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Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta

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With nearly 2 million video views on XTube, this New England stud was no stranger to showing off before becoming a full-fledged CockyBoy. Now he's ditched the sunglasses and blurred disguises for the first time ever in order to prove that both he and his massive dick are 100% Cocky. Though he identifies as straight, Bravo Delta has always thrived off of the attention he's received from both girls and guys. But who in their right mind could ignore his ripped, furry physique and throbbing pink tool? Only time will tell how far Bravo Delta's curiosity will take him, but his future as a CockyBoy is bound to be bright and full of cum!

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Cockyone on 11/08/2012 Bravo Delta is the hottest guy on earth!!! davidalan on 12/30/2012 He gets sexier with every appearance here. This latest with Austin Wilde makes both of them look super sexy! JayDCarter on 01/08/2013 It'd be nice to see Bravo Bottom lol aspdude on 01/17/2013 Bravo Delta is the best new cockyboy to come along, he's hairy, handsome and has a great cock...very sexy BigFan on 03/25/2013 BD is the total package! I agree with the above he is only looking better in every appearance so let us see more hot stuff from BD! Jake148669 on 03/25/2013 Bravo Delta is the hottest guy I have seen in a very very long time. He is the total package. Perfect height , body , fur , attitude and that cock. Damn. Can't get enough of him ! Catrist on 12/08/2015 Would love to see Bravo and Ricky in a one on one scene! Saw them at a club a while back and they looked great together! mike on 01/26/2019 I miss Bravo... so handsome and sexy... Bravo come back !

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