Talk to Me

Featuring Colby Keller, Jett Black & Kevin Warhol

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Porn Haus Film Fest
Director's Note: Talk to Me is the fifth film in our Porn Haus Film Fest, and it features BelAmi superstar Kevin Warhol. I wanted to start by saying thank you to my friends at BelAmi for making this film possible. George Duroy was very gracious in trusting and allowing me to shoot Kevin. While Kevin is no stranger to shooting, it has always been within the tight knit BelAmi family. So this was an adventure for both of us. I was just as nervous to shoot Kevin as he was-- in fact, when he showed up on set the first day he showed me his fingernails that he'd had practically chewed into nothing. But as soon as we started rolling we both had a blast! He's a natural performer, loves to flirt with the camera, and he has an energy and style that kept everyone laughing, smiling, AND HARD! I could not be more grateful for the opportunity! So a big thank you to everyone at BelAmi-- Kevin, George, Stuart, Allan, and Davyd for making this happen.

Talk to Me is quite simply my ode to one of my favorite things-- talking and flirting during sex. I like dirty sex talk, but what I've always loved is sexy exploratory conversation during sex-- talking about fantasies, exploits, desires and wants. Communication during sex has the power to unlock and enhance feeling beyond just the physical, and in doing so you can create a perfect storm of sexual delight in both body and mind.

Hope you all enjoy Talk To Me!

Love Always,

Jake Jaxson

Description: This latest installment in our Porn Haus Film Fest features fuck buddies Colby Keller and Jett Black recalling some of their hottest sexual encounters while remaining in action the entire time. Each of these stories is a vivid and unique vignette with one constant -- the boy at the center is Bel Ami Exclusive Kevin Warhol.

Shot partially in gorgeous black and white and partially in color, this narrative film features some incredibly stylish photography, a touch of old-school melodrama, and a whole lot of dialogue between the performers.

With multiple sexual setups (including a hot flip-fucking scene with Colby and Kevin and a climactic threesome) "Talk to Me" shows just how important communication can be during sex... even if it's in between slow, deep breaths and moans!

Models Featured in this Scene

Colby Keller Colby Keller Jett Black Jett Black Kevin Warhol Kevin Warhol

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apeters on 10/29/2013 There are so many moving parts to this scene that makes it what it ultimately is -- one of the best porn scenes I've ever seen. First, there's Colby Keller, who's a porn god, can pound his partners like no other (one of my favorite move of his, holding on to his partner's shoulders so he can get deeper!). Then, there's Jett Black, who's the consummate performer and can have intense chemistry with any partner. Finally, Kevin Warhol, who has long been my favorite at BelAmi simply because he's gorgeous and he is a passionate, intense performer as well! (I've always loved him at BelAmi, but I really feel like CockyBoys brought out a more natural, less rehearsed side to him that was incredible to watch.) Truly, the perfect trio. Then, CockyBoys gives us about 6 scenes in one. My favorite moment was when Colby talked Kevin through fucking Jett, actually physically getting involved with it while talking dirty to him in his ear. It was something I'd never seen before and I found it intensely intimate. And let us not forget the videography and editing by RJ and Cilantro, respectively, who are both extremely talented and have once again raised the bar when it comes to the quality of porn scenes. At this point, though, they're only really competing with themselves. Thank you, Cockyboys. Absolutely loved everything about this scene! Hooootttttt!!! on 10/29/2013 A fucking MASTERPIECE!!!! So hot! Such a great chemistry between the three! Love you Cockyboys! SuperSucker on 10/29/2013 I just loved it when Colby said 'squeeze your hole for me' to Jett. I almost felt like he was saying it to me- if he had been I would have squeezed so hard he'd have cum right there! This is another great scene in a run of total hits Cockyboys! It keeps me coming back for another jerk. Thanks. chips2 on 10/30/2013 Wow! This ticks every box. Sexy. Check. Creative. Check. Passionate. Check. Fucking hot. Check. Beautiful. Check. Dynamic. Check. It may be my second fave cockyboys 'scene' ever after Colby and Anthony... Colby needs to come with a health warning. Too much hotness in one man! Is it wrong to cum from just seeing him looking 100 types of sexy? Kevin managed to prove that he can give (wink) as good as he can get. Jett surprised me. Physically his type wouldn't attract me but, boy, can he take it, look good while taking it and look like he loves it. So glad I became a member. Ta from a UK fan. Natty on 10/30/2013 Colby and Kevin together is insanely hoy. I only made it three minutes in to that portion before I lost it!!!!! cbreiko on 10/30/2013 OMG Jett Black, jeez does he light up the screen with chemistry and presence. Colby I love, and all three are great together in this hot scene but for me Jett was the eyecatcher, constantly drawing my gaze. ME2 on 10/30/2013 When I first saw the images for this scene on one of the blogs I was not a fan of the Colby pairing. HOwever, after watching this I think it was inspired. They were SO HOT together. I mean COLBY's face when Kevin is going to Fuck him is priceless and Kevin is such a stud when he is using Jett Black and Colby is coaching him and egging him on. OH MY FUCK! I did not fast forward thru ANY of this film i hung on every momment! THANK you everyone at Cockyboys GREAT work. Sid11105 on 10/31/2013 Was it just me? Did anyone else get completely annoyed by the sounds (moans?) that came out of Kevin Warhol? It began sounding like a moan-track. The same sound over and over. OMG. Colby and Jett are absolutely terrific together. nina on 11/02/2013 A really fantastic concept! I'm a huge fan of dirty talk/"exploratory conversation" and Colby and Jett were a FANTASTIC pair for it. They're two of my absolute favourite Cocky Boys, and seeing them together was a total dream. Beautifully intimate, intense, and passionate. More of that please!! This was also my first time seeing Kevin Warhol in anything, but he reeeaaally didn't do it for me. As another commenter mentioned, his "moan-track" was obnoxious and distracting, and he was way more...performative than I'm used to seeing in the usual Cocky Boys stuff. Definitely wish it could have been someone else in his part, but overall this was a great little film. Thank you, CockyBoys! :) Show More Comments

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