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Answered Prayers

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Chris Harder, Diesel Washington, Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Levi Karter, Max Ryder, Frankie Valentine, Max Carter, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, Dean Monroe, Levi Michaels, Tayte Hanson & Liam Riley

Description: From acclaimed director Jake Jaxson, Answered Prayers is a profoundly layered seven-part morality play that goes where no other film in the adult industry has gone before -- The Banker, The Healer, The Bully, The Ascension of the Lamb, The Assumption of the Lamb, The Redeemer, and The Actor.

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CockyBoys writer/director/producer Jake Jaxson keeps raising the bar so high for himself, he'll need to learn how to pole vault before he releases his next feature. Answered Prayers, the top secret project that's been on everyone's lips (even though no one knew a thing about it), is finally out today, and the highly stylized production is as pristinely shot and edited as it is acted and directed. In short: It's been well worth the wait and well worth the hype.

— Zachary Sire []

Cocky Boys' highly anticipated new series Answered Prayers has launched and it's clear with this first episode "The Banker" that auteur director Jake Jaxson has audaciously raised the bar once again in redefining gay porn. It's brazenly & beautifully obtuse, incredibly erotic, & instantly addictive.Described as an "allegory set against an ancient family feud and the follies of Man". You won't necessarily get that from the first episode or understand what's going on, but it's so riveting you'll surely want to see how it all unfolds...

As you might sense, the sex sequence isn't just tacked... it's integral to the plot. And it's amazingly hot. It's intensely powerful and grows more intense as the passion increases. And even though the Jinks character is on the bottom, he is still leading the banker by the hand. Amidst the incredibly hot sex and the various sexual positions there's interesting body language. Pay particular attention to Jake Bass' hands and how he uses them. Speaking of Jake you can tell he's having fun immersing himself in Jinks and the mythology that director Jake Jaxson has created.


Episode 4 of Answered Prayers, titled The Lamb, has been highly anticipated by Cockyboys fans for months, the tease and chatter about this project which brought legendary British pornstar Dean Monroe out of retirement will soon reach a fever pitch. Today’s release of the movie trailer will have almost everyone eagerly awaiting the release of what is certain to be the best episode of this groundbreaking film!


As the preview for “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE LAMB” played out right before my very eyes, the sordid sexual tale of transgressions told true to form immediately struck me as a Shakespearean mob tale by way of gay porn opera undertones. In what is likely a career-defining performance by CockyBoys exclusive Max Ryder, this miniseries has provided porn audiences with the ability to see gay sex performers as true purveyors of gay sex as art, so the cast of characters assembled herein, which includes CockyBoys Exclusives Jake Bass, Max Carter, Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine & Jasper Robinson, respectively, pushes us to push our own buttons.



Answered Prayers: Full Feature Director's Cut

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Featuring: Bravo Delta, Chris Harder, Dean Monroe, Diesel Washington, Dillon Rossi, Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine, Jake Bass, Jasper Robinson, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Liam Riley, Max Carter, Max Ryder, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson

Description: Enter the world of Answered Prayers, now released in its entirety on the site for the first time, in anticipation of its sequel ALL SAiNTS coming in early 2018. Answered Prayers is an allegory set in two worlds...and both are in chaos. There's the world we know and can see, barely separated from the world beyond life, populated with characters sprung from mythology, mysticism, and religion. A longstanding feud between two mystical brothers pierces the thin veil between worlds and organically evolves into a multi-character epic labyrinth ..with the fates of both worlds hanging in the balance. On one side is Jinks (Jake Bass) trying to help humanity while intervening in the lives of two damaged men: The Banker (Ricky Roman) and The Bully (Chris Harder). In the former case Jinks [more....]

Answered Prayers: Behind the Cut

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Featuring: Chris Harder & Jake Bass

Description: Editor's Note from Andy Pandy: I am always curious about what went into the rehearsal of a scene, especially if the scene is as sensually choreographed as the suit-cutting scene in The Banker. Since a lot of porn is reliant upon the hardcore, more explicit elements of sex, I find it especially sexy when the sexuality unfolds in a more situational, artistic way. He was in front of the camera in Answered Prayers as the politician, but did you know that Chris Harder was also an assistant producer? With Harder's insight, this little behind-the-scenes film will give you a glimpse of the rehearsal process for this iconic scene and show you how Jake Jaxson likes to get hands on with his creative ideas before filming the scenes themselves! -- Andy Pandy Answered Prayers Collector's [more....]

