Answered Prayers: Conversation with Jake Jaxson

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Released: 02/15/2015 Categorized Under: Behind the Scenes, CockyBoys TV, Extra's & Bonus Content

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Editor's Note from Andy Pandy: I came into Cockyboys as an assistant editor when editing for The Lamb began. My job was to grab usable selects from the footage and pass them onto the editor for this project, Cilantro. My first impression of the footage was that it looked great and was well shot, but I could not for the life of me decipher what the story was about. I noticed a great attention to detail established between the takes; a model's dialogue would be adjusted so that it came out more natural, or buttons on a coat adjusted so that they were facing the camera just so. Over time, I realized the story portion of Answered Prayers was a much more organic process-- one that was shaped and materialized in editing after many meetings between Jake Jaxson and Cilantro. As a fly on the wall for some of the story meetings, I saw that this project was deeply personal for Jake Jaxson, and that there were many layers to the world he had created within the series. I found it fascinating hearing about the inspirations behind choices, and I thought it was important for the viewer to also get a look at his process.

This behind-the-scenes documentary is chance for you to get a first-hand look at Jake Jaxon's process for Answered Prayers. The interview was shot in one evening in the "CockyBoys Manor" upstate New York, in Jake Jaxson's office while they were in the midst of wrapping up filming for The Actor. I hope you enjoy as much as I did hearing what went into the creative process to make Answered Prayers a reality!

-- Andy Pandy

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OzPinny on 02/17/2015 Thank you Jake Jaxson for the wonderful insight to Answered Prayers and the honest and frank sharing of your journey so far. It gives me great hope that the message of being true to yourself and living your own happiness is being shared :) xx 7ate9 on 02/18/2015 A Thing of Beauty is my favorite CockyBoy movie. I love the beginning and how it evinces the actors are more than bodies. The transition during the shower scene is perfect. Sex, humans, faces, bodies, eroticism are fascinating and all have been explored in every medium of art. Thank you for bringing higher aspirations to your films than a money shot. They have a refreshing human quality that is unfortunately rare considering the subject and activity. Honestly, I didn't understand the beginning of Answered Prayers. When I initially encountered it, it was too complicated for my intentions at the time. So I've kind of skipped over the episodes. But now I am so curious I will go back and watch them. Thank you also for sharing your personal struggles. They are all too common and most, if not all, gay men feel similarly and it's important for gay men to speak to each other about it as frequently as necessary. These struggles are painful and can be isolating, but they aren't unique or insurmountable. You have a large platform to speak from. Thank you for adding another voice. “I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you...And you...And you...Gotta give em hope.” ― Harvey Milk I don't remember the context of that quote. Maybe Harvey is stammering while he collects his thoughts, but I always remember it as him pointing at the rest of us. Thank you for hosting I Want Your Love. I saw it at a film festival in NYC. I am glad it is widely available. Ms.A on 02/18/2015 I LOVE YOU JJ!!! quiet1 on 02/18/2015 It is so nice to have an insight into such a rich artistic experience as AP has turned out to be. Thanks JJ for sharing your insights and journey in a way that not only adds to the depth of this film but also to my appreciation of you and your work in general. Each "behind the scenes" or directors dialogue just builds on my fascination with your work and your creative process. You have created so much beauty and reflect the beauty within and around you. JustMe on 02/18/2015 Thank you so much for this. I'm a writer, and my first published novel was inspired by a still from The Haunting, a fact I didn't know at the time, since the Cockyboys logo had been cropped when I found it on the Internet. I quickly became a member, bought the DVDs of The Haunting and A Thing of Beauty. Answered Prayers will be delivered tomorrow. To hear you speak of your creative process is amazing, as is the sense of connection I feel with your endeavors and experiences. I also was brought up in the South, by religious (at-one-time) parents, and in fact, my mother and her partner lived in New Orleans for the last 25 years of my mother's life. Most of my work also contains spiritual dimensions, and my characters are often actively involved in spiritual practices, despite the fact that I write erotica (M/M almost exclusively, since I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body). I deeply appreciate your openness in sharing this, as well as your art. Not to mention the hot sex. Keep producing such deep and moving work. jack offerman on 02/23/2015 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring IamMischief on 02/28/2015 I loved the backstory. Wish there were more clips like this to watch!

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Answered Prayers

Weaving spiders, come not here

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Chris Harder, Diesel Washington, Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Levi Karter, Max Ryder, Frankie Valentine, Max Carter, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, Dean Monroe, Levi Michaels, Tayte Hanson & Liam Riley

From acclaimed director Jake Jaxson, Answered Prayers is a profoundly layered seven-part morality play that goes where no other film in the adult industry has gone before -- The Banker, The Healer, The Bully, The Ascension of the Lamb, The Assumption of the Lamb, The Redeemer, and The Actor.

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