Pierre Fitch & Lukas Grande Flip-Fuck!

Featuring Lukas Grande & Pierre Fitch

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Released: 12/18/2014 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking Featuring: Lukas Grande & Pierre Fitch

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A Note from Jake Jaxson: Recently, I received a call from Pierre Fitch--he'd just read the comments about his scenes from our site. His Canadian accent was thick and loud. "Wow, they really don't like me!" he said, laughing. I explained that while the comments say one thing, the statistics say another (his scenes are always the top-performing), and in true Pierre style he shot back, "Well we will just have to do better, won't we." And that is why I love him. He is quick to see the positive in any situation.

Many of you may not know but, recently, Pierre celebrated his 13th anniversary in the adult business, since shooting his first scene shortly after his 18th birthday. I always cringe when people refer to the "shelf life" of an adult performer, or worse, proclaim, "It's time to go!" Pierre's commitment to his work is beyond reproach--there's no shelf life here at CockyBoys, and he's not going away any time soon.

Whenever I sign a new performer, and I ask them whose career would they like to emulate, or who they want to work with, Pierre Fitch is always at the top of the list. They respect him for his success, doing it all on his own, his commitment to condom-only work, transitioning into other fields beyond adult, and striving to be positive and cheerful in his work and life.

But like many of us, who he is today has been forged in the fires of childhood & adolescence. Tears still swell in my eyes when I think of the day he told me the story of feeling "thrown away" when his adopted parents could not manage his ADHD, and like many LGBT youth and sex workers, he was cast out at a young age--forcing him to learn, love, and make it on his own.

And he did. Having worked for the top producers in the business, he went on to create and build his own business after he was no longer the "it boy." He is always working and striving to be better and provide for himself. As a result, he is direct, assertive, demanding, questioning, suspicious, and a cocky motherfucker--all traits sewn into the DNA of survival.

I have been working with Pierre since buying CockyBoys--his first scene with us was four years ago(!) and he was a vital part of Project GogoBoy. While he and I have had good days & bad, he has and continues to inspire me because he is passionate, opinionated and always cheerful. A perfect example is when I had to make a difficult call: I told him I don't think I could shoot him until he got back into shape and focused himself back to a more healthy mind space. There were no excuses, no blaming another, no pity party. He just asked, "How?" The next day, Pierre read a book I recommended (The Self Health Revolution), and in doing so turned the page on a new chapter in his life: becoming a vegan, practicing both body & mind health. His transformation was amazing and inspired many in the process.

I see from some of the comments on his scenes that some of you may not like ol' Pierre. You may not like how he speaks, he may be too old for you, too loud, annoying (all words used to described him, and in fact any of us at one point or another), but he, and every one of our performers, deserves our respect.

Our performers are courageous enough to put themselves out there, opening themselves up to both criticism and praise, which is something not many of us are willing to do (sex-related or not). They each have their own stories, their own sucesses and failures, fears and loves. It's perfectly acceptable not to like a particular model or scene, and constructive criticism is always welcome.

This will be one of Pierre's last scenes on our site for some time, so it is my hope that you guys can look and find something you like about this amazing young man, and let's celebrate and congratulate him on 13 successfull years as one of the industry's top performers.

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: Lukas couldn't wait to meet Pierre and do a scene with him. He admits that Pierre is a huge inspiration for him and he has jerked off to his scenes many times. And of course Pierre couldn't wait to show Lukas some of that Canadian hospitality that Montreal is famous for. The two wasted no time getting down to business and Lukas' dream of tasting Pierre's cock has now finally come true. He goes down on it as if he has waited his whole life to suck that dick. He so obediently gags on Pierre's big cock, sucks his balls, and gets slapped in the face with that monster piece of meat until his own cock is rock hard and he is ready to put it in Pierre's mouth. But who are we kidding? It's obviously that both of them wanted the same thing and they wanted it right then and there! So Lukas finally bends over and bites his lip as Pierre's massive cock makes its way into his hungry hole. Next thing you know, Pierre is on his back and it is now Lukas' turn to plow. And boy does he plow! He fucks Pierre like that and then flips him over on all fours before finally getting on his back to get fucked by Pierre one more time. Of course, as it always happens, it only takes a few minutes before they're both drenched in cum. Lucky Lukas!

