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Meet the Morecocks: The Jake Bass Experience

Featuring Darius Ferdynand & Jake Bass

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Released: 04/13/2024 Categorized Under: Tags: Ink'dMini-Series, Specials & Goodies!MuscledUncut Featuring: Darius Ferdynand & Jake Bass

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In honor of 15 years of CockyBoys we are looking back at some of our most iconic scenes…REMASTERED, These scenes have been off the site for years, and now they are back and look better than ever. Today, we bring you one of our most popular scenes ever, "Meet the Morecocks: The Jake Bass Experience". Check it out and you’ll see why it’s one of our classics!

Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: So often I hear from outside observers that the performers working in porn must be "broken" people, otherwise, why would they do it?

It is exactly that kind of ill-informed moral superiority that has driven much of our work these last five years and given a broader purpose to our company's mission. And trust me, I've seen the eye-rolling and sideways stares when I try to enroll others in my vision of "Porn with a Purpose." But that only fuels me even more.

And in this second installment of Meet The Morecocks, we focus on one of the performers who -- with his own style of pride, confidence, and fire -- helped define our purpose, bringing a totally unique energy to our mission of creating a guilt-free porn experience. That performer is Jake Bass.

I have often said how grateful I am to Jake and Max for being the spark that lit the flame, the lightning in a bottle, that helped create a new energy, excitement, and new kind of adult entertainment. Jake and I worked together for almost 4 years, and like anything worth doing, it did not always come easy.

Over the years, we would create amazing work together. He would both inspire and enrage me. And so often we would argue just as hard as we worked. He would leave and come back and we would forgive and forget. Often I would describe our relationship as that of the "Prodigal Son." While Jake did not agree with my analogy, I sure could relate.

Just over a year ago, Jake and I had a falling out. But unlike the previous times, this one seemed to stick with neither of us speaking to each other for over a year. And like so many breakdowns between friends and family, the passing of time made the cause and actions seem petty. But in that moment we both felt wronged, hurt, and disrespected. And in that moment, we both needed to move on.

Earlier this year, on New Year's Day, I saw a text from a number I did not recognize congratulating me and RJ on our marriage. As I replied, I soon realized it was Jake. It was a touching outreach that I could not ignore, and in the end I was grateful. Of course, true to form, many more texts would soon follow telling me exactly how he felt, peppered with his brand of "tell it how he sees it" observations, followed by more tender moments. I especially appreciated a touching remembrance regarding the passing of our dog, Sebastian.

All the while, I was working on the edit of one of our most difficult films to date, "The Jake Bass Experience." How does one show and capture the enigma that is Jake Bass? I wanted to create something that reflected the best of our time together while still capturing part of our reality -- a snapshot in time that would make us both proud.

So often I am asked what Jake is really like, and my reply is always the same. What you see is what you get. He is his own worst enemy, but you always know where you stand with him. He is one of the most self-aware people I know, and he's constantly at war with the parts of him that are always contradicting one another. However, while most of us have these battles in the quiet our minds, Jake will gladly do it out loud -- sometimes he will even scream it from the mountain top!

Of course, this often leads to upset or delight depending on how you see it. But one thing is for sure -- while he enrages many, others will rally. And in my opinion, that is why so many people connect and relate to him -- he has always been open about his struggles, his success, his worries, his fears, his ambition, his love, his desire, his wanting to fight to be more than he is now. And in that openness, his fights at times become our fights. And in his demons, whether we like it or not, we can also see our own.

There is a great quote by Ernest Hemingway. "Everyone is broken by life, but afterwards, some are stronger in the broken places."

I cannot think of a better way to describe Jake Bass -- this boy I met five years ago with whom I've had the privilege to work, fight, laugh, and grow -- a boy who has fought harder than most as he becomes a man.

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Description: Last time on Meet the Morecocks, CockyBoys owners Jason (Jake Jaxson) and Adrian (RJ Sebastian) traveled across Europe with three models to help promote their photobook A Thing of Beauty: the uninhibited Jake Bass, the calm and quirky Levi Karter, and the subdued George Alvin (formerly known as Max Ryder) who struggled riding the coattails of the adult career he'd since transitioned away from.

In this installment, "The Jake Bass Experience," the cameras have now turned to George's partner in crime, Jake Bass, just as he returns to New York after the tour. Still shooting scenes for CockyBoys, Jake is also booked for several modeling and hosting gigs in the city that extend beyond the adult space -- including a high-profile photo shoot with Diesel. Without a place to live for the summer, however, Jake is given the opportunity to live at the "CockyBoys Compound" as he attempts to build upon his wildly popular reputation for his outspoken, sweet, witty, yet often combative personality.

It should come as no surprise to Jake's fans that his on-screen and off-screen antics are more or less the same. As Jake Jaxson explains, living and working with two boyfriends with the added responsibility of tending to the performers can be a bit overwhelming at times. And with a talented performer like Jake wearing his imperfections on his sleeves, a storm begins to brew.

Peeling away the layers of this truly one-of-a-kind performer and candidly revealing the details of his difficult past, "The Jake Bass Experience" showcases Jake in a way you've never seen him before -- at work, at home, and while living with his bosses as he attempts to redeem himself after abusing their trust.

And there is also Paris, Jake's all-time favorite city, the last stop on the book tour. Reflecting back on everything he's accomplished in Europe, Jake is surprised to hear that the one CockyBoy he's been trying to connect with, Darius Ferdynand, has arrived to join him for a date on his last day in the city of love...

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Darius Ferdynand Darius Ferdynand Jake Bass Jake Bass

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Meet the Morecocks

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Gabriel Clark, Darius Ferdynand & Ricky Roman

In CockyBoys' newest documentary series Meet the Morecocks, Jason, Adrian, and Ben (their real names) allow us a glimpse inside their professional and personal lives. What you see on camera is vastly different from what goes on behind the scenes at the office, their compound in upstate New York, and all the talented models they discover and develop into international superstars. Not everything is easy to say the least, but as Benny says himself, a huge part of the company dialogue is to focus on the positive!

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