Project GoGo Boy: Episode 3!

Featuring Jake Bass, Max Ryder & Pierre Fitch

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In the first episode of Project GogoBoy, we saw Max Ryder and Pierre Fitch sneak away from the DJ booth to have an elevator tryst, ruining Jake Bass's set in the process. This week, we see Max and Jake doing what frenemies do best: shopping and being snarky! Throughout the entire outing, Jake can't stop ribbing Max about hooking up with Pierre, harping over and over again about Max's "Pierre obsession". Max tries not to let it bother him, but later that night, when Max discovers Jake's been spreading rumors, the tension comes to a head and the boys explode into an epic fight, moving officially from "frenemies" to just plain "enemies."

Now that Max and Jake's friendship is on the rocks, Jake decides to try to drive a wedge between Max and Pierre by cozying up to Pierre. While gossiping by the pool, Jake spills to Pierre that he's got a hot date that night with an iPad boy from the club.

This iPad boy, Stephen Forest, wasn't always an iPad boy. In fact, he used to be one of the best dancers at XL. But Jake Bass has a policy to never date other gogoboys ("It's way too much drama"), and he really wanted Stephen. "I didn't get him fired," Jake says. "I gave him an opportunity to be with me." Stephen was confused by his sudden demotion, but seems to totally forget that he's no longer a dancer when he and Jake go out that night. Even with Max lurking in the background, Jake and Stephen manage to have a great time, dancing, touching, and fucking the night (and morning) away.

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Jake Bass Jake Bass Max Ryder Max Ryder Pierre Fitch Pierre Fitch

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CmLvR on 07/19/2012 Just 5 letters for this episode. G R E A T! Glenn on 07/19/2012 Episode3 another winner! Love Stephen! MR.SMYTH on 07/19/2012 WOW! WOW! WOW! and BRAVO! I did not think it could get any Better! Where do I start! Pierre keeps cracking me up! Max is sexy as Fuck! Jake is BRILLIANT! and I am not even talking about the sexy sex scene. Jake's facial expressing make me know he is loving it (Stephen was so lucky to be able to eat his ass out) Great JOB....once again!) Taryn on 07/19/2012 Best scene I've seen Jake in. He makes amazing noises while he's being fucked and I like him best as a bottom As much as I liked Stephen Forest as a bottom he really shines as a top. I also love it in porn when they say each others names while fucking, it doesn't happen nearly enough and I definitely appreciated Jake panting Stephen's name. Lends authenticity. Awesome scene CockyBoys, i was already a huge fan but you absolutely have me hooked on Projrct GoGoBoy! Fred on 07/20/2012 Fleshjack winner or not, Jake Bass is the hottest guy on this site and the reason I joined Cocky Boys. This episode of Project Gogo Boys is the best yet!! Watching Jake and Stephen fuck, uber hawt!! Watching Jake Bass cum is always the best part of any video!! Loves Jake on 07/21/2012 So hot!!! I'm hoping for a Max and Jake hot sex scene. Please please please ???? uknowwhothisis on 07/22/2012 LOVE IT! OMGT, I WANT MORE! more more more! more JAKE and Ipad boy =) SO HOT - SO SO SO DAMN HOT AND motherfuckingsweet at the same time. I love it. Truly love it. Please be more HOT JAKEY SCENES! Not to mention, Pierre x Jake = HILARIOUS! love it, just don't make them fuck :) I want, many others too, Max fuck the shit otu of JAKEY :) He waaaaaaaaaants it too :) garynickoli on 09/22/2012 nice love latin stud Tammy on 04/12/2013 Okay, I'm just going to skip over all of the other stuff (which is, no doubt, AMAZING) and just say that the sex scene was beautiful. Loved hearing Jake moan and pant, especially when he whispered, "Stephen." Using names in porn is so rare but makes a scene so much more real. By far my favourite video on CockyBoys. Show More Comments

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Project GogoBoy

The grounding-breaking erotic mocumentary

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Featuring: Pierre Fitch, Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Sebastian Young, Tommy Defendi, Ben Rose, Gabriel Clark & Justin LeBeau

Project Gogo Boy defies convention by blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Directed by Jake Jaxson, this groundbreaking film is a tribute to the reality shows we love to hate by chronicling the lives of NYC nightclub performers: DJ’s, hustlers, club owners, and go-go boys as they FUCK their way to the TOP BOX!

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