Kevin Carson Fucks Pierre Fitch

Featuring Kevin Carson & Pierre Fitch

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Released: 11/21/2014 Categorized Under: Uncut Featuring: Kevin Carson & Pierre Fitch

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Pierre Fitch has been topping a lot more at CockyBoys lately, but every now and then he'll succumb to being the bottom bitch. It takes a really hot top to dominate Pierre, though, but luckily Kevin Carson was just the man for the challenge.

Kevin had actually taken a four-year break from porn before his work with CockyBoys. And now it's almost like he's a new man -- he's more mature, more confident, and has a near-perfect physique (just look at those muscles!). And he loves to make an eager bottom moan as he's drilling him. In fact, when Pierre first saw the "new" Kevin for the first time, he said, "Holy shit, what happened to him?!"

After they sucked each other off, Pierre got pounded by Kevin in front of a mirror while doing a hand stand. And that was only the beginning! Pierre loves to switch it up so they fucked in several different positions, but Kevin was totally in control the whole way through. Hopefully Pierre will be bottoming a lot more from now on!


Jake Jaxson

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Kevin Carson Kevin Carson Pierre Fitch Pierre Fitch

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zofingen on 11/21/2014 I just cannot believe how the conceited Pierre Fitch keeps coming back on and on CB. Obviously, he needs the money and JJ likes him a lot ... ugly tats and all ! Is there any relief in sight ? I am sure that many CB followers will agree with me on this. SP88 on 11/22/2014 I give up. Not even gonna watch it. Not a fan of either of these two and yet they keep popping up. My subscription hasn't been used much lately :( Alann on 11/22/2014 Disappointing, really don't care much for Kevin Carson. Nate on 11/22/2014 Automatically passing on this one... Pierre is the *wrong* kind of Cocky. I don't mind a confident guy, but there is nothing more effective at getting rid of a boner than the overly self-important Pierre Fitch. If men could serve as definitions in the dictionary, he'd have his face plastered all over the pages for conceited, arrogant, vain and proud - to name a few. Sadly he'd probably love it... Such ugly qualities in a man, it's a real shame. Next... cadett on 11/22/2014 i'd like to know the one who likes that overtatoo. i't awful :( M on 11/23/2014 Not going to watch this one... Pierre is hot and all, but he is indeed the wrong type of Cocky, as another commenter worded it.. Kevin is adorable and I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, but I'm sick of Pierre and his obnoxious self. :( Sorry! WLGP on 11/23/2014 I don't care for either of these guys. It's bad enough when its one of them but the other guy can save the scene. These two together however is just intolerable. You have so many great hot guys I wonder why you keep using ones that your fans don't like. I'm sorry to be harsh but I spend my hard earned money here and I want to enjoy it. Kyle on 11/24/2014 Sorry to say that this one just didn't do it for me. Two reasons: 1) Pierre. And 2) The overly tweezed eyebrows of his partner. aargauch on 11/24/2014 It seems clear that the majority of CB fans are fed up with the ongoing Pierre Fitch Carousel Show. They are not asking JJ to change his obnoxious and arrogant personality of this little spoiled brat ... only to get rid of him. Fresh new faces and talents are needed at CB. Show More Comments

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