2016 Holy hell that was hot! Great chemistry between them. Love the sweet kisses and Levi always catches me with his smile and the looks they gave each other were breathtaking. Definitely a new favorite scene. Absolutely amazing. meowmmycat on 01/22/2016 Oh my Loki! The sexual chemistry between these two is UNDENIABLE!! Welcome to Cocky Boys Topher! pastelcarnation on 01/22/2016 ok, well done that was HOT.... 2 very sexy hot bodies together, great pairing. I enjoyed it alot Adam on 01/23/2016 FUCKING, AWESOME scene! One of CockyBoys best ever! Love topher and Levi! Couldn't believe Topher's cum snot! Please bring Topher back for more scenes, and always want to see more of Levi. OzPinny on 01/23/2016 I had to watch this with no volume because you know, school holidays and all, but I don't think it would have made much difference to how much I loved it! Super hot and sexy and I loved the movement between sets as well with Topher holding Levi nice and tight whilst in travel. But what I truly loved, and I mean LOVED, like it's the best thing I've seen in a long time, was how real it was kept via the editing. KUDOS to whoever did it! It was imperfectly perfect in that in reality we know that sex can be awkward, messy, a challenge to find positions that feel good and are comfortable. A lot of the time this process is cut out to create the perfect scene but this time most of it wasn't and it was fantastic! Thanks for the realness, the sizzle and amazing as always guys xx Doc on 01/23/2016 I've never been a fan of Topher, know him from other sites (can't say I've seen ALL his work so I'm just going off the small sample size of what I've seen) and sadly as hot as he looks he seemed phoney and his scenes for the most part sucked. Seemed like another gay for pay guy (which I normally don't care about BUT some are so disinterested that they have no passion) BUT THIS was hot though. It was really HOT. See Topher is a toally different light. This was the first scene of his where he seemed natural and relaxed and in to the other guy in the scene. lark on 01/23/2016 I don't think I've ever seen Topher this up close and personal. He is a poster boy for "cocky" DaFuq on 01/23/2016 Hell Yeah! I've been dreaming of the day Topher Dimaggio would be in a Cockyboys scene! It's happened and his scene with Levi is awesome and ball draining. My cock is sooo happy. I hope Topher'll be fucking more cockyboys! Show More Comments

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Featuring: Lev Ivankov, Jack Hunter, Dillon Rossi, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Topher Dimaggio, Mickey Knox, Colby Chambers, Colby Keller, Carter Dane, Gabriel Clark, Ashton Summers, Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Adam Ramzi, Liam Riley & Tegan Zayne

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08 — Topher Dimaggio Fucks Levi Karter
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04 — Introducing Tegan Zane with Boomer Banks!
03 — Dillion Rossi Fucks Kody Stewart
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