Roadstrip Ep. 3: The Bangover

Featuring Jake Bass, JD Phoenix & Max Ryder

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Released: 05/04/2013 Categorized Under: Group & Double-Penetration, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies! Featuring: Jake Bass, JD Phoenix & Max Ryder

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Director's Note: Hi PUPS! I hope y'all are enjoying RoadStrip as much as we have enjoyed making it. I am so grateful and thankful for all the wonderful comments and positive reactions to the project. This week we bring you Episode 3: The BangOver.

Like any journey in life or on the road, you will not be the same person you were when you started-- especially if the road is taken with possibility and no expectations in mind.

The same can be said for our Max & Jake. Today I would not recognize the same boys I first signed to exclusive contracts almost 2 years ago. Both have become confident, smart young men who work hard every day to not live in fear, but rather in possibility-- men who understand that their actions have consequences, who now try to live in their word and in gratitude.

Their experience on the road to becoming "porn stars," and what they've become now-- two well known personalities-- is what RoadStrip is meant to represent. When watching this episode, you can see that Jake & Max are not the same lil' pups that could barely drive the RV in episode one.

The insanity that is thrown at these boys, and many others, when they first began to shine in the adult business is beyond your imagination. One day you're a kid from Connecticut-- trying to survive in the Big City and trying get into your favorite NYC night club-- and the next day you are Max Ryder, headlining and hosting at the biggest dance club in the city. One day you're Jake Bass, flying around the world with lines at clubs for your appearances, and the next day your mom is yelling at you to feed the dogs and take out the trash.

Being a porn star can be intoxicating, and some boys get too drunk and loose sight of what they want. They forget to be grateful for they have in the NOW, they take comments to heart, and they forget the best part about them is not always their body.

Max & Jake have taken an amazing journey, and I can proudly say both have grown, matured, and developed into proud young men. They acknowledge their struggles, they fight for their goals, they express their gratitude, and work every day to make that one better than the last.

Also, because of them, I must acknowledge my own journey. This project developed from behind-the-scenes tapings and turned into what you see now, and it allowed me to tap into a creativity that I had long ago put aside. It is their willingness, their drive and curiosity, that allows my team and I to create these fun, touching, and sexy films.

And as always, thank you for watching and supporting our work!

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: Max Ryder and Jake Bass have finally made it to their (final?) destination, Hollywood! With several events lined up for them to attend, "Jax" are a hot commodity in the land of celebrities and spray tans... but to them, they're just regular guys excited to see where this crazy adventure takes them.

Even arriving at their hotel is a treat to Max and Jake -- they no longer have to worry about being crammed in an RV and washing their hair in the sink! But they can't rest for long because they're expected to be at the Cybersocket Web Awards, they're first-ever porn event where Max is nominated for Best Sex Scene and Jake is nominated for Best Newcomer. Whether they win or lose, they're completely awe-struck at the event where they're immediately recognized everywhere they go.

The next afternoon is spent recovering and exploring their favorite Hollywood landmarks before they head over to West Hollywood where they're hosting Cocktails with the Stars. And it's here where they meet Aiden and JD -- two hot guys that are just what Max and Jake need after the chaotic past two days. There's dancing, partying, and even Pepto-Bismol involved, all creating a night they'll never forget... if only they could remember what exactly happened! Thankfully with our film crews and photographers, Max and Jake are able to somewhat piece their lives together during quite possibly the most hard-hitting "bangovers" they've ever had!

Models Featured in this Scene

Jake Bass Jake Bass JD Phoenix JD Phoenix Max Ryder Max Ryder

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Jeffry on 05/05/2013 Another intoxicating episode. Max and Jake are so wonderfully adorable. So easy to have a sense of love for them. JD is of course a beautiful boy and so fun to watch. Aiden is so sexy! Cockyboys never fails to deliver to its fans. I think cockyboys fans are the best in the world and am proud to be one of them. Now we are just curious....who is the mystery episode three model? I can guess....maybe....nah will let Mr. Jaxson surprise us. Jeffrey on 05/05/2013 And I meant mystery episode 4 model!!!!!! faraday on 05/05/2013 and ROADSTRIp just keeps getting better.... loved this one as much as I did the others. Really amazing work. I think I'll just watch it again :) DeWayne in San Diego on 05/05/2013 I enjoyed Episode 3 and like the first two episodes what stands out in my mind is the interplay between all the models in Roadstrip, while no one is a professional actor by Hollywood standards the results on screen would convince you otherwise. You might be thinking are the boys all playing a role or just being themselves in a reality show? When you keep asking yourself that question I think Cockyboys have pulled off another Porn-film coup! I am convinced now Project GoGo Boy was no aberration, Cockyboys Director Jake Jaxon along with RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock have proven this is a style of adult film, a genre they have essentially created and now own. No one else in Gay Porn has consistently melded the dramatic reality show so successfully with the demands of gay pornography. Yes this works to get you off and you will have fun taking the journey with Max and Jake, that is the definition of success! Gia on 05/05/2013 I loved it!!! Is Jake teaching Aiden how to say "I want to lick your asshole" in French? HOT! The cum shots are insane!!! looking forward to episode 4.. britin on 05/05/2013 JD Phoenix owned this episode. Damn that boy tops and bottoms like it's an end of the world fuck. doesitmatter on 05/06/2013 Even though Jake and Max are only friends, it is interesting to me how much Jake likes to watch Max in this episode. Just saying. The two of them have a lot of chemistry and I almost feel like some unresolved feelings, but that could just be my interpretation. Me2 on 05/06/2013 I can't get over the great performances in this series. They are Well beyond what is expected or ever seen in gay porn today. I hate even calling it porn! Bella G. on 05/06/2013 I cannot say enough about this to even begin to give it the credit it deserves. i simply adore getting to see my two favorite stars being more themselves. Jake makes my heart race and Max makes it melt. It is quiet simply wonderful, amazing, and mind blowing work. it's series like this that make me proud to say I'm a cockyboy member. Love you and yours. Show More Comments

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This isn't your mother's roadtrip

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Featuring: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, JD Phoenix & Kevin Warhol

Coming off their stellar performances as bitter rivals in the award-winning & groundbreaking film ‘Project Gogo Boy,’ Max Ryder and Jake Bass set upon a journey of self-discovery that tests their friendship and their resolve. Heralded as the “(Fuck) Buddy Movie of the Year,” Road Strip is an intense into the real lives of two of the most popular young performers in gay porn today!

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