Jake Bass & Lukas Grande Flip-Fuck

Featuring Jake Bass & Lukas Grande

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Released: 01/27/2015 Categorized Under: Uncut Featuring: Jake Bass & Lukas Grande

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Jake Bass and Lukas Grande make a great pair -- they're both sexually versatile and love to take charge. It's been a while since we last saw Jake, but his alluring charm is still as strong as ever and Lukas was in heaven.

The guys started out by sharing a hot bath together and kissing in each other's laps. Jake took initiative and started stroking and then sucking Lukas' huge cock, and then Lukas gladly returned the favor after they got out of the tub and dried off.

Jake is always very verbal when he's having sex, so he continued to flirt and laugh with Lukas while riding him. Lukas then propped Jake up against the window and drilled him hard from behind. But just as they were getting close, Jake surprised Lukas and fucked him in the same position! They both blew their loads on Lukas' torso, making for one very hot ending.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Jake Bass Jake Bass Lukas Grande Lukas Grande

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OzPinny on 01/28/2015 Wow, that was really beautiful! It was intimate and natural and real :) I loved the communication between Jake and Lukas and the soft kisses and touches. The lighting was AMAZING and the simpleness of the setting allowed the focus to remain on those 2 gorgeous guys. I laughed at the end when Jake covered Lukas's eyes, I could see how Jake could take an eye out with the force of that ejaculation! xx JS on 01/28/2015 Jake was so considerate to cover Lukas' eyes so he did not blind him with his famous cum shot! Great Scene! THISisPORN on 01/28/2015 So Happy to see Jake Bass come back to Cockyboys! His work always shines here! AnnaR on 01/28/2015 Just amazing!! The scene was beautiful, sexy, cute and funny. Happy to see Jake again with CB ^^ The best like always :) JakeFan on 01/28/2015 The wait for Jake's return was well worth it -- what an amazing scene! :) Where to start? The bath. The mesmerizing/haunted look in Jake's eyes . . . I love that Jake likes to talk during his scene, and it's not fake dirty talk, it's just . . . real, and fits the moment. The little jump Jake gives when Lukas starts fingering him? Beyond sexy. And, as always, Jake is great at both topping and bottoming. When he's with a good partner (like Lukas here), it's beautiful to watch Jake bottom. The sounds and expressions he makes should be illegal! :D Lukas is growing on me, too. This is only the second scene I've watched, but I'll definitely try another one of his. As if it needs to be said, the cumshots at the end are amazing as well. So cute and sexy that Jake had to cover up Lukas's eyes like that. :) Please, please give us more Jake! Dustin on 01/28/2015 What an amazing cum shot from both. Myrene on 01/28/2015 It' perfect. From the beginning to the end. The start in the bathtub, the soulful kisses, the eye contact,the kind of the both to show each other what they want and need,the blue sky, the reflection of light and the great chemistry between the two. Jake und Lukas are one of the hottest couple of CB. gladysunquillo on 01/28/2015 where do I start? I must first apologize if I do not fully understand the English'm using google traslator almost always write in Spanish but now I would like not cost them understand what I say the next thing that comes to mind is jake bass. guilty that I have this membership and artifice that keeps only by seeing the the scene is incredible moments, the way this shot, the light that radiates both body jake like lukas the foreground of jake look breathtaking, because you want to get inside your mind and your thoughts to pull out to know what goes through your head I would like to say something, it occurred to me while I step and also looked at the scene of angel y ricky lacking dialogue, a time when the connection between the two participating shown when they speak, when they laugh, show that intimacy which has been noticed in many scenes of jake and that punishment is not here seen as direct passage to the action without dialogue I ask because there are a lot .you already that asher that in the scene and here levi and absent perhaps should be so, I'm not complaining scene is precious and priceless final is incomparable you laugh, it's super sexy, a whole set of feelings that run through you but if you do not believe hear about jake laugh, show those little moments, also part of how terribly sexy that can be is an anteroom as foreplay need for sex today I miss you much, something necessary in a scene and the chemistry between them maybe if there had been an anteroom, being created a kind of shared complicity between them, the scene would have been perfect the same Cockyboys thanks very much enjoyed all the wait was worth it because RJ and everyone always worth Please do not have to wait much more to return to see another scene Jake ..Please not leave us waiting too long You all are great guys together, the authors of the scene make a different porn and it shows thank you very much for sharing studmuffn on 01/28/2015 A great pairing!! Good to see Jake back with CB. Great chemistry between Jake and Lukas. One of the best cum shots from both guys. You can tell they have sincere feelings for each other. More of Jake and Lucas. How about a threesome with Tayte? That would be a true cum bath!! Show More Comments

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