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Featuring Jake Bass & Max Ryder

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Released: 02/27/2014 Categorized Under: Behind the Scenes, CockyBoys TV Featuring: Jake Bass & Max Ryder

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Today I'm excited to release a bonus behind-the-scenes doc featuring Jake Bass discussing his experience during the making of RoadStrip -- the process, working with me and the rest of the crew, his friendship with Max Ryder, and of course he answers the question everyone likes to ask... are the fights REAL?!

I am even more excited because, for the first time, we are releasing a Deluxe Blu-Ray/DVD combo available for pre-order exclusively at!

The long-awaited NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: A brilliantly designed
packed-to-the-rafters 3-disc edition that you won't be able to find anywhere else!

In an exclusive arrangement with the studio, we here at TLA have secured a very special Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo 3-disc deluxe collector's edition that you won't be able to find anywhere else. It includes the complete and unedited film, behind the scenes with Jake Bass, six bonus scenes, bloopers and outtakes, preview trailers, full-color 8-page collector's booklet, "Max Ryder's Cribs" (originally deleted from Project Gogo Boy and - what the fuck, why not? - the full and complete hardcore version of Project Gogo Boy (Please note some content is exclusive to the Blu-Ray Disc version only).

If you just want the DVD only, you can also pre-order your copy today on

Check out the crazy trailer for the whole ROADSTRIP series here!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Jake Bass Jake Bass Max Ryder Max Ryder

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Michael on 02/27/2014 These boys are the reason I gave up my CockyBoys membership. They are a far cry from the earlier CB models. I guess physically they are OK, if they would just keep their mouths shut. But their antics are such a turn-off. I guess I'm just not into children. Lisa FanFicCrazy on 02/27/2014 I loved this trailer. Made me smile the whole time! Cilantro did a great edit!! I would rather see Jake & Max and their antics more than the sex in it. This is where we met Levi! ;) Of course you have to go and put extra content in the Blu-ray so I have to have it! I'm always saying you're a genius JJ! Love ALL the cockyboys in different ways, for different reasons! ME2~ on 02/27/2014 These boys are the REASON I JOINED Cockyboys. They are funny, smart, sexy and creative and this project is truly on of the best things to happen in gay porn for quite some time. These boys and Jake Jaxson and crew really do go over and beyond to produce something that is more than "just porn" and then you have jerks like the guy above who feel its best to knock people down and be negative. Sad really. But I'm so grateful you guys shared this with us. Cant wait to see more. Jana wtf87 on 02/28/2014 Seeing first the scene of Jake&Asher made me JOIN CB...i love everything Jake is, his look, his attitude, his character. I love everything of him. And i like to see him in action with his best friend max who's another damn beauty. I defenet want much more of it and especially more of Jake Bass who will always be the reason I got addicted to gayporn. THANKS for all CB <3 JamesW on 02/28/2014 LOOOOOOOVE Jake! More of him please. And make him wear his black sexy watch in a video when having sex!!!! barcelonaboy on 02/28/2014 Jake Bass is one of a kind whether you like him or not. He has helped forged the CB website into what it is. There are (many) scenes for sure where he is unnecessarily yappy and without intelligent comment. However, sex wise, he is a real firecracker. One thing though, for the sake of image and good PR, he could smoke his cigarettes off the camera. A little bit more class, please. aargauch on 02/28/2014 A good 90% of porn videos churned out in the porn factories of the USA and elsewhere is absolute CRAP ! The same boring mechanical moves and predictable sequences, phoniness, tattoos galore, shaved-down bodies, essential external ejaculations on chest and visage and the rest. Barely any romantic content. CB, however, provides the porn connaisseur with originality, romantic episodes and some super actors. Jake Bass, when his mouth work is kept to a minimum, is a real jewel! Max Ryder is a pearl! Alex on 03/01/2014 Jake Bass can talk as much as he wants to and I will listen! He is funny and bitchy and there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, he and Max are also the reason I joined Cockyboys, for both the hot sex and the hilarious interactions between them! Love you boys!! Gina on 01/01/2015 I love what we get to see of Jake's personality and I would watch him in anything. Not crazy about the gages but otherwise he is a beauty! Show More Comments

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This isn't your mother's roadtrip

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Featuring: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, JD Phoenix & Kevin Warhol

Coming off their stellar performances as bitter rivals in the award-winning & groundbreaking film ‘Project Gogo Boy,’ Max Ryder and Jake Bass set upon a journey of self-discovery that tests their friendship and their resolve. Heralded as the “(Fuck) Buddy Movie of the Year,” Road Strip is an intense into the real lives of two of the most popular young performers in gay porn today!

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