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Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch

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I met Pierre Fitch when fellow Cocky Boy, Wolf Hudson, asked to do a scene with him. The 5'7" Canadian stud makes up what he lacks in height with a gorgeous cock and a bubble butt most tops only dream of plowing! Pierre started in the biz as a twink actor, but since he started ten years ago, he's morphed into a tattooed muscle stud who manages himself, directs pornos, and works as a professional (and popular!) DJ.. From his devil-may-care attitude to his ripped pecs and abs to his full sleeve tattoo to his luscious thick lips, Pierre Fitch is definitely one hell of a Cocky Boy!

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myguest on 10/07/2010 AWESOME!! Loved seeing these two fuck. Administrator on 10/08/2010 So glad Pierre Fitch is finally a CockyBoys! southernboi on 10/14/2010 I could not think of a more perfect Cocky Boy than Pierre. michaelf on 02/16/2011 Pierre is the most cocky of all, but Gus Mattox takes charge of this CockyBoy in \Through The Woods\" and Wolf does a good job at dominating Pierre in this scene!!" cam show lover on 03/10/2012 I seriously can't wait for his live cam show next week! I hope he brings lots of toys with him too!! HAPPY IN PORTLAND on 02/26/2016 I HAVE ALWAYS LIKED PIERRE. AT THIS POINT THAT HE HAS BECOME A VEGETARIAN, HE HAS LOST WEIGHT AND LOOKS GREAT!! Hellraiser on 06/13/2016 If I won the lottery - Id pay for my own scene to be filmed with Pierre Fitch and Gabriel Clarke (and maybe Jimmy Clay - thrown in at the same time). I wouldn't be able to leave any of them alone - being used by them and using them. They're my favourite 3 cockyboys - and watch them the most.

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