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Jake Bass

Jake Bass

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Don't let his innocent eyes and sweet smile fool you...Jake Bass is one sexy, inked-up motherfucker who is the perfect CockyBoy: part angel, part Tasmanian Devil! He's proof that being a CockyBoy isn't just a six-pack and a few tattoos -- being a CockyBoy is all attitude. Jake loves joking around, showing off on camera, and, most of all, he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Jake's the kind of guy whose phone blows up as soon as he logs on to Grindr. Everyone wants a piece of Jake's skater ass, and he knows it! With a true passion for life, sex (he's versatile!), and boys, a smooth, tattooed body and a truly unique personality, Jake Bass is a CockyBoy who won't be forgotten!

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Craig on 01/20/2012 Loved him on Videoboys, now that he is on Cockyboys, made me join the sight. DAMN this boy is hot. Sirfucksalot on 01/24/2012 WOW! WOW! and WOW! pointer165 on 03/10/2012 beautiful tats! FanGrrl99 on 03/12/2012 Were it not for that sweet ass of his just begging to be banged, I might feel all sorts of dirty for watching this young man being naughty. I figure it's his own fault I have to watch. :) And I love that he gives as good as he gets . . . and then some! (now someone get him to stop smoking!) DeWayne on 03/27/2012 Of course Jake has probably sold more recent memberships than any other model, he is the iconic new Cockyboy! Have we ever had someone so hot both as a top or a bottom? Balls to the wall Jake! noneunocontact on 12/18/2012 His cumshot is so powerful .... sam on 01/13/2013 Really nice cumshot! Ryo on 02/23/2013 He's the entire reason I paid for a membership! Love his eyes, tats...everything! doesitmatter on 02/28/2013 Jake is the reason I joined cockyboys and the reason I stay at cockyboys. doesitmatter on 03/04/2013 I'd love to see a scene with Jake and Arnaud or Bravo. Actually, I'd take a scene with Jake and anybody. Lucy on 03/30/2013 Jack Bass es la mezcla perfecta entre ternura y pasion que te abrasa los sentidos. Me fascinas. Figaro on 02/03/2016 Wow !!! I joined this site, mainly for Jake Bass.. I just love him, more Jake please, & Lucas was fab too.x me on 03/30/2016 Favorite. CockyBoy. EVER. HEREFORJAKE on 05/17/2016 He is crazy sexy, and his huge personality and combination of sweet and attitude actually make me wish I could just chat with him. Never felt like that about any other model I've seen. nomi on 06/03/2016 hi Nosferatu on 08/04/2016 I would give up eating Pizza for the rest of my life for you Jake ? HARD ROCK SUGAR on 03/18/2017 THIS BOY'S EYEBROWS ARE TOO SLAB!!! ITRULLY ENJOY YOU FILMS. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK. HRS Nessie 36 on 04/28/2017 Jake is so hot

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