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Colby Keller

Colby Keller

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Colby Keller has been around the industry for a while and seems to only get more handsome with age. He's got auburn hair, a scruffy beard, and a smile that will make your heart melt. When you're around Colby, you feel very safe and comfortable, like he's always there to save the day with his good looks and charismatic personality. You might call him a lovable "teddy bear," but don't think there's not a dark side to him lurking beneath the surface. Colby loves to top unsuspecting bottom boys with his big cock and is very much in control of any sexual situation he's in. If you think you can take Colby's cock, prepare yourself to be moaning all night!

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JuicyDJ on 02/12/2013 Colby is a great addition to the site. He is the all around genuine package. Hope to see a lot more of him on this site! Ryo on 02/25/2013 Colby's a stud and his scene with Anthony Romero was amazing! Please let him have at Jake Bass... LittleJeff on 02/28/2013 Colby is the most perfect man i have ever seen. that dick is perfect , balls perfect. butt perfect. i want to be his bottom Mmm... on 03/01/2013 I have such a major crush on Colby Keller! He is so damn hot with such a great personality, a killer body, a yummy cock, and the way he smiles or smirks...totally makes me swoon! I just love how he gets all dominant and takes control yet still has a sweet playful side to him. I wouldn't mind if he pounded me into the mattress like he did to Anthony...heheheh... Can't wait to see more scenes with him in it! Happy Jack on 03/12/2013 I think I would like to see Colby and Gabriel Clark together. It would be very interesting to see who won that wrestling match. My money is on Colby. Yes PLEASE on 03/15/2013 More Colby, NOW! Please. I consider him the perfect porn star. Happy Jack on 03/21/2013 Would be the perfect top for Gabriel Clark... Mentor & Coach on 03/30/2013 Colby Keller is one of the hottest guys performing on the Internet right now. It's not just his lean body, perfectly proportioned cock and killer smile that does it for me, but the fact there's a big, generous intellect connected to that body, cock, and smile! I'd seen some screen caps from his scene with Anthony Romero a while ago, and then (hush!) a grainy bootleg copy of the video. But then I knew I NEEDED to see the proper, sparking version. That's the reason why I've just subscribed to CockyBoys. Oh FUCK!!! This Keller/Romero scene is one of the hottest I've ever come across. Both guys are handsome, both are smart and wow, they CONNECT (minds as well as bodies). The sound seems 'live' most of the time (none of the inane overlaid moaning so many studios go for) and maybe the fuck was done in a single take - Colby's dripping sweat at the end adds massively to the power of the encounter. Thanks Colby, Anthony, and CockBoys! Brilliant!! PS: Will we be seeing some more of Colby soon? I hope so. Liam on 04/09/2016 Colby Keller is an absolutely phenomenal performer, rivaled only by Gabriel Clark in terms of screen presence. The fact that he is also extremely smart as well only adds to his hotness as a porn star. Drenched in sweat at the end of almost every scene, his performances features facial expressions and eye movements that indicate that he's not completely acting, that some part of him is there in the scene, and wants to be there, and it is so refreshing to witness. If cockyboys ever loses Colby as a performer it will be their loss, not his. He is a god among men. H33193 on 04/19/2016 I can not get enough of Colby Keller. He is the ultimate,manly, hairy, big cocked top. His legs are beautiful sj on 04/27/2016 Colby is so Sexy and hot!! He is one of my favorite star!! sj on 04/27/2016 Colby is so hot and sexy! I wish I could meet him. Sam on 05/25/2016 I want to see colby bottom bcz his expressions are owsome Raperalta on 06/23/2016 I want to work with you , this is my instagram @Adrianoperalta Roland on 10/28/2016 There is no doubt that Colby has reached god like proportions in the industry. He is the epitome of manly perfection. sporty on 11/07/2016 I just love Colby. He's so hot and great with his partners. And I love how he always gets drenched in sweat. Huge turn on for me. The wetter the better :) colby on 03/03/2017 The way colby sucks his cock while he fucks him shows really deep involving and it is so hot everytime i watch this vinceld48 on 04/02/2017 What can you say, Colby Keller has to be one of the HOTTEST men in porn. For that matter one of the hottest men on the planet. He seems to have a take charge attitude, while being tender and lovable. There is certainly a boyish charm about him. Anicebiguyinsmalltowntexas on 05/14/2017 Colby is great and quite passionate, but why is it that we only get to see him bottom on other sites? Cockyboys needs to put their magic and production value into letting us see Colby in ecstasy with someones' cock in his firm ass. It would be nice to see him and Gabriel Clark in a flip-fuck! Anicebiguyinsmalltowntexas on 05/14/2017 Write a Comment... Loving guys on 06/03/2017 Colby Keller is too white. He has a nice body and a nice cock. It seems he is only a top. But his milky white completion is quite a turn off. I believe a top should always be more musculus and a bit older and have darker skin than the guy he fucks. So I would like to see Colby with more tan than the guy he fucks. I hope you convey my suggestions to Colby and he reacts. Thank you for letting me give you my honest opinion. Best regards, Mehdi Daghighi leevelaz1 on 07/20/2017 Colby, you have been one of my favorite guys for quite sometime. To be honest, I have a crush on you. You have killer looks, scruff, strong muscular body, beautiful smile, and a yummy cock. I would definitely be your bottom. ;) SCOTT on 10/30/2017 Mehdi Daghighi ~ That is the single most ridiculous comment I have ever read on a porn site. Congrats! COLBY FAN on 11/13/2017 I've had more sex with women than anything but Colby Keller stirs the blood in my loins. Fuckn genuinely very sexy masculine dude. I'd give up my cherry. Uh Huhh on 07/04/2018 Whatever attractiveness Colby Keller once had, it was forever destroyed by his pseudo-intellectual stupidity in 2016. Sorry, some of us are completely turned off by far-left imbeciles like Keller who think it's cute to elect Trump because they stupidly imagine they're "destabilizing" anything but the progressive movement. Congratulations to Keller for the far-right Supreme Court that will be stripping us all of rights while that fucking moron pines for a Communist revolution that's never happening. Barrister on 01/13/2019 Hey Cockyboys: Does anyone know what's happened to Colby Keller? I'd love to see him back on this site and barebacking, as he was always one of the hottest guys in your stable of very hot men. Hopefully you can entice Colby to return. Sexual Deviant on 03/10/2019 Colby Keller is the epitome of a true Cocky Boy! Jason on 06/18/2019 LOVE HIM CARLOS on 01/27/2021 DEFENETLY ONE OF THE BEST MEN IN THE WORLD ... CARLOS on 01/27/2021 DEFENETLY ONE OF THE BEST MEN IN THE WORLD ... CARLOS on 01/27/2021 Write a Comment... Colbylover on 09/11/2023 i signed up just for this man. years later still watch his videos, sometimes exclusively.

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