Answered Prayers: The Assumption of the Lamb

Featuring Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Max Carter & Max Ryder

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Released: 10/06/2014 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, Uncut Featuring: Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Max Carter & Max Ryder

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson:

It's taken me a year to finish "The Lamb." Released in two parts, it is the third chapter in our sexual morality tale. Why so long? It's hard to exactly pin point -- but sometimes the story needs to find itself or sometimes I need to find the story. In this case I was still exploring the possibilities, complexities and talents of two of AP's main actors -- Max Carter and Levi Karter.

While I have been working with Max Ryder and Jake Bass for the past few years I've known them, their limits, their ambitions, and their will to push their talent beyond all of our expectations. And they delivered -- we all worked hard exploring the limits of their personalities/characters.

However, it literally took me a year to unlock the mystery that is Max Carter -- a complex and vividly eccentric boy. He's easy to judge and perhaps simplify from just his looks and whisper of a voice. I was eager to cast him in a role that would challenge us both -- and it did, both on screen and off. Max is such a sweet, friendly, funny guy -- but under it all I could feel his mind racing with so many conflicting thoughts and realities. And this is what I wanted Moloch to be! Off screen, we had been shooting this film for a year and yet still he had nothing to show for it. No matter how much I reassured him and told him to be patient, and that it would be worth the wait, impatience ruled the day. For many of us the clock is always ticking -- tick-tock tick-tock. Like many of us, I knew what he was thinking. When will it be my time? When will my work be appreciated? When will I be appreciated?

There's never a day when working with Max, and really all of our performers, that I do not appreciate them. What I do is not possible without them. I often hope they can see and know that by the end result of our work together. However, I realize this is something that must be said more and more often.

So with that -- Max, my quiet one, thank you! This is a love letter of sorts to that beautiful boy on the inside -- the one always questioning, wondering, and discovering. You have delivered one of the most beautiful performances. Thank you for helping make this project all that I had hoped it could be. I'm so proud of you, your work and talent.

Love always,

Jake Jaxson

PS: Be on the look out for some bonus scenes and content feature Max Carter, Levi Karter, Dillon Rossie and Duncan Black coming soon.

Scene Description: Jake Jaxson's year-in-the-making erotic fantasy epic ANSWERED PRAYERS continues with THE ASSUMPTION OF THE LAMB, the second part of a two-part story centered on a mysterious orphan boy known only as the Lamb. The last time we saw the Lamb, he'd just been expelled from a strict boarding school for attempting to escape after being bullied by his cruel classmates Pain, Cain, and Vain. His benevolent yet frustrated guardian, Moloch, consequentially transfers the Lamb to the care of his father, Seth, Son of Snakes, and a new chapter begins.

Once under Seth's guidance, the Lamb begins to excel. Like others before him, he realizes he's being prepared for something much more. Yet the Lamb's fate is not in Seth's hands alone -- a much larger battle is being fought by Moloch and his brother Jinks, a fight that will soon also consume the Lamb.

Going from an orphan boy to a position of great power, the Lamb's greatest fears still linger beneath the surface dictating his every move. He is balancing on a thread of chance, and before he knows it, his vulnerability is exploited by his old classmates creating a imbalance of power that gives the Lamb untold and unexpected strength. With Seth standing in his way, the Lamb is eager to seduce, manipulate, and transform himself into anything (or anyone) to overcome and hide his greatest weaknesses.

Featuring career-making performances by Max Ryder, Max Carter, and the legendary Dean Monroe, with special appearances by Jake Bass, Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine, and Jasper Robinson, THE ASSUMPTION OF THE LAMB explores the responsibilities of power and the tremendous consequences of fear and their impact on self realized possibility.

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Dean Monroe Dean Monroe Jake Bass Jake Bass Max Carter Max Carter Max Ryder Max Ryder

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kw on 10/06/2014 not quite sure how I feel about this one.... I mean its really good, but I'm not a big fan of max ryder or max carter (just my preference) but I LOVE jake bass and I don't know that I like the end of this. I guess I'll have to watch it some more. but it wont be as good without jake. again just my preference. Me2 on 10/06/2014 KW - You don't know JJ. I am sure we will see Jinks again. I have seen him tweet "Jinks is forever". I think that is a clue. Loved seeing that last bit with Levi and starting to get some of the history of whats happening with all the players. I say this everytime. I cant wait for the next one. S. on 10/06/2014 I thought this was amazing, artistic and just plain awesome. Dean Monroe really helped elevate this scene to the next level. I'd love to be under his tutelage. ;) And even if a certain person is not to your personal taste, you can still appreciate the performance. Great job all the way around. Ghost on 10/06/2014 What the FUCK......... that was a HOT MESS. Am I the only one who didn't know what the HELL any of that meant? The only good part of this scene was Dean Monroe. Alex on 10/07/2014 Yes Ghost ^ you are the only one who didn't know what it meant. If you can't appreciate it, there are other Cockyboys scenes with less meaning. You're a mess - this scene was hot. ;) And every single part of it was good. Thank you Jake Jaxson, Max Ryder, Max Carter, Jake Bass, and Dean Monroe for an AMAZING film! ClaireBear on 10/07/2014 Blown away! Amazing performances all round. The editing in this one in particular was exquisite. And Dean Monroe, - my first glimpse of him in anything' - was stunning. Congratulations on another coup, JJ! dorome on 10/07/2014 What have you done?!! I am blown away. And not by the sex - which was really hot- but by everything else. The Symbolism, the set, the actors, the story... Wow! JessieG on 10/07/2014 Without question an amazing addition to the Answered Prayers series and the Cockyboys catalog. Loved everything about this scene, but I gotta admit Dean Monroe has me from the minute he steps into the frame. All that dark gorgeousness gives him that dangerous, bad boy appeal that just hits all my buttons. Add in the voice and the...ugh, it's just love! Well done, and major congrats to all! Benjamin D. on 10/07/2014 Thats not porn - thats art! Art as its best! Show More Comments

This scene is featured in

Answered Prayers

Weaving spiders, come not here

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Chris Harder, Diesel Washington, Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Levi Karter, Max Ryder, Frankie Valentine, Max Carter, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, Dean Monroe, Levi Michaels, Tayte Hanson & Liam Riley

From acclaimed director Jake Jaxson, Answered Prayers is a profoundly layered seven-part morality play that goes where no other film in the adult industry has gone before -- The Banker, The Healer, The Bully, The Ascension of the Lamb, The Assumption of the Lamb, The Redeemer, and The Actor.

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