Models Featured in this Scene

Lukas Grande Lukas Grande Pierre Fitch Pierre Fitch

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Marion8noriaM on 12/18/2014 Hi Jake, it makes me sad and concerned that it is necessary that you have to write such words. Whether actors or not, we should deal respectfully with each ohter. There is so much selection of films here that should be something here for every taste. Too old for this business? He is a young man in the best age. His body? Perfect. His look? Great. He takes care of his body and keeps fit. Yes,any feedback should be constructive and if someone doesn't like a perfomer, then don't look. I hope it's just a break and not a "Good bye". The final scene is full of emotions. I like such kinds of happy endings.Great performence of both. Pierre Fitch stay as you are.Hope to see you here again. montrealmike on 12/18/2014 Thirteen years in the porn business ... I certainly would not brag about it. Most porn actors, who happen to have a direction in life, know when to leave the industry and do others things (even to continue on in the sex business ...). I am not sure that Pierre will continue to be a happy guy when he leaves the porn stage. He needs people around him to stay upbeat. Bonne chance, Pierre, et beaucoup de bonheur dans la vie à venir! JAKE JAXSON on 12/18/2014 Mike -- Thank you for your comment, but I have to disagree with you. Having worked successfully at anything for 13 years is well worth bragging about -- Especially adult entertainment. Not only is Pierre a performer, he is also a a successful entrepreneur, programmer, FleshJack Boy, internationally booked DJ, and an accomplished boxer -- he did this with no family support and on his own from the age of 18 to 30. So while you may not think it's worth bragging about -- I do. Love Always & BE NICE - JJ KMW on 12/18/2014 I am one who has never really like Pierre, not saying that he isn't good at what he does he's just not my cup of tea, but in his last several scenes he actually wasn't too bad. but I do respect him for 13 yrs. and I don't like the fact that people put age limits on things, he is still well young enough to be doing porn. montrealmike on 12/18/2014 May I please rectify my first comment ... I meant to say that I would not brag about it to the outside world (my aunts and uncles and grandparents ... LOL). I guess then, if I read JJ correctly, it's ok to do so within the gay porn world. Why not? And then, yes it's quite a feat. By the way, I made a nice personal parting compliment to Pierre in French. Xristos on 12/19/2014 For the Viewers. Look yourself at the mirror. Are you the same as 18 - 25 - 35 - 40 - 55? In the world there is place for everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. bklynguy11215 on 12/19/2014 While Pierre's scenes have never been favorites of mine as jerk off material as I don't find large muscled men a turnon, I've still follow his work because I find him a very attractive person. He is youthful, handsome, mischievious, and has a terrific energy. His twinkling eyes, blinding smile, and killer tattoos are to die for. Pierre has left a big mark in the adult industry. Danny in LA on 12/19/2014 Thank you Jake for your comments and perspective. You are a great role model for your pups, and I love that you care for them as a father cares for his young. The word that comes to mind for me when thinking about Pierre, in relationship to your Cockyboy brand, is authenticity. There just always seemed to be a disconnect that was painfully obvious in his scenes, from the excessive moaning to the excessive makeup; and while it was possibly an authentic experience for Pierre, I found myself thinking the opposite, thus distracted rather than enjoying the scenes. Here's an interesting twist: perhaps the reason CB fans chose to comment negatively on Pierre's scenes is really a subconscious reaction to their feelings about their own lives. As Lukas said at the beginning of this scene, "I've grown up watching your videos". Perhaps seeing Pierre triggers a sense of fleeting youthfulness and less sexual desire with increased age. In other words, we see Pierre's scenes and comment negatively to try and offset our own internal negative feelings about the state of our own lives. See...who says porn can't be deep!! :-) Again, thanks for re-framing the dialogue, and in turn reminding us that we are all on a journey, both the performer and the fan/consumer. Let's all continue to hold each other up with love and light, always wanting the best for each other and ourselves. Doc on 12/19/2014 Love Lucas Grande...quickly becoming a new favorite Pierre was never one of my favs but never saw the reason to bitch about it like so many in these comment sections seem the need to do. I applaud Jake for being so nice about it. I'd have told you to........well lets just say I wouldn't have been so nice. Here's some advice watch what you like and skip what you don't Show More Comments

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