Answered Prayers: Conversation with Jake Jaxson

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Description: Editor's Note from Andy Pandy: I came into Cockyboys as an assistant editor when editing for The Lamb began. My job was to grab usable selects from the footage and pass them onto the editor for this project, Cilantro. My first impression of the footage was that it looked great and was well shot, but I could not for the life of me decipher what the story was about. I noticed a great attention to detail established between the takes; a model's dialogue would be adjusted so that it came out more natural, or buttons on a coat adjusted so that they were facing the camera just so. Over time, I realized the story portion of Answered Prayers was a much more organic process-- one that was shaped and materialized in editing after many meetings between Jake Jaxson and Cilantro. As a fly on the wall [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Actor

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Featuring: Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Liam Riley & Tayte Hanson

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: My "gay" education happened at the base of a long wooden bar, in the Bourbon Pub, the iconic gay bar in New Orleans, perfectly situated on the corner of Bourbon Street and Saint Ann. While sipping a gin and tonic, it was the perfect spot to watch the rows of television screens playing the videos of the day -- Liza, RuPaul, Boy George, and Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" (YIKES! LOL) -- but one night, I saw something that forever changed me. There was a man who looked like something out of a Baroque space-age movie singing opera. It was Claus Nomi, singing "The Cold Song", from Purcell's "King Arthur." I had never seen anything like it. I was transfixed, confused, jealous, joyful, and sad all at once. I wanted to dress like him. Sing like him. Command [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Music Teacher

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Featuring: Duncan Black

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Happy New Year! From all of us at CockyBoys, THANK YOU for helping make this a fantastic year for our company and all of our performers. It seems like the year has just flown by for all of us. But it's a year we won't soon forget! It's been a real pleasure getting to meet, talk, tweet, communicate with so many of you this year. Like so many, we have had good days and bad, we have worked hard and played hard, and we end the year feeling better for having lived it. I hope the same is true for all of you. Let's keep working together, to celebrate GAY SEX in a way that is empowering to ALL! YES, I said "together," because we cannot produce what we do with out YOU, our loyal members, viewers and fans. Love always & Be Nice! Jake Jaxson PS: Hope you [more....]

Answered Prayers: An Ode to Puck

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Featuring: Dillon Rossi & Levi Karter

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: An Ode to Puck Today we are presenting a deleted scene that did not appear in the six chapters of Answered Prayers, a scene between Puck (Levi Karter) and his "earth angel" brother, Luck (Dillion Rossi). This was meant to be an interlude within The Bully that showed the playful, creative, and sexual nature of two very spontaneous, mischievious and fickle energies. Having been admonished by their father, Jink, to "shed their childish ways," both grow up to help him restore balance to a world becoming tilted toward the darkness of cinicism, hate and fear. I knew from the start that I wanted to fully develop the role of Puck, but when shooting this scene in early 2014, I had not fully realized what that storyline would be. I knew exactly the [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Redeemer

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Featuring: Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Levi Karter & Max Carter

Description: Descrption: Jake Jaxson's erotic fantasy epic ANSWERED PRAYERS continues with the fifth installment of the series, The Redeemer. Picking up from where the titillating two-part The Lamb left off, The Redeemer is centered around a once-mortal boy experiencing life in between two deaths. We've seen Puck (Levi Karter) before as one of the Sons of Chaos, but now he has been summoned to inherit an ancient legacy he's unprepared to accept. Puck embarks on a journey of self-discovery, not knowing, and ultimately possibility. Equipped with both independence and responsibility, Puck learns he has been chosen to replace his father Jinks (Jake Bass) as a guardian to the tree of knowledge. All the while the Lamb, having banished Seth and Moloch and killed Jinks, is still more powerful than ever. [more....]

Answered Prayers: Alternate Ending

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Featuring: Dean Monroe, Max Carter & Max Ryder

Description: In this exclusive behind-the-scenes mini doc, Answered Prayers stars Max Ryder and Dean Monroe discuss what it's like working on director Jake Jaxson's most elaborate, ambitious project yet. As the two leads in parts one and two of "The Lamb" in the series, Max and Dean go in-depth on scripted versus non-scripted films, what the film truly means to them, and of course -- those interesting costumes. Be sure to check out the bonus deleted scene from the finished film afterward, in which Moloch (Max Carter) seduces Seth (Dean Monroe) instead of the Lamb (Max Ryder). Just like the Lamb, Moloch sucks off Seth until he reaches his breaking point before Seth gives him the same treatment. In the end, Moloch gives something to Seth the Lamb never did -- a hot facial -- and Seth has never been [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Assumption of the Lamb

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Featuring: Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Max Carter & Max Ryder

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: It's taken me a year to finish "The Lamb." Released in two parts, it is the third chapter in our sexual morality tale. Why so long? It's hard to exactly pin point -- but sometimes the story needs to find itself or sometimes I need to find the story. In this case I was still exploring the possibilities, complexities and talents of two of AP's main actors -- Max Carter and Levi Karter. While I have been working with Max Ryder and Jake Bass for the past few years I've known them, their limits, their ambitions, and their will to push their talent beyond all of our expectations. And they delivered -- we all worked hard exploring the limits of their personalities/characters. However, it literally took me a year to unlock the mystery that is Max Carter [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Lamb (Part One)

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Featuring: Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine, Jasper Robinson, Max Carter & Max Ryder

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." — Friedrich Nietzsche I'm often asked why it takes so long between my feature projects—part one of Answered Prayers was released in October 2013, and now here we are on Part Four: The Lamb. My answer to that question is usually the same: "It's not time yet." While that is a simple answer, the truth is not that simple. The process of creating our feature film projects with these amazing, beautiful souls is both a joy and curse, as there are so many conflicting emotions, needs, hopes, desires and expectations attached to the process. Also, my process—while creative—is chaotic at best. In fact, my team is often surprised to see the final result, even [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Bully

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Featuring: Bravo Delta, Chris Harder, Dillon Rossi & Levi Karter

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Have you ever found yourself yelling at your TV screen (or computer), "Liar? Asshole? Hypocrite?" when you see that political or public figure up at the mics trying to defend the seemingly indefensible? It's that moment when the lie comes out of his or her mouth, and EVERYONE else knows the truth except the poor sad sap on camera. Lest we forget Ted Haggard, the wealthy televangelist caught booty-bumping meth with a male escort. Or Larry Craig, the right-wing senator who plead guilty to cruising in an airport bathroom. Or George Alan Rekers, the southern baptist minister who hired a rentboy to help him "carry his luggage." The list goes on and on, but what these men have in common is that they actively preached and worked particularly against gay [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Healer

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Featuring: Chris Harder & Diesel Washington

Description: After transforming The Banker (played by Ricky Roman), the ever-mysterious entity known as Jinks (Jake Bass) faces an even bigger challenge: his bitter rival and brother Moloch (Max Carter). While Jinks lives and thrives on possibility and hope for mankind, Moloch gorges on the fear of man, growing more powerful in the process. Weary from his task, Jinks asks his three sons, Luck, Puck, and Abel (Levi Karter, Dillon Rossi, and Bravo Delta) to help him in his quest to save another soul from Moloch's powerful grip! Once again, the inner workings of the human mind is the battlefield for our warring demigods, as we see a brief but powerful interaction between The Healer (Diesel Washington) and an over-zealous manipulative political pundit (Chris Harder). The Pundit is a man who finds [more....]

Answered Prayers: The Banker

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Featuring: Jake Bass & Ricky Roman

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Today I'm proud to release The Banker, part one of the five part miniseries Answered Prayers. Part one stars the stand-out CockyBoys exclusive performers Jake Bass and Ricky Roman, with a delicious cameo by Max Carter-- don't worry, you'll be seeing a lot more of Max in the upcoming films! I was recently asked what Answered Prayers is about. My answer was simple: Fear... Fear's destructive power and what it takes to beat it. It's a highly personal project for me. Earlier this year, when I was experiencing my own feeling of success and triumph, I still had these little voices inside my head whispering and trying to seduce me into actions based on fear, upset, and anger. At night, sometimes I'd lull myself to sleep devising more and more [more....]


Bravo Delta Bravo Delta
Chris Harder Chris Harder
Dean Monroe Dean Monroe
Diesel Washington Diesel Washington
Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi
Duncan Black Duncan Black
Frankie Valentine Frankie Valentine
Jake Bass Jake Bass
Jasper Robinson Jasper Robinson
Levi Karter Levi Karter
Levi Michaels Levi Michaels
Liam Riley Liam Riley
Max Carter Max Carter
Max Ryder Max Ryder
Ricky Roman Ricky Roman
Